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Recent Activity
submitted The Tigers (4) - Savage Music. 2 days ago
posted a review of PH Factor* - Merryjuana. 9 days ago
the marvelously named ph. phactor were one of those 'frisco' bands that were on the periphery of the transition from folk rock to ballroom psych, the place where early dead / !great society! / early big brother meet...hailing from further up the west ... See full review
posted a comment on Sopwith Camel - The Sopwith Camel. 9 days ago
Very underated album..it's mostly been ignored since it's release and dismissed by those that heard it as not psychedelic...this is a mix up of thinking as it's already post psych on the sopwith calendar when this hit the stores even though it's 1967 the ... See full review
posted a comment on Coven (3) - Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls. 12 days ago
Not really that great and the last track is deadly dull...don't get conned with this,
posted a comment on Antonius Rex - Neque Semper Arcum Tendit Rex. 17 days ago
This release originally came out in 1974 though it sounds modern so whats the true story here?
posted a review of Various - Britxotica! London’s Rarest Primitive Pop And Savage Jazz. 17 days ago
Fantastic blowout of Brit cultural appropriation from earlier days, guaranteed to upset any passing hipster snowflake. Watch your virtue signaling acquaintances have hissy meltdowns when they find this is homegrown variation of other peoples music. ... See full review
posted a comment on The Savage Rose* - In The Plain. 21 days ago
Fantastic disc, pounding clatter drums crash behind doomey organ and far ahead of time, the screetching vocalisations of Annisette...
Nice spooky psych guitar noodlings here and their keep the listeners attention.
Very rewarding 40 minutes of underground ... See full review
posted a comment on Joni Mitchell - The Studio Albums 1968-1979. 21 days ago
What makes this collection a bit of a drag is the printed lyrics are so small they can't be read, so get the records out when playing this.
posted a review of Andromeda (10) - Andromeda. 22 days ago
...formed sometime in early 67 andromeda are a real good example of the changing face of undeground sound in the transisional years 67/70 when psych whimsy replaced the freakbeat, heavy blues replaced psych and mixed itself in with some jazz ideas to ... See full review
posted a comment on Pablo Cruise - Lifeline. 28 days ago
Looking at that cover it's logical to assume they were looking to pick up a new audience.
posted a comment on Mahogany Brain - Smooth Sick Lights. 28 days ago
Kind of like outsider punk but actually a few years earlier, mixed with Can and the Godz...Good effort.
posted a comment on America (2) - America. 28 days ago
Nice singer songwriter soft pop with top production. Some good tunes happening.
Cover picture will have the twitter lefties droning on about white patriarchal oppression once they get it in their tunnel vision.
posted a comment on Strawberry Window - Strawberry Window. about 1 month ago
Really nice basement vibe encrusts these uptempo acid enflected folk rocking tunes...anyone liking the new tweedy bros effort will get a buzz from this long lost biscuit of delights.
posted a comment on Raped - The Complete Raped Punk Collection. about 1 month ago
Great stuff, recommended for all 77 punkheads. Can be found on the net for free. Like it and buy it.
posted a comment on Janis Joplin - Love, Janis. about 1 month ago
If you skip the letter reading it's an OK comp, no big deal, but get it cheap if you're see it.
posted a comment on Various - The Little Mermaid (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 month ago
Kiss The Girl song is making some women uncomfortable as it supposedly promotes 'toxic masculinity'.
posted a review of Sandy Denny - The North Star Grassman And The Ravens. about 1 month ago
Wonderful 'downer' folk effort spoilt only by the dylan and robbins covers. There's no need for these be in there breaking up the mood.
posted a review of Lee Ranaldo - Scriptures Of The Golden Eternity. 2 months ago
Very nice drone effort somewhere along the lines of John Cale Loop track and Lou Reed MMM.
Crops up cheap in second hand shops still, worthwhile listen.
posted a comment on Red Shadow - Better Red. 2 months ago
Communist countries do so well at the economics listening to this is fuuunneee.
Listen and laugh.
posted a review of Five Style - T.B.A. 2 months ago
Very tasty funky stew from these chemical daddies. Grab an earful and head for the spaces between lounge and library.
posted a review of Ellie Janov - Portobello Road / Theme. 2 months ago
Very nice sike-pop with period orchestration. Worth hearing a few times.
posted a review of The Human League - Crash. 2 months ago
A very weak effort, full of unconvincing plastic funk. Sad.
posted a review of Hot Poop - Does Their Own Stuff!. 2 months ago
Check the cover, looks like a left coast sanctuary city with druggies shooting up and bowel movements. Back cover has hippie cult overtones.

Rocks out in a early 70s anti FM way.
posted a review of Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope. 2 months ago
Hardly avant garde, where do people get these crazy ideas...usual whinging vocals plague this disc. Stay away if you don't want depression spreading up your spine.
posted a comment on No Artist - The Wit And Wisdom Of Ronald Reagan. 2 months ago
Incredible disc, ideally played whilst watching Clinton coughing when awkwardness overcomes her and casually perusing the Trumpsters Art of the Deal tome.
posted a review of Duran Duran - Paper Gods. 3 months ago
'Modern production' and guests make this album date terribly after a few listens. Maybe half the tracks sound OK but definitely not worth bothering with unless found cheap.
posted a comment on The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground. 3 months