Frequently asked questions // ( The artist formerly known as Dj Valium 1994 - 2001 ) " Vdd Energise - PHIL MOON AKA V "

At the age of 20 he visited 'Belgian Rave Explosion' in 1993 and managed to get backstage and film the legendary 'Jeff Mills' close up performing his first dj set in Belgium to 2,000 partygoers!
How did you get the idea to send a demo to Gary Martin at Teknotika records?

After reading one of his interviews in a magazine and hearing some of his musc I really related to what he was doing. It had a very European feel to it, - sexy, erotic, retro - the music that I released with Teknotika had a real 80's revival theme to it, fised with electro and tribal sounds
and a slow 120 bpm.....

-How did you get in contact with Gigolo Records ?

It was Gigolo records who contacted me , asking if I wanted to send him music for his label after he'd heard my Teknotika and SativA /dRought releases and had heard something futuristic about them.

How did you get started making music ?

I heard the Mackenzie Records
Belgium record label established in the early 1990's.
and it loved it - It was a huge inspiration for me to get myself into production

When did you start to dj ?
Believe it or not I was actually checking out vinyl at the age of 10, from various genres like Disco and Rock . I wasn't mixing but just listening - that came when I was 17 and played in a small club in a small town in Belgium.

-You already played in several international locations
Yes, my best memories are about Finland Denmark,Spain,UK,France, Brazil, Aland and Germany.

What are your future plans ?

And I'm currently uploading a few unreleased tracks from in the past on you tube & bandcamp
and I think about Jeremy Rifkin and " The Third Industrial Revolution " theory

Phil Moon ( The artist formerly known as dj valium 94 - 2001 ) .

When he took his love of dance music and, with a group of friends, began throwing parties in the western provinces of Belgium. These early UFO parties were the start of a journey that has led him around the globe and
onto some of the World's most recognised underground labels.

His production career started after travelling to England, where he created his first tracks in a small studio in South London. Through the connections he made,bookings in Denmark began to come in, most notably when he spun for the Mantra club and Vega club .

Back in Belgium his small studio grew in size and the productions he created were picked up, first by UK based techno label 'UFO London' and then by the renowned techno label imprint 'Teknotika Records' ...

The 80's most definitely played a huge part in sculpting of his music style, but it was the 90's ..

Releases with many other quality labels including 'Teknotika Records ' and most famously 'International DJ Gigolos', who gave him the chance to perform his album live in front of his home crowd at the 'I Love Techno' festival 2000 between the sets of Jeff Mills & Dj Hell in Belgium, has meant that he has well and truly established himself as one of the Europe's most diverse producers.

Similarly, Phil Moon has graced some of the best underground parties and events in the World with his DJ sets, taking in the shores of countries both on this and on the other side of the Atlantic.

