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This side up (11) - Attentater
posted a review of This side up (11) - Attentater. about 1 year ago
moat of this is fairly standard danish indie rock, but the extended last track has a certain whiff of birthday party/stooges damage that pushes it a bit closer to sort sol.
The Wonder Boys (2) - Den Flygande Värmlänningen
posted a review of The Wonder Boys (2) - Den Flygande Värmlänningen. about 1 year ago
a very screwed up single of collaged/altered vocals and general nimroderry. quite excellent
Punch (5) - Punch
posted a comment on Punch (5) - Punch. about 1 year ago
the kind of soft vocal rock someone at A&M was very fond of in those days. their sound is somewhere between spirits & worm, the mamas & papas, etc. mixes male female vocals and always sounds better than i'd remembered when i run into a copy. you need... See full review
Kiaro Skuro (2) - Debut
posted a comment on Kiaro Skuro (2) - Debut . about 1 year ago
kind of a cool record in the same vein as very early 10,000 maniacs
Burnt Ones - Last Draft In Different Rooms
posted a review of Burnt Ones - Last Draft In Different Rooms. over 2 years ago
this, i guess defunct?, indiana>oakland garage band mixes a lot of interesting bits on their second album. some girl group sounds, some mumble core groping, some chinnichap stomping and so on. a varied and dang cool LP.
Brethren (5) - Brethren
posted a comment on Brethren (5) - Brethren. over 3 years ago
interesting enough low key rural mix, halfway between the band and traffic. pretty solid throughout if you like this sort of thing. dr. john guests as does randy young from poco.
Floare Albastră / Quo Vadis (8) - Coming Out Of The Maze
posted a review of Floare Albastră / Quo Vadis (8) - Coming Out Of The Maze. over 3 years ago
flashier than hoped for prog & blues rock, but a guy does like to keep some representative rumanian underground rock around, right?
Peter Warren - Solidarity
posted a review of Peter Warren - Solidarity. over 3 years ago
bought this one to fill some holes, but it turned out better than expected. the purcell and anderson both play about as out as they ever get. and it's not a wailer, but had some extremely fine splat.
The Avonden - God Is De Liefde
posted a review of The Avonden - God Is De Liefde. over 3 years ago
not sure where or when this is reissued from, but it's a great LP. this dutch quartet (who sings in their native tongue) has a very pleasing paisley/college rock blend with distinct third album velvets damage. i don't understand a single word, but... See full review
Flatbed (2) - Drug Mom
posted a review of Flatbed (2) - Drug Mom. over 3 years ago
very nicely lurching noise rock from nanaimo b.c., with maybe a bit more emphasis on noise than rock. players from psychedelic dirt & other cool b.c. bands go free form here (i've heard the "leader" refused to let anyone else know what was going on... See full review
Ernest Gibson - Island Records
posted a review of Ernest Gibson - Island Records. over 3 years ago
someone just sent me this out of the blue and it's great. been listening to a lot of so-called contempt psych lately, and it mostly sounds like formula pablum in comparison to this. super thick atmosphere, with vaguely germanic percussions, shadowy... See full review
Cool Ghouls - At George's Zoo
posted a review of Cool Ghouls - At George's Zoo. over 3 years ago
never heard these guys before, but this album is a pretty interesting hybrid of some weird strands. in their most basic form they remind me a bit of the fleshtones. but they substitute that band's east coast mania with something very much more west... See full review
The Pilgrim (6) - Walking Into The Forest
posted a review of The Pilgrim (6) - Walking Into The Forest. over 3 years ago
not sure how this classifies as stoner rock. sounds like pretty straight (albeit fine) folk rock to my ears.\ about as stoned as damon & naomi or something. perhaps the genre has just expanded its little arms?
Southern Fried - A Little Taste Of Southern Fried
posted a review of Southern Fried - A Little Taste Of Southern Fried. over 3 years ago
this is pretty straight southern boogie rock with female vocals and high potential chorale. i really only keep it because of the beef heart connection, but played it today and realized the very bent cover of "stand by me" is a great tribute to '71... See full review
David Sinclair (5) - Take My Hand
posted a review of David Sinclair (5) - Take My Hand. over 3 years ago
one side is fairly ordinary club folk, but the second side has a bit of rock flash and some decent guitar. still as laid back as a shoe, but what the hell
Space Band - Space Band
posted a review of Space Band - Space Band. over 3 years ago
these guys act like punk never happened, and who knows? maybe in their hometown bar it didn't. semi-generic '70s bar rock with a few odd touches and cover art weird enough to make it a keeper
Sounds Nice - Love At First Sight
posted a review of Sounds Nice - Love At First Sight. over 3 years ago
a very odd one-off studio project. most of it is fairly loungey arrangements of pop hits with tim myvcoft's organ being put to good effect. but when they let out the giuitarust on the b-side, things get pretty neat. chris spedding sounds like he's... See full review
Therapy (7) - Schizophrenia
posted a review of Therapy (7) - Schizophrenia. over 3 years ago
too much comedy on this live 2LP set, but their folk stuff is still interesting, if not very progressive. they mix in soft rock bar band things as well, making for a weird blend with a few small highlights
Crack (6) - Si Todo Hiciera Crack
posted a review of Crack (6) - Si Todo Hiciera Crack. over 3 years ago
closer to yes than many people will feel comfortable with, but within its context it's an interesting record.
