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posted a comment on Big L - The Concealed Tape. about 1 year ago
On bandcamp you could buy it but not anymore. The Digital-only label founded in late 2016. The label's Bandcamp page was closed in late March 2017.
posted a review of Tony Touch - Power Cypha II. over 3 years ago
Last track is Diamond D who is not listed. So there are 7 tracks on side A.
posted a review of D.I.T.C. - D.I.T.C. The Remix Project: Bonus Edition. over 3 years ago
The description is wrong. Track A2 is the Showbiz remix vocal of "Best Behavior" and not the 9th Wonder remix instrumental.
I just recorded it so.
posted a comment on D.I.T.C. - Unreleased Production 1994 EP1. over 3 years ago
The producer of Mass Hysteria is Buckwild and not Showbiz. He mentioned him in the first line and that´s not typical Showbiz beat. Maybe someone can change it.
posted a review of J-Love, Big L - In Memory Of... Vol. 2. over 3 years ago
I boutght a new copy and I testet 4 different PC´s but the CD can´t be read at all. Maybe it is an exeption but I want to share my negative experience.
posted a comment on J-Love Presents Big L - In Memory Of...Vol. 2. over 3 years ago
I got a copy of that version and there is nothing on it. I checked it with 3 different PC´s. I don´t know if there was a mistake with the burning.
added Herb McGruff - The 1994 Demo to their wantlist. over 6 years ago