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posted a review of Hi-Fi Wives - Hi-Fi Wives. about 1 month ago
don't really know jack about this montreal band, but this album is quite heavily fowley-damged. which is an interesting thing to be.
posted a review of Rufus Harley - King / Queens. about 1 month ago
never paid that much attention to this one before, since i am not much into harley's soul-jazz bag. the two title cuts, however, are pretty dang zoned, which is why there's a free jazz sub-category win the listing.
posted a review of Year 2000 - A Musical Odyssey. about 1 month ago
kind of a dull record for the most part, with lots of gushy young rascals-style organ, but there are a few decent songs. and one of them, "perfect love" (although i assume it's a straight '50s-tribute), is real real similar to the mothers' "how could i ... See full review
posted a comment on Brown Recluse - The Soft Skin. 2 months ago
nice four song set somewhere in the mode of yo la tango's pop action, crossed with something a bit more anglo.
posted a review of Agö Fyr - Mjölnarens Måg. 3 months ago
apart from the swedish vocals, this has a very brit folk-rock vibe with female vocals & a nicely low key lilt
posted a review of Mynediad Am Ddim - Mynediad Am Ddim. 3 months ago
first album by this welsh folk rock band (who i guess later turned their hand to kid's music) is solid in a mid-70s fairport sort of vein. nothing too flashy apart from the welsh pronunciations, but quite pleasing
posted a review of Harold Danko - Ink And Water. 5 months ago
very nice album of quietly out piano improvs. makes me think of the braxtonian side of konitz's horn lines
posted a review of The Pow - The Sidescenes EP. 6 months ago
i'm not sure about the classifications used above. rockabilly? this sounds like mod revisionism mostly, and fairly well down at that. they sound better when tackling uk-style material than american-type stuff. decent record.
posted a review of Duodenum (2) - Folk. 6 months ago
nice, mostly instrumental folk-blues LP with classical and traditional elements blended in. could easily be a minor transatlantic release from the late '60s or early '70s.
posted a review of The Makes Nice - This Time Tomorrow. 7 months ago
solid, if surprisingly straight, mod-pop LP from this san francisco trio. very similar to the midwest bands of "battle of the garages" era.
submitted Dan Oxenberg, Bear Galvin + Friends (Pillow Mt. Conspiracy) - Early Abstractions. Vol. 1. 8 months ago
submitted Phurnne - To Love Lightly.... 11 months ago
submitted Plants Of The Bible - Plants Of The Bible. 11 months ago
submitted Plants Of The Bible - Plants Of The Bible. 12 months ago
submitted Michael Hurley - Redbirds At Folk City. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Noice - Bedårande Barn Av Sin Tid. about 1 year ago
decent new wavoid rock, not sure where the reggae dig comes from, and it's not overly poppy. band looks like hell, but what the heck.
posted a review of Moskwa - Moskwa. about 1 year ago
definitely sounds pre-core rather than hardcore to me. there are a couple of fast songs, but most are taken at '79n pace.
posted a review of Freddy And The Fighters Featuring Björn Roth - Freddy And The Fighters Featuring Björn Roth. about 1 year ago
a much more screwed up record than the genre classifications hint. it's a a nicely strange experimental folk hybrid.
posted a comment on Roger & Wendy - Love Rog & Wen. about 1 year ago
an extremely lightweight LP of poppy folkish covers of hits. it has a slightly odd quality if you listen to it enough, but it's certainly not for everyone more like lounge record than any other genre.
posted a review of Higamos Hogamos Presents SPACEROCKS - Space Rocks. about 1 year ago
there are a couple of nice krauty passages, in the vein of can's "soon over babaluma," bur most of this is discoid synth pop. just so you know
posted a review of Shivering Window - Days I've Lost b/w Clean Hell. about 1 year ago
nice lo-key lo-fi single with whisps of early south island NZ fog clinging to its tendrils
posted a comment on La Otracina - The Aquarian Wind. about 1 year ago
most of this is nice hard psych of a modern variety, but at the end it takes a turn into porto-metal hard rock, which is okay, but not as hep
posted a review of No Negative - The Good Never Comes. about 1 year ago
not massive in terms of either vertical or horizontal action, this is still a pretty fine sounding swirl of static riffs, thuds and effects-laden vocals.
submitted Ted Lee - Special Lunch. over 2 years ago
submitted Gary Wilson - Gary Saw Linda Last Night Kissing John Cage / Duet For Piano And Drums. over 2 years ago
posted a review of Dana Westover - Memorial To Fear. over 2 years ago
Classic, darkly personal folk album pressed in an edition of 100 in Quebec. The album was mostly recorded by Westover while he was in Montreal in '68 (reportedly staying away from the draft), although a couple of songs were laid down in Massachusetts in ... See full review
posted a comment on Bob* And Carole Pegg With Sydney Carter - And Now It Is So Early. over 3 years ago
brilliant bridge between mr. fox and the carolanne's solo LP on transatlantic. every track is great -- a holistic schmoo between trad and acid folk. not every piece is transcendent, but if you dig the vibe you'll sink into this swamp fast.
posted a comment on Boys Will Be Boys - Etcetera Songs. over 3 years ago
nice riff-heavy british power-pop with female vocals by the well-named Fanni Firmin.
posted a comment on Production - Is Love?. over 3 years ago
decent ohio power pop with guitar by mark luthardt, who played on dennis carleton's solo 45
posted a comment on Friends Of The Library - Story Of The Sunken Ships. over 3 years ago
very nice record, reminiscent of early yo la teenage at their dreamiest.