Country Joe McDonald & The Bevis Frond - Eat Flowers & Kiss Babies
posted a review of Country Joe McDonald & The Bevis Frond - Eat Flowers & Kiss Babies. over 3 years ago
fantastic live record with bevies frond doing some amazing backing work for country joe to recreate fish era classics. really a nice one
Derek Brimstone - Shuffleboat River Farewell
posted a review of Derek Brimstone - Shuffleboat River Farewell. over 3 years ago
not sure why these british folk dudes felt they needed to do so much comedy at live shows, but this one has jokes galore. in between those, there are a few great folk moments. with guitar by michael chapman.
The Bronze Hog - Hey! The Bronze Hog Live
posted a review of The Bronze Hog - Hey! The Bronze Hog Live. over 3 years ago
sounds earlier than the date. high quality bar rock with cheap trick, stones & other mainstream influences, as well as a more raw power pop underlay. pretty cool
TCB (4) - Open For Business
posted a review of TCB (4) - Open For Business. over 3 years ago
a horn rock offshoot of the 1910 fruitful company doesn't sound like very much of a anything, but i've always dug this album. the horns never really stick out, and the songs are like the local bands i used to catch in the early '70s. basically... See full review
Sugarloaf - Sugarloaf
posted a review of Sugarloaf - Sugarloaf. over 3 years ago
i remembered this denver band from their lousy "green eyed lady" single, but a friend suggested i spin the LP, and hey -- it's not bad. long songs that must have been very cool live, with a very weirdly nice organ track that works to connect the sound... See full review
Paper Bubble - Scenery
posted a review of Paper Bubble - Scenery. over 3 years ago
very much in the mode of the early straws. you can easily hear why cousins produced them.
Unicorn (12) - Uphill All The Way
posted a review of Unicorn (12) - Uphill All The Way. over 3 years ago
this is total CSNY damage, but heard as an impulse filtered through the UK and the zigzag magazine ethos, it has a whole lot more charm (and is far less drummed-in) than, say, "deja vu." which render it way more interesting than it might be otherwise.
Mikoláš Chadima & The Extempore Band - Velkoměsto / The City
posted a review of Mikoláš Chadima & The Extempore Band - Velkoměsto / The City. over 3 years ago
excellent selection of archival recordings by this on-again-off-again czech unit, whose best known international incarnation was as the MCH Band. this is late '70s/early '80s material combining some no-wavish textures with the sort of progressive... See full review
Pick-up - Mouthless
posted a review of Pick-up - Mouthless. over 3 years ago
very nice, fairly sparse plink plonk guitar with muted electronics. has an almost japanese feel in spots.
Musk (3) - Animal Husbandry
posted a review of Musk (3) - Animal Husbandry. over 3 years ago
this is the only record i've heard from these guys, and while it is a sorta post-hardcore bag, the way they pile up the sounds on the first side is pretty damn psychedelic. it just keeps climaxing and spinning, buried in the red the whole time, sorta... See full review
Clyde And The Nightswingers - The Enormous Midnight
posted a review of Clyde And The Nightswingers - The Enormous Midnight. over 3 years ago
no idea who this band is, but this single is great. the liners seem to indicate the music was recorded as a reaction to the soundtrack to an (unissued?) acid/art movie from '67. the a-side is their version of the film's theme song, with classic '66... See full review
Adam Payne - Maybelline Weeks
posted a review of Adam Payne - Maybelline Weeks. over 3 years ago
payne is a weird cat, capable of all sorts of interesting psych and pop moves. this single combines an organ-pocked carnival pop swirler with a hard-strummed rocker that sounds like an out-take by some unknown sunset strip band that was really into... See full review
Bare Wires - Young Love
posted a review of Bare Wires - Young Love. over 3 years ago
was expecting some scum based on their first single, but this is a mix of power-pop and proto-glam that's catchy as a chinnichap readymade, but somewhat confusing from a raw snot angle.
