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Talulah Gosh - Backwash
posted a review of Talulah Gosh - Backwash. over 2 years ago
Plenty of strum and clank with some pounding drum all underpinning the heavenly vocals, well worth grabbing.

Various - Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip (Heavy Rock From The Underground Comedown)
posted a comment on Various - Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip (Heavy Rock From The Underground Comedown). over 2 years ago
More than excellent hard rock trash from this great series, every loser here is a winner, I've said thie before, the whole series is a total bongload of brain damaged fuzz and buzz, you need this if interested in pre-metal (as we now know it). Get with it!!! See full review
John Cale - Eat/Kiss Music For The Films Of Andy Warhol
posted a review of John Cale - Eat/Kiss Music For The Films Of Andy Warhol. over 2 years ago
This is some kinda punishment! It's deadly dull, performed by those precious 'Avantists', snoozevile at best. Grab a lobeful of the John, Moe & Sterling blast recorded at the Warhol museum in 1994, much better, or just watch the films in silence.
Slaughter And The Dogs - Do It Dog Style
posted a comment on Slaughter And The Dogs - Do It Dog Style. over 3 years ago
Absolutely the business, total rocking madness! Bonkers and then some...Get it today!
L'Trimm - Grab It!
posted a review of L'Trimm - Grab It!. over 3 years ago
Wonderful slice of cutie pie bubble rap, one of the best pop albums of the 80's...if you dig the 'pop till ya drop' and see this at a good price, lift it and grab a top earful.
Joe Meek - The Joe Meek Story
posted a comment on Joe Meek - The Joe Meek Story. over 3 years ago
Excellent comp of early Meekism with extra fun being magic marker sun glasses on the cover plus it mentions Cliff Bennett and the Sparkletones who do not exist.
Family Dogg - A Way Of Life - Anthology 1967-1976
posted a comment on Family Dogg - A Way Of Life - Anthology 1967-1976. over 3 years ago
There's some nice tunes on here but unfortunately some 'Americana' type stuff that does not sit right as they are an English band. Use the forward button and it works out OK.
Sue & Sunny - Sue & Sunny
posted a comment on Sue & Sunny - Sue & Sunny. over 3 years ago
How hot is that sleeve photo?...They look like available maidens from Hammer!!!
Annie Philippe - Sensationnel! Yé-Yé Bonbons 1965-1968
posted a review of Annie Philippe - Sensationnel! Yé-Yé Bonbons 1965-1968. over 3 years ago
At 56 minutes in length there's at least 24m missing....with a cool ye ye girl like Annie one needs as much as one can get... This is a super hot comp, just a somewhat short outing...Ace need to do better!!!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
Hammered Satin - Glamorama
posted a review of Hammered Satin - Glamorama. over 3 years ago
How's your Glam collection?,,,nothing new apart from some compilations ( with bonus tracks )? ...Well grab an earful of this, banging glam with all the top ingredients! Glitter Band beat!! T.Rex boogie!! Sweet screech!!...A powerful alignment of... See full review
Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men - Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men
posted a comment on Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men - Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men. over 3 years ago
Looking at that cover it's hard to understand why Long John is looking miserable!
Small Faces And  Humble Pie - The Ultimate Collection
posted a review of Small Faces And Humble Pie - The Ultimate Collection. over 3 years ago
Well it is the small Faces but what is the Humble Pie tracks doing mixed in out of sequence, this is a poorly executed round up that serves no purpose to the fan and only helps feed the coffers of your displeasure by keeping your wallet firmly shut. See full review
submitted Red Fire Red - Red Fire Red. over 3 years ago
Nixon Now - Solution Revolution
posted a review of Nixon Now - Solution Revolution. over 3 years ago
What a great name, NIXON NOW, too much!...totally early Stooges blare from Hamburg giving the listener some respite from Iggy trying to recapture the past with his manager of the RnR supermarket role...these NN chaps are the shelf fillers supplying... See full review
Various - You Are What You Eat (Original Soundtrack Recording)
posted a comment on Various - You Are What You Eat (Original Soundtrack Recording). over 3 years ago
Try and see the film, it's downloadable on YT and for extra added buzz convert it and burn it and play it on your CD machine and it's a real free form trip, without the visuals it takes on a different vibe, way better than the LP which in itself is a... See full review
Girlschool - Take It All Away
submitted Girlschool - Take It All Away. over 4 years ago
Fleur (16) - Fleur
posted a review of Fleur (16) - Fleur. over 4 years ago
Space Age YeYe from Fleur, every track top notch, is this from Pluto 1963 or some place on Earth 2020, you decide and whatever decision you come up with is the right one, one of the best albums of the year (not hard but there you go). trip in your... See full review
Tomorrow Come Someday - Tomorrow Come Someday
posted a comment on Tomorrow Come Someday - Tomorrow Come Someday. over 4 years ago
See the film if you can, it's on YT, a nice example of amateur filming of a long lost England, with hippy dippy folk girl painting the countryside, restless youth who can't leave the village and two Ministry types who come to build a road. It's all... See full review
Tim Curry - Read My Lips
posted a review of Tim Curry - Read My Lips. over 4 years ago
Camp, outrageous, unPC, cultural appropriation and plenty top grooves make this and the other 2 A&M release well tasty and fun. Got a sense of humour, then grab a lobeful, not for ninnies.