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Never again repeatably Live autodidact played jazz moment with the sh 2000 roland synth 1973 impulsively on top of one of the tracks with Moroder and The Shamen music influences - a concept record inspired by National Geographics tv - favorite at the ... See full review
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posted a comment on First Contact - I Call Upon. about 1 year ago
Bought in the billboard Ostend in 1992 - every day i listened to this album in 1992 but I do not find the text lyrics to read .
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posted a comment on Lhasa - The Attic. over 2 years ago
Purple neon neon lights in the club - this track was unconsciously an inspiration for my scifi release of 2000 - every day in 1990 this album turned crazy in my room
posted a comment on Sheer Taft Featuring Ingrid Kudos - Cascades. over 2 years ago
1990 Belgium / Flanders / 17 years old - I am at the school gate and slowly a sports car drives past me in traffic with closed windows and bass pumping out of it, impressive as it is my first experience of a car with
loud vibrating music and it wasnt ... See full review
posted a comment on "DiRty" HaRry* - Hot 'N' Spycy EP. over 3 years ago
1 of my first meetings with Crispy House music - vinyl record white label purchased in the second-hand music department Ghent in 1996 - always thought it was a UK release album - the music of this release has been hanging out - remaining in my mind! :)
posted a comment on 2 Belgen - Operation Coup De Poing. over 4 years ago
How can it be otherwise ? at the age of 11 with the radio and headphone in " 1984 " - built degree program at this age / pre-programmed degree - Super tune - Operation Coup De Poing (Maxi Version) - never forgotten in musical memory - RIP -
posted a comment on Gigi Galaxy - Disco 2000. over 4 years ago
It is through this vinyl release that I began to send own work demo cassette tapes to the label :)
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I had zekt contacted and presented them this label to send them any demos
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Axion Beach Rock 2001 Belgium - In one way or another, I continue to believe that David Morales played the track " Forever Alien " from Fleshbrain or something similar with 80s Electro roots - , that moment ,tune and night backstage at the dj booth has ... See full review
posted a comment on Type X.V. - Raw Efficiency. over 4 years ago
One of my favorite hardcore acid plates received promotional from Lasse Steen in 1994 ... especially the exciting distortion track " A Tribute 2B " stayed with me even though I very rarely listen to the track in the last 20 years ...
posted a comment on Iron Oxide. over 4 years ago
The name and artwork of the label concept reminds me somehow reminiscent of scenes from the movie Allegiant :)
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A belgian boccaccio club dj mix tape bought in 1988 brought me here :)
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I am still pleased to realize that my electro track Area 51 (1995) once considered as lost object (1997) returned to my possession by warm people (1998) and eventually was released three years later on @ Gigolo records (2000) and then as cherry / icing ... See full review
posted a comment on Denis Naidanow Feat. Tyree Cooper - Wonderland. over 4 years ago
In one way or another we have the same approach regarding the rhythem 909 spring vibration in my teknotika orange white and blue release 1996 as in this wonderland 2008 tune :) wonderfull :)
posted a review of Vitalic - Fanfares. over 4 years ago
The track La Rock I never found enjoyable but the other tracks on the album I liked - the track WOO I find wonderful and is a favorite for me :)
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posted a review of The Aquanauts* - Chicago-Milano Connection EP. over 4 years ago
Truly one of the best deep house records in my personal opinion for any summer and spring period - blissful cheerful happy melodies with a italian keyboard touch :) anti depresiva :)
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Some of his works I find really beautiful even after 18 years, still ... Amazing good musician ... Respect ..RIP
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Just today discovered the track Dance of the deep ... it hase somewhere a 80s feel in my opinion and I'm always up for that ... the atmosphere is somewhere ambient and futuristic scifi and chill tech ...a clear dark mix .. from 3:50 min fall to follow ... See full review
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Despite too much treble, mid and high frequencies I still find this track " Mind In Balance " a top tune !! - I have nice memorys kept on about it :) ...It would be nice to see this track again released on vinyl ( this track can certainly be remastered ) ... See full review
posted a review of Total Output - Bad Acid E.P.. over 4 years ago
I bought this record in the musicman recordshop in 1993 in Cologne Germany ..I remember the days I traveled across the North Sea into the unknown England and then to explore the underground scene in the UK in 1993 :)
posted a review of Roberto Bosco - Figure SPC L. over 4 years ago
See the light is my favorite ... it reminds me of electro techno but combined with ambient ...the track evolve to a bright ambient-like liberating atmosphere :) fun with Robert Bosco on a compilation to have appeared ... see the light speak most to me ... See full review
posted a review of Gigi Galaxy - The Invasion EP. over 4 years ago
Always liked this ep even liked it so much that I took of a sampel of it for creating the track " Over & Out " created with Air traffic control
pilots cockpit vocals from a 60s film to portray white, snow, freezing emotion and light landing panic ... ... See full review
posted a review of Freestylers - Push Up. over 4 years ago
Discovered the source sampels of Push Up - :) " ZAPP - It Doesn't Really Matter ( 1985 ) " :) love them both :) 1985 vs 2004 :)
posted a review of Valium* - Art Of Misdirection. over 4 years ago
The album contains a concept around the love for the 80's sound, regarding madness related ideas with the underwater deepsea world and fish, aliens and theories about how our minds and brains work in some cases on musical respons...The album was released ... See full review
posted a review of Phil Moon (2) - The Matrix 1986 (Mua Remixes). over 4 years ago
Not A red or blue pill but no pill and just A thrill :)
posted a review of Vdd-Energise - Future Galactic Three. over 4 years ago
Astrononaut android woman says : i wish you could see what i'm seeing : A.I computer answer respons : describe it to me : ( 1994 )

