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posted a comment on Jeanette (2) - In The Morning. 5 days ago
would rather like this one if someone could help me out
posted a comment on Idrissa Diop - Rebelle. 7 days ago
this is bloody brilliant, would probably like to acquire a copy
posted a comment on Clock House Records. 7 days ago
University of Keele who'd have thought. . . . .
posted a comment on Ambient Warrior - Dub Journey's. 11 days ago
let me know if you are selling please and thank you
posted a comment on Locate S,1 - Healing Contest. about 1 month ago
well isn't this nice. . . . . . .
posted a comment on Culoe De Song - The Fallen Siren. about 1 month ago
sounds as though the fallen siren samples the chicago gangsters I choose you
posted a comment on Yumi Murata - Hysteric Glamour. about 1 month ago
Kiss の行方 is a lovely little pop tune, cute AND delicious
posted a comment on C.K. Mann - Ghana Mba. about 1 month ago
I too am interested in a decent copy (Very Good and above) please let me know
posted a comment on Franck Roger - Ekobah. about 1 month ago
this dub reprise is so ridiculously good . . .
posted a comment on Magic Carpet (4) - Oriental Tango / Menage A Trois. about 1 month ago
so much sleaze, pretty great . . . . .
posted a comment on Iridescence Records. about 1 month ago
A lot of really compelling stuff on this label, always fun sifting through it
posted a comment on Cosmic Records Of Canada. about 1 month ago
Curious . . . . . . . . . .
posted a comment on It's War Boys. 2 months ago
A lot of rather interesting stuff to be found here. Although no-one has linked the two on discogs, the War Extension label is almost certainly a part of this, kind of self-explanatory I guess.
posted a comment on Wailing Souls - All Over The World. 2 months ago
mellow dawn from the ever impressive Mr Tenaglia is my choice
posted a comment on Orson Karte - Tonight. 2 months ago
that moment around 2 mins 30 secs in Tonight is the reason that this is so under-appreciated
posted a comment on Dharma B Meet DJ Pierre - Love Talks. 2 months ago
I Feel Love Talk mix is pretty great . .
posted a comment on Mary Pearce - Love Away / Over. 2 months ago
love away is almost too smooth, what a tune .
posted a comment on Baffa* - Milestones. 2 months ago
balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls
posted a comment on Matumbi - Dub Planet Orbit 1. 2 months ago
how good is this? really very good is the answer
posted a comment on Duckett - Feeding Paper Tigers EP. 2 months ago
very curious, all sounds very good to me . .
posted a comment on Obscure Desire - Obscure Desire. 2 months ago
this is a delight, maybe someone would like to sell it to me for somewhere remotely close to the median? Unlikely
posted a comment on Beauty And Deep - The Captain Of Her Heart. 2 months ago
please message me if you have a copy for sale
posted a comment on W (13) - Johnny Shoot Em Down. 2 months ago
think I have come from the same place, after serving sfumato I too am after a copy
posted a comment on Means Of Escape. 2 months ago
hoping for more from this youtube tastemaker sensation . .
posted a comment on Shriekback - Knowledge, Power, Truth And Sex. 2 months ago
mistah linn he dead is really really good . .
posted a comment on R.A.P.P. - Wicked City. 2 months ago
oh afrika has to be heard, absolutely divine . .
posted a comment on Mother, Alpha, Delta - Volume One. 2 months ago
body action is a slammer . . . . .
posted a comment on Ijahman & Madge / Ijahman Levi - My Love / Chariot Of Love. 2 months ago
made me want to get a seat on the love chariot
posted a comment on Judith Ravitz* Participagao: A Banda Do Zé Pretinho - Bolerio = בוא לריו. 2 months ago
B1 is a reimagined version of Jorge Ben's tune Curumin Chama Cunhã Tã Que Eu Vou Contar
posted a comment on Loreleï - Je Ferai Tout.... 2 months ago
this is such a great little number . . .
posted a comment on Orvil Fatal Black* / Papa Cornell - Cheer Up / The General. 2 months ago
the general is stonkin . . . . . .
posted a comment on Lace (2) - Hot Lover. 2 months ago
this swings so hard, instrumental is the one for me
posted a comment on Was (Not Was) - Shake Your Head. 2 months ago
the giant club mix is sweltering . . . . . .
posted a comment on Heavy House Connection - HHC. 3 months ago
message if you are letting this record go pls and thank you
posted a comment on Eboni Records. 3 months ago
One of the greatest african labels ever in my opinion, a lot of amazing disco, funk, afrobeat and highlife but all with a spiritual twist. Favourite tunes: Fasso (The Motherhood) by Eboni Band and Steve (Dedie A. Steve Biko) by Amadou Doukoure and ... See full review
posted a comment on Micheal Prophet* - Body Fusion. 3 months ago
hello would someone like to sell this to me, thanks
posted a comment on Gary Marks - Gathering. 3 months ago
hello would anyone like to sell me this for a reasonable price
submitted Sleep D, Turner Street Sound - Chili Lips (Park Dub). 4 months ago
posted a comment on Dislocation Dance - Show Me. 4 months ago
This is such an underrated 12, amazing dennis bovell dub too
posted a comment on Access (4) - Separate. 4 months ago
new agenda is just a lovely tune, killer 12 this
posted a comment on Condry 'Skorokoro' Ziqubu* - Gorilla Man. 6 months ago
Most of these tracks are available on relatively inexpensive comps, sounds of soweto, gumba fire etc... as far as I can tell they are also full length. Definitely worth considering...
posted a comment on FATi Records. 6 months ago
keeping on eye on this one, anticipating exciting things to come
posted a comment on Free Energy - Happiness. 6 months ago
this is all heavy, can't recommend enough. Nite position is an unsung cut
posted a comment on Sharon Little (2) / Young Warrior - Don't Mash Up Creation / Creation Dub. 6 months ago
Please message me directly if you decide to sell this
posted a comment on Joe Silo - Praising Jah. 6 months ago
Not sure if anyone will ever see this, but if there is, do you know of any sound clips of this record?
posted a comment on 101 Band - Telephone. 6 months ago
does anyone know anywhere that I can take a listen to this?
posted a comment on Gigi Flag - Nymphomaniac. 7 months ago
instrumental version (I prefer it to the vocal) is on a new spacetalk records comp,
posted a comment on Kuniyuki Takahashi - All These Things. 7 months ago
Fantastic album. For me the african dub mix is especially amazing
posted a comment on Chris Gray - Vivid| Sensuality. 7 months ago here is the beautiful beatnik remix uploaded on Chris' own channel
posted a comment on Mateo & Matos - Raw Elements. 7 months ago
Seems to sample Eddie Maduro's voice from Logic's The Warning