The Glass Family - Electric Band
posted a review of The Glass Family - Electric Band. over 4 years ago
Fantastic album, one of the very best late 60s psych jobs, every track is different and it holds the listeners attention throughout. original copies are still fairly cheap and well worth finding.
The reissue double is totally up there, very very... See full review
Bruce Palmer - The Cycle Is Complete
posted a review of Bruce Palmer - The Cycle Is Complete. over 4 years ago
Easily the best album from any of the fallout from Buffalo S., forget Stills, young and the other one, this is where its at, jam central, a total groove that'll hook any space cadet. If you like the smokey tribal cosmos traveling without arrival this... See full review
Peter Perrett - Hearts On Fire
submitted Peter Perrett - Hearts On Fire. over 4 years ago
Honey Ltd. - Honey Ltd.
posted a review of Honey Ltd. - Honey Ltd.. over 4 years ago
...a little known LP that came and went on the LHI label out of hollywood in 1968, so small was the stock copy it may not have actually been properly released to joe public...its real punchy studio produced off kilter sunshine pop, a disturbed lounge... See full review
Eve (7) - Take It And Smile
posted a review of Eve (7) - Take It And Smile. over 4 years ago
...when honey ltd called it a day sometime in '69 a few months went by as they individually looked around the hollywood scene to get the vibes, to pick up on the groove and maybe grab a piece of the latest trend, the laurel canyon laid back and funky... See full review
El Coco - Cocomotion
posted a review of El Coco - Cocomotion. over 4 years ago
Straight up disco, not oddball, left field or psychedelic. If you like ordinary sounding disco get it cheap, otherwise look elsewhere for something more interesting.
Zoltán Jeney - Om
posted a review of Zoltán Jeney - Om. over 4 years ago
On and on and on this goes, relentless in it's infernal bleep drone. Useful as it will annoy any of your trendy hipster acquaintances and get them out of your house real fast. Separates the avant men from the wannabe hippoid boys.
Reparata And The Delrons - 1970 Rock & Roll Revolution
posted a review of Reparata And The Delrons - 1970 Rock & Roll Revolution. over 4 years ago
It's 1970 and there's a Rock'nRoll revolution going on, who can it be? Dylan going up the country? The Beatles throwing in the towel and presenting the world separate Beatleism work? It could be Marc Bolan dreaming without Tolkien on his shoulder,... See full review
Lee Michaels - Carnival Of Life
posted a review of Lee Michaels - Carnival Of Life. over 4 years ago
Great psych pop/rock album that has been under appreciated for over 50 years...once heard never forgotten, great sound to this's available real cheap and is a must to be snapped up by any passing psych head.
Do not miss out on this one, I'll... See full review
Ritual Chair - Ashamed
posted a review of Ritual Chair - Ashamed. over 4 years ago
If you like listening to someones pain and suffering this is for you, could be a considered earful. Be careful in case voyeuristic tendencies take over, you have been warned.
Yoko Ono - Fly
posted a comment on Yoko Ono - Fly. over 4 years ago
.yoko came blazing into the seventies with a couple of long players of primo trance caterwauling and riff boogie and this one being a double gives the listener twice as much ono to really get a flipped lid with...cerebral blasting screech yodeled over... See full review
John Lennon / Yoko Ono* - Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions
posted a review of John Lennon / Yoko Ono* - Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions. over 4 years ago
second long player from johnyoko and this can be divided into two distinct entities, first side a 26 minute freejazz blowout and side two, more personal type stuff and some 'home experiments'...the long piece on side one's called cambridge 69 and its... See full review
John Lennon And Yoko Ono* - Unfinished Music No. 1. Two Virgins
posted a review of John Lennon And Yoko Ono* - Unfinished Music No. 1. Two Virgins. over 4 years ago
...this, the first collaboration from johnyoko outside the fabs for public consumption came out to mainly public blankness, if it weren't for the cover getting some frenzied activity from the square press this would sit alongside georges 'electronic... See full review
The Stooges - 1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions
posted a review of The Stooges - 1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions. over 4 years ago
this is some hotcha package of goodness if ever such an article existed through the whole history of the HEP world from the ancient hash eaters to the NOWness of NOW...funhouse spread to a gigantic six discs (full up to the brim discs, no rip off... See full review
The Stooges - Fun House
posted a comment on The Stooges - Fun House. over 4 years ago
alongside funkadelics 'maggot brain' and slys 'riot' no other long player reflected the state of uncle sams autocracy more than fun house, the stooges second go round for elektra records (who got burnt by the MC5 so their patience with street level... See full review
The Stooges - The Stooges
posted a review of The Stooges - The Stooges. over 4 years ago