By chance in 1995 CJ Bolland had also created a track with the theme ther can be only ... See full review
posted a review of Various - From Our Minds To Yours Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
From Our Minds To Yours (Intro) inspired me to create the track Energy Low in 1996 ...i think " Refused " is the best track from the plus 8 album :)
posted a review of God's Groove - Prayer Five / Prayer Six. over 4 years ago
Back in the 90's I wasn't really into trance but I did like a few tracks, like this one- I always loved hearing it

Its a perfect composition and arrangement with the right emotional intellegence ...we have spiritual sadness , spiritual happiness and ... See full review
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posted a review of DJ Valium* - Hallucinating Power Of Heat. over 4 years ago
Prolonged exposure to the sun without ingesting adequate amounts water may cause dehydration, which is another natural cause of hallucinations ...At moments like these i only wish for a deep sea dive.That’s what this record is all about.
posted a review of Vdd.E* versus Valium* - Macedoine EP. over 4 years ago
Macedoine EP - ( Macedoine means a mix of different ideas and concepts )

The track Windows has his name 'cause at the beginning of the track you hear the same noise at a party when the windows of a venue are shaking and vibrating wildly with the pulse ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Rüts 2/3. over 4 years ago
Mermaids = I stand at the edge of the sea and am waiting for something miraculous (in august 1997)
posted a review of DJ VAL* - National Geographics. over 4 years ago
The Day that the World changed - Speech in New york ( 1939 ) over televisie voor de eerste maal in de ether plus overzichtelijke remote control zapping uitbeelding van verschillende releases ...

Sky Jazz - Detroit achtige jazzy Mills feeling ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Valium* - Do You See What Im Seeing?. over 4 years ago
Summer of the Cat - After I created this tune I was thinking about my cat going insane in my garden in 1996, which is why I came up with the name!

The track Thunder Lightning is close to the fewll of Plastickman at that time " Teste the wipe " - still, ... See full review
posted a review of Elements Of Trance - A Taste Of Your Own Medicine. over 4 years ago
Warehouse Club Koln 1993 Miss Djaxx playing this record ...still a amazing tune and a tune for Winter time and snowing :)
posted a review of DJ Valium* - DJ Valium EP. over 4 years ago
Running In October - In 1995 a man decided to walk to the nightshop during an october night, it was very windy and it was raining very hard
while he was closing his jacket, he heared strange noises and saw rare machines around him
he continued his ... See full review
posted a review of Valyom - Red Sector. over 4 years ago
Echo Dreams is a track that would've been a perfect fit for the International Dj Gigolo Recs brand from back in the days, with the Electro revival .

It was released on Technology Records from Denmark with pleasure. It's the kind of song that is enjoyed ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Valyom* - Flash=Back 1 E.P. over 4 years ago
Energy Low : The sound of the track has more in common with that of Neon Judgement in 1985. However, the tune is related to the intro from the 1991 F.U.S.E album from Richie Hawtin .

The track was featured on Dave Clark's and Romina Cohn"s DJ Playlist ... See full review
posted a review of Vdd-Energise - Belgium Frites. over 4 years ago
Outcast UFO" was produced at the Outcast Clan Studios, UK in 1994. The concept of the track was based around the David Lynche movie "Dune". "Crypton Reaction " Creation was inspired by Sequential Circuits - Circuit Sounds Vol. 1 and "Why Me" includes ... See full review
posted a review of Vdd-Energise - Future Galactic Eight. over 4 years ago
"War of Worlds" reminds me of Tarzan and his Elephant stampede, which takes off halfway with some analog sound effects as the UFOs from Orson Wells' War of the Worlds begin invading.

I did a lot of difficult drum and kick programming on this track. ... See full review