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posted a comment on Pod - The Vanguard EP. 5 months ago
Hello all,without a doubt this e.p and Dark Comedy,/corbomite manuever / also released on Buzz Records ,and both with amazing painted picture covers , should be in the top 20 of every top 20. I rate these two that highly, and as time goes on they sound ... See full review
posted a comment on Cari Lekebusch - The Architect. 10 months ago
What can i say but agree with previous poster, buy the picture disc that goes with this, totally cheap and well worth the investment .I still play this today and the production is amazing, The early releases on this label are amazing,check them out you ... See full review
posted a comment on Adam Beyer - Ignition Key. 10 months ago
Hello all, well surprised at lack of comments for this as is a pretty amazing record, sounds good even today, well worth the ridiculous cheap price, in fact the first ten singles on this label are amazing and worth the investment.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Remixes Anonymous Vol. #1. 10 months ago
Hello all,well worth getting a copy of this, it s got a really nice Juan Atkins mix on this record as well as really good stomper of a mix on the a side. Not sure if Atkins was offically involved with this,does anyone know anything more.
posted a comment on Hexagone - Burning Trash Floor. 10 months ago
hello all,ive got a spare orange press of this,any chance someone wants to swap for a red or pink one.
posted a comment on The Cortinas - Defiant Pose / Independence. about 1 year ago
Hello all,there s a few of these early punk singles released as 12inch singles that are really worth the effort in tracking down.This is one of them,no picture sleeve but ,as all 12 inch are,the sound quality is that much better.7 inch singles were ... See full review
posted a comment on Underground Resistance - Inspiration / Transition. about 1 year ago
Plus the matrix is different,check both posts and look at Matrix/Runout
posted a comment on Underground Resistance - Inspiration / Transition. about 1 year ago
hello,gutes blut,the difference between the original and the re press is the labels,the original has a washed out yellow tint ,while the re press label is black and white,thats all.
posted a comment on Underground Resistance - Inspiration / Transition. about 1 year ago
hello gutes-blut, the difference will be in the colour of the label,the repress is black and white while the original press has an off yellow tinge,thats all folks.
posted a comment on Alexandre Francisco Diaphra - Diaphra's Blackbook Of The Beats. about 1 year ago
Hello all, i brought this because it looked interesting,and i was not disappointed.Its really good album and the poetry is spot on, not being a very poetic type myself , i asked someone who is,and they were very impressed.The vocals are in portugese
... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Intergalactic Beats. about 1 year ago
Hello all, got this when it was released, i was lucky in that my copy plays perfectly. This record was so ahead of its time when released, there s a funny story about how one of drum n bass founders,cant remember who,played Bug in the Bassbin at 45 and ... See full review
posted a comment on Octave One Featuring Lisa Newberry - I Believe. about 1 year ago
Hello all,in response to xmix26, if your going to buy repress i recommend you buy the U.S copy as is exactly the same as original Transmat release, same matrix number so coming from original master, where as the U.K release has been re mastered,
posted a comment on Various - From Our Minds To Yours Vol. 2. about 1 year ago
Hello all,just got a black vinyl version recently,i have the coloured version, and the sound quality is like night and day. The coloured version sounds really bad although the colour is excellent, so the news is you need to have both versions, the ... See full review
posted a comment on Blake Baxter - When A Thought Becomes You. about 1 year ago
Hello all, been having discussions about this all day, and the first thing that has to be mentioned is this does not come from the original Underground Resistance master, this comes from the original tape, prob recorded on a 4-channel Tascam, and it ... See full review
posted a comment on Family Of Few - Sunrise. about 1 year ago
Hello all, ive always loved 430 West for their techno sounds and was not to keen on the garage sound of this label, until this hot little number turned up. This is an absolute gem of a record ,great song writing here and if you ve not got this , you need ... See full review
posted a comment on Blaze - If You Should Need A Friend. about 1 year ago
hello stardust, the production and timing on this record are amazing , i sit down with people and explain the production on this and it blows them away, this record shows the quality of the artists and recording crew, thanks for an amazing record.
posted a comment on Reese & Santonio - The Sound. about 1 year ago
Hello all,on the white label of Blake Baxter,When We Used To Play,it is pretty much accepted that its a bootleg ,no Archer or NSC on the matrix .So i thought i will check this one and its pretty similar, and no Archer or NSC in the matrix number so i ... See full review
posted a comment on Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play. over 2 years ago
Hello all,buyer be aware as all repress with the white label are bootlegs, if theres any confusion check the matrix numbers and etching in run out grooves, should be ARCHER, AS ARCHER or NSC. If these are not present then do not buy and spend the money ... See full review
posted a comment on Zero Zone / Random XS - Art. If.. over 2 years ago
hello all,its your resident Djax expert broadcasting again,check out Random XS - Basement, its an absolute killer track ,play it loud,always loved this track and i still feel the same way, oh darling your so dark and ... See full review
posted a comment on The Morning Glory Seeds - Butterflies. over 2 years ago
Hello all, here we go again with another of those hidden gems, this e.p is amazing, great sounds that have not aged but still sound fresh, buy now while still cheap, check out the prices on this label, buy or treasure.
