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Like a long lost Zoviet France Recording, very deep and beautiful!
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fuck, too late, but thank you anyway..................................we need at least three words more.
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The more I listen to industrial anything, the more I can see patterns in the way the “music” is played and what the moral of the story is, so to speak. Industrial is bleak and dark, it has to be, but beneath the grime, dust, oil, and blood, there... See full review
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Last year, the apparent resurrection of Sielwolf pleasantly surprised me by releasing, 'Atavist Craft', a cooperation with German ritual ambient project Nam-Khar. Now, they return with a second effort, one that seemingly takes on an hypnotic,... See full review
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From Drone Records Mailorder:

collaboration by the beloved anonymous project NAM KHAR with ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN (aka TANZ OHNE MUSIK), leading to eight very tribalistic ritual ambient tracks, deep choral drones merge with hypnotic percussion... See full review
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From Drone Records Mailorder:

Note: the mysterious NAM-KHAR collaborate with SIELWOLF (active a long time ago) for a simply breathtaking album => 5 long pieces of ritualistic, slowly percussive, pulsing esoteric ghost drones that mesmerized us to the... See full review
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Best Ambient Record ever made.
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No melodies, no music. This should be played on high volume to experience full joy! Does not work on (my) headphones.
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This is a review written by Serge/ Merchants of Air:

Sielwolf? Thé Sielwolf that was founded in 1989 and sounded like a mix between Einsturzende Neubauten and Godflesh? Yes, my friend, that Sielwolf. I'm not sure if many people remember them, so... See full review
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This is for sure one of the greatest Albums the Ritual Music genre has to offer!
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low-key psychedelic ambience. Quite nice.
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Hi-tech power electronics. Cold sharp and digital noises combined very carefully with field recordings and ambient drone textures. This record is a blast.
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What a bunch of famous friends Mr. Westbam has. Entertaining Album i have to admit.
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Ricochet on headphones is a minblowing experience!
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For me this is an absolute masterpiece of ritual drone music. Monotonous and repetitive. Some will get it and some not.
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For people that miss The Curve like me this may be a fine substitute drug. You can call this dream pop if you like. Beautiful record.
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Beautiful quite and intimate album.
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Will always remember when i heard these remixes for the first time. Hypnotic experience that blew me away. For sure The Snow is Acid influenced but they transformed it into something really special. Features two remixes from Jack Dangers of Meat Beat... See full review
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The perfect ambient dream pop album. Heavenly Voices they called it back in the days. The melancholic beauty of songs like Ginger and Strawberry Passion still works today.
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On a par with the best Dead Can Dance Albums out there. Essential masterpiece.
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Fantastic meditative psycho jazz not unlike some Jon Hassel stuff, this is what the label says:
Taiji Pole’s music is based on continuous low-volume feedback which is meant to be felt as much as heard. While the instruments lose their individual... See full review
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Rhythm ’n’ Noise. Great and relatively unknown project from the Zoth Ommog label. For those who like Esplendor Geometrico and Pan Sonic.
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5 italian boys that play monotonous psychedelic doom music. What a great record!
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Exceptionally beautiful experimental ambient release. David Tibet does not sing on this. That was a good idea.
posted a review of Rinf - Bang Bang (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). over 7 years ago
Maybe the worst record that i own.
posted a review of Miki N'Doye - Tuki. over 7 years ago
Monotonous as hell and a lot of ECM fans will not like this.
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Their debut release, and a wonderful work in every aspect. From the beautiful vocals of lead singer Tine Hudl to the romantic and dark violin playing of David S., this release is the documentation of the beginning of what we are sure to be a long and... See full review
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Really love this collection of mainly slow and complex remixes.
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Maybe the best Aidan Baker release out there. Slow intense doom drones that suck you in.
posted a review of Six Comm ~ Mother Destruction* - White Rose 'Live'. over 8 years ago
Powerful tribal and beautiful live recording of their White Rose tour. I wish I had seen them live.
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One of the most beautiful gothic albums of all time.
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"unoverdubbed, imperfect and beautiful" raw and full of energy with an excellent setlist full of old classics.
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Post apocalyptic drone doom rock for the end of all time. Ok sounds like a cliche and the kind of stuff everybody is doing these days but this album is really something different, the next level, maybe it won't get better than this!
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8 obscure ambient tracks, bizarre string loops and mysterious unidentified speaking voices create a worrying atmosphere of claustrophobia.

(from ant-zen mailorder)
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posted a review of CLOCKDVA* - Post-Sign. over 8 years ago
Brilliant magical and a bit oldfashioned.
posted a review of Wolfgang Voigt - Zukunft Ohne Menschen. over 8 years ago
Minimal technoid Novelty-Artmusic. Simple and beautiful!
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Unknown female german artist. Dark electronic avantgarde chansons with sad german lyrics. Amazing and unique. Waiting for the third album. Alwa can you hear me?
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"They butchered the classics." Yes, that's why i like it a lot. Very energetic and powerful release.