.the first stooges LP is a brilliant forward looking entity which at the time was derided as amateur playing with delinquent theatrics, a going nowhere disc that would soon be forgotten about was how the record business saw the stooges, a lost cause... See full review
Iggy Pop - The Bowie Years
posted a review of Iggy Pop - The Bowie Years. over 4 years ago
If you are a Pop Head then really, there is no need to get this, the live discs are bootleg quality and you almost certainly got them more than once cluttering up your Stooges collection.. Packaging is cheap and nasty, though that may be the... See full review
Wendy James - Queen High Straight
posted a comment on Wendy James - Queen High Straight. over 4 years ago
The printing on this is really really small, in fact the whole cover is on the cheap side, could have been done much better considering how much James is charging. Musically it's up to her standard, it's the packaging that needed to be better, much better. See full review
The Shaggs - Philosophy Of The World
posted a review of The Shaggs - Philosophy Of The World. over 4 years ago
...lester bangs got some kind of bead on this wax when he enlightened his readers with the blabber that it's up there with john/yoko'life with the lions'-blonde on blonde-teenage jesus as landmarks in the meandering path of rocknroll but that only... See full review
Schoolly-D* - Schoolly-D
posted a comment on Schoolly-D* - Schoolly-D. over 4 years ago
...back in the day a young gun going by the epithet Schoolly-D along with DJ Code Money threw down some cheba enhanced jams of street strutting, party tugging urban regeneration grooves with Schoolly kicking in with rudimentary but oh so effective... See full review
Ke$ha* - Animal
posted a review of Ke$ha* - Animal. over 4 years ago
This review was written in 2010 so read it from that time:...what's going on in pop land those and these days?, the ugly noise mongers and 'hipster' alternate avant rockers are just going in a nowhere direction floundering about in the ghettos of... See full review
Fifty Foot Hose - Cauldron
posted a review of Fifty Foot Hose - Cauldron. over 4 years ago
Wheeze and whirl, clank and bang with oodles of brain popping doodles spreading itself over some pretty nifty west coast acid folk rocking, psyched hippies and electrical boffins spraying outta-space vibes from their mind liquefying paisley... See full review
Crushed Butler - Uncrushed: Previously Unreleased British Punk From The Underground 1969-1971
posted a comment on Crushed Butler - Uncrushed: Previously Unreleased British Punk From The Underground 1969-1971. over 4 years ago the time these tracks were laid down in '69/'70, jesse hector had been rocking out in various guises for at least a decade and it kind of shows with these angry hippy / bo diddley / anarcho-teddy boy thrashers...heavy rocking street thuds of... See full review
Shakin' Street - Vampire Rock
posted a review of Shakin' Street - Vampire Rock. over 4 years ago
..formed in the mid seventies in paris by vocalist fabienne shine who wails in fine fashion as a rocking metal maiden / punk siren on this first and best waxing (the second one had fancy production courtesy sandy pearlman who was practising ideas for... See full review
The Mothers Of Invention* - Freak Out!
posted a review of The Mothers Of Invention* - Freak Out!. over 4 years ago
...mutant rhythm & blues takes it's place in the maltshops / shopping malls / psychedelic dungeons of the great society of johnsons amerikkka...insinuating it's hungry freaks into the cuboid workaday world of' uptight plastic people, these unwashed... See full review
Snatch (3) - Snatch
posted a review of Snatch (3) - Snatch. over 4 years ago
...when these two rocking gals from the big apple hooked up in old london towne back in '74 they originally thought of openig a hat shop as a vehicle for channelling their creativity but quickly came to the conclusion that maybe not too many had the... See full review
Pärson Sound - Pärson Sound
posted a comment on Pärson Sound - Pärson Sound. over 4 years ago
...from outta the swedish underground scene circa 1966/8 came the parson sound, a group of free jazzers/avant experimenters who worked in the area of hippy jazz folk drone making long extended jams where the sound meanders along untried... See full review
Avengers - Avengers
posted a comment on Avengers - Avengers. over 4 years ago
...the first three tracks represent the avengers first single and for all intents and purposes this 7 incher is what their reputation is built on...arriving on the nascent frisco punk scene in '77 they blew the left over earth shoe hippys into... See full review
Françoise Hardy - Françoise Hardy
posted a review of Françoise Hardy - Françoise Hardy. over 4 years ago
...its like this, francoise is so cool on this wax its as if she's been making her habitat in the fridge and that's a stone cold fact that can't be disputed here there or anywhere...this whole disc has such a solid gonesville laid back beatnik vibe... See full review
Burzum - Beneath The Ruins Of Christianity…
posted a review of Burzum - Beneath The Ruins Of Christianity…. over 4 years ago
...the murky fog and generational tape hiss haze here is possible entrance into some psychedelic netherworld full of distortion and distraction with little hope of returning the same...although an illicit recording by a cat who seems to be wandering... See full review