posted a review of The Speakers* - En El Maravilloso Mundo De Ingeson. over 3 years ago
great package and one of the most brilliantly whacked-out psych LPs to emerge from South America. every home should have one.
posted a review of The Human Beast - Volume One. over 3 years ago
this is a really great psych album with mixed hard and soft tunes that are all very hep, in a somewhat amateur way. the cover art is so hideous (and the name so dumb) i avoided this one for years. stupid me.
posted a review of Rävjunk - Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner Igen.. over 3 years ago
maybe not quite as solid as their actual released LP, which is a stone classic, this is still a great one. first side collects all the band's 7" tracks (including their brilliant rip off of "I Wanna Be Your Dog.") They really knew how to balance punk, ... See full review
posted a review of Fusion Farm - Rush Job. over 3 years ago
mixed bag of an LP that includes a couple of great tracks in a rough almost-Stackwaddy-like photo punk style, and lots of other things. the two later tracks, by Farm (an offshoot group), have strange textures, but the best tunes (like the destructo Dylan ... See full review
posted a review of Eugene Carnan - Eugene Carnan. over 3 years ago
typically nice package. music is hard rock trio spew with nice lo-fi dynamics and a general mood that sounds a little easier than '72. they still show a lot of the blues element that many bands had started to drop before then. not psych, but not bad.
posted a review of Estrella De Marzo - A Los Ninos Con Amor. over 3 years ago
first side seemed a bit laid back in an organ-heavy sort of way, but the flip has lots of fuzz guitar and small flood references (among many other things) that's quite appealing.
posted a review of Dream (6) - Get Dreamy. over 3 years ago
nice reissue of this classic Norwegian psych LP. not solid all the way through (how many '67 albums are?), but the highpoints are great. i've always been a sucker for rypdal's guitar playing on their hendrix tribute.
posted a review of Micah (10) - I'm Only One Man. over 3 years ago
having lived through countless sets by early '70s North Jersey bands, i have a hard time getting too chuffed about this one. psych it is not. prog, it is sorta, if what yr counting is the influence of "prog" bands on the charts in 1971. has a few good ... See full review
posted a review of The Sun (22) - Tristan - A Rock Opera. over 3 years ago
whilst i can imagine the excitement of fining this non its original format, the reissue is a bit less titillating. fairly solid folk/prog playing buoys a narrative i still haven't quite figured out. not bad, but it has yet to do much for me. but ... See full review
posted a review of Time (20) - Before There Was... Time. over 3 years ago
Pretty cool archival release. Liner notes had type too small for me to read in this light but I'll get to them some time. Music is hep baroque-pop with experimental Beatles touches (sitar, etc.) and some dark spots that put me in mind of the Silver ... See full review
posted a review of Charlies - Buttocks. over 3 years ago
nice combination of hard rock and proper stuff. some tracks are very cream-damaged (in a brown/bruce kinda way), and some of the quiet stuff reminds me of non-Tracy Nelson tracks by early Mother Earth (of all things). cool stuff.
posted a review of Morning After (6) - Blue Blood. over 3 years ago
i had expected more from this than the refried '71 Savoy Brown-like choogle I found. of a recent shadows haul this was the only dud. maybe it will improve with time. if it does, i'll let you know.
posted a review of Fells* - Amped. over 4 years ago
first large one from this tucson band, showing why they were soon signed to estrus. the basics are garage, but it's not nearly as straight ahead as it looks like it'll be. there're very boss psych and even noise-oid highlights. real cool.
posted a review of Dump - International Airport. over 4 years ago
excellent chunk of sounds by yo la tongue's bassist. mcnew is cut from the same pop-cloth as no's chris knox, and you can really appreciate the similarities on this one. quite golden.
posted a review of Love Battery - Between The Eyes. over 4 years ago
i'd never paid much mind to the second gen seattle grunge outfit, but their debut album is pretty cool. starts off with guitar tremolo as heavy as any Burma track. most of the interspersed rockers are more "standard," but there's some good psych guitar ... See full review
posted a review of Jack O'Fire - Six Super Shock Soul Songs. over 4 years ago
fantastic record, the first long player by tim kerr's garage blues juggernaut. starts with a cover of negative approach, ends with a cover of wile dixon, and slays many bands who've tried something similar.
posted a review of Flohr Otis - Vierteiler. over 4 years ago
not much else i can think of that's like this from '91 germany. it somewhat presages a certain vibe achieved by the free-form freak-rock bands that would emerge later in the decade, but it makes a contemporary combo like metabolismus sound pretty ... See full review
posted a comment on The Makers - Hip-Notic. over 4 years ago
one of this northwest band's first records not for estrus, and also their first for sympathy. they cover some great '60s stompers (blue stars, animals, them) and punch hard into original but from the same cloth. pretty straight, but also raw & nice, as ... See full review
posted a review of The Lazy Cowgirls - Another Long Goodbye. over 4 years ago
first non-7" released buy these guys after their drummer and bassist left the fold. they were still an amazingly powerful live band, and while the songs on this EP are slower than earlier stuff, they're still packed with dd's raw guitar leads and pat's ... See full review
posted a review of Teengenerate - Savage!!!. over 4 years ago
their only record for sympathy, and a typically good one. they may have taken their name from the dictators, but their sound is more based on UA-era flamin' grooves, amped and grubbed way the hell up. no real revelations, but that's not what you'd really ... See full review