Bare Wires - Voo Doo Doll
posted a review of Bare Wires - Voo Doo Doll. over 3 years ago
great raw scuzz punk with a no-fi edge that is pretty classic/
Lewis & Clarke - Bright Light
posted a review of Lewis & Clarke - Bright Light. over 3 years ago
fairly straight ahead, but well paced folk rock with a very l.a. heft. somewhere between the paisleys and the originals.
The Highlander Twos* - Go West!
posted a review of The Highlander Twos* - Go West!. over 3 years ago
makes me think of what a garage trio led by jethro from the beverly hillbillies would sound like.
Flight (8) - Feels So Good
posted a review of Flight (8) - Feels So Good. over 3 years ago
good slab of mid tempo lo-fi mississippi garage rock with oddly crumbly vocal harmonics. not an easy one to date by ear.
Far-Out Fangtooth - The Thorns
posted a review of Far-Out Fangtooth - The Thorns. over 3 years ago
a very thumping take on shoe gaze contraction with some wailing guitar thrown over the top. quite juicy
Reading Rainbow - Cover The Sky
posted a review of Reading Rainbow - Cover The Sky. over 3 years ago
nice single sided stab at the garagey end of the shoegaze rainbow with vocals worthy of a late period girl group 45.
Miss Murgatroid - Hell To / Heavens To
posted a review of Miss Murgatroid - Hell To / Heavens To. over 3 years ago
really great, freaked out debut single by alicia rose's long-running solo project. could not imagine an accordion record that sounds less like "an accordion record." I'm just sorry the b-side isn't a dub version.
XYX - Sistema De Terminacion Sexual
posted a review of XYX - Sistema De Terminacion Sexual. over 3 years ago
solid post punk from monterrey mexico, with female vocals, thick bass lines and choppy rhythms. very cool.
Encore + Grande* - Total Bliss
posted a review of Encore + Grande* - Total Bliss. over 3 years ago
a wonderful album, emphasizing the bizzaro-pop beefheart influences of etron fou, rather than their more jazzoid expressions. although there are plenty of those as well, but they feel as though they were created in a free rock context. a very sweet... See full review
Druid Perfume - Druid Perfume
posted a review of Druid Perfume - Druid Perfume. over 3 years ago
super interesting record. beefheart damaged art punk that also manages to sound like the parts of the hampton grease band that egg eggs were too genteel to employ
Karl-Birger Blomdahl - Aniara
posted a review of Karl-Birger Blomdahl - Aniara. over 3 years ago
nice piece, but electronics it ain't. time and space may be the topics of the libretto, but they are not the musical motifs. this is a modern orchestral/choral work & nothing but. just so you know.
Francesco Branciamore Quartet - Flash in Four
posted a review of Francesco Branciamore Quartet - Flash in Four. over 3 years ago
first side is a little tame, but there's some great ripping sax blurt on the second side.
Maxfield Parrish (2) - It's A Cinch To Give Legs To Old Hard-Boiled Eggs
posted a review of Maxfield Parrish (2) - It's A Cinch To Give Legs To Old Hard-Boiled Eggs. over 4 years ago
this is a cool album with connections to u.s kaleidoscope, but the psych age may be a bit of a reach for the LP. this is mostly very good country rock, apart from the final track which takes their basic approach in a much ore extended and weird direction.
Slumberlandband - Slumberlandband
posted a review of Slumberlandband - Slumberlandband. over 4 years ago
i always liked the cover of this one, but it had been years since i played it. expecting something proggy, imagine my surprise to discover it was actually very much in the vein of early rca-era kinks, with maybe some touches of doggerel bank or even... See full review
Gun Outfit - Two Way Player
posted a review of Gun Outfit - Two Way Player. over 4 years ago
nice laid-back sound with female vocals, and a vibe that is akin to the more active bands at the folkier end of the '80s college-pop spectrum. the best tracks have whisps of psych as well, but nothing too overt.
Kejsarens Nya Kläder - Kejsarens Nya Kläder
posted a review of Kejsarens Nya Kläder - Kejsarens Nya Kläder. over 4 years ago
a little more inside than one might hope, but there are a few very nice passages of out-blow. pretty cool
Risa Potters - Half Woman / Half Child
posted a review of Risa Potters - Half Woman / Half Child. over 4 years ago
surprisingly interesting folk rock LP with vocals and tunes by a women better known for the a&r skills. the best parts of this are like a somewhat older, gnarlier take on early janis ian. under-rated.
Björn J:Son Lindh - Cous Cous
posted a review of Björn J:Son Lindh - Cous Cous. over 4 years ago
most of this is just pretty good fusion, light and flowing in a decent but non-essential way. however, the last track, "abdo," is pretty smoking with lots of eastern highlighting. definitely worth a spin.