posted a comment on Steve Poindexter - The Remixes. over 2 years ago
Regarding your comments about DJAX-UP-BEATS taking too much credit, i would say the opposite is true and that it boosted many of these artists careers.At a time when rave was the main thing Djax was one of the few labels not selling out to the latest ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on China White - China White. over 2 years ago
Hello all,again. Here,s another of those hidden gems from Djax-Up-Beats. If this was done by another artist it would be considered a classic,fact is,it is a classic, buy now,you;ll love it wether your a techno head or house freak.
posted a comment on Djax-Up-Beats. over 2 years ago
Hello all, Djax-Up-Beats a label who;s time has come.Check out the prices,records you could have brought six months ago for a few pounds,euros are now fetching 20,30,40 pounds. Ive brought Djax from the first Terrace release ,i have about 250 of them and ... See full review
posted a comment on Trance Induction - Organic Floppy Disco. over 2 years ago
Hello all,just a quick shout on this record, its a classic, one of those records ,like High Lonesome Soundsystem -Waiting for the Lights,that paved the way for the trance scene. Its a must have record for all techno heads as shows that trance is just ... See full review
posted a comment on Hiroshi* - Hiroshi. over 2 years ago
hello,yes i must say i agree with Cranial this is one of those Djax tracks that has really matured over time, a bit like the whole label has. On this release i acquired two copies ,one i plain black vinyl and the other in what can be only called a black ... See full review
posted a comment on High Lonesome Sound System - Waiting For The Lights. over 2 years ago
Hello all,not got a copy of this yet, really,you need this record. No serious collection is complete without this record. Theres two versions,the first press with coloured label and usually pressed on translucant vinyl, second pressing black and white ... See full review
posted a comment on Audion - Alpha. over 2 years ago
Hello all, yes this is one of his best albums, more in common with first album,Leave Luck To Heaven, an absolute cracker
posted a comment on New Alliance - No Regrets. over 2 years ago
hello, this is a really good record and well worth the cheap asking price. Brought this when it was released and its withstood the test of time and still sounds freash today. dont miss out you house heads
posted a comment on From My Mind To Yours. over 3 years ago
helllo all,brilliant series and good to see alias s like FUSE being used again, here s a heads up, dont get hung up about not having the white label as the offical release comes in a really nice sleeve, you can tell lot of thought gone into the whole ... See full review
posted a comment on Discharge - Live At The Lyceum; 24th May 1981. over 3 years ago
hello all , Discharge also played The Lyceum supporting Slade,1980 i think, went to the gig, cant say the crowd was very receptive, think there was only about twenty of us, hard core mother f=-=--=s
posted a comment on The Stranglers - Don't Bring Harry. over 4 years ago
hello, everyones always thought that the song Golden Brown is about heroin, the band s always denied this and when you listen there is nothing in the lyrics that points to it, but Dont Bring Harry is the Sranglers song about heroin. even the title tells ... See full review
posted a comment on Plastikman - EX. over 4 years ago
hello all, first of don t be put off by these negative reviews, this is a really good album and having listened and brought most releases of Richie Hawtin, Plastikman all i can say is they dont know what there talking about.Theres a lot more of F.U.S.E ... See full review
posted a comment on Model 500 - Play It Cool. over 5 years ago
hello, have this copy and its in that translucient dark brown vinyl, i personally believe that these see through vinyls you get on labels like Hardkiss records, Metroplex, Exist Dance, 430 West, U.R , and other U.S labels means that its a first ... See full review
posted a comment on United Space - Hallways. over 5 years ago
hello all, absolutley an amazing record, if you ve not got this you really need to get it. great acid and techno with more than a hint of trance. every time i play this to people they want a copy straight off.
posted a review of Cyrus - Inversion. over 6 years ago
hello all, is there any experts on the pressing order of the different colours. i have a copy of this that i brought at time of release and its dark green translucent with some black swirls, im pretty sure the label is the same as the first pressing, so ... See full review
posted a review of Jamie Principle - Waiting On My Angel. over 6 years ago
hello, beware when you buy this as its a remix by bob heckman. not a very good one at that.
posted a comment on Plastik Man* - Sheet One. over 7 years ago
hello, was just looking at my copy , i ve got one with the acid tabs, and i noticed that when you put it under u.v lights it makes it appear as though its colour marbled, when you look in ordinary light it looks marbled but in a black negative.also ... See full review
posted a comment on Tranquility Bass - Broadcast Standard Issue No. 1. over 8 years ago
great record,also in transluceunt purple vinyl.doesanyone else have copies of early Exist Dance records pressed in this colour
posted a comment on Hardkiss. over 8 years ago
hello,another great label that influences the early trance scene along with EXIST DANCE.Also first press,s of these records are in translceiunt purple vinyl,same as Exist Dance,
posted a comment on Exist Dance. over 8 years ago
great label, but does anyone else release that they are pressed on dark purple clear vinyl,or does this only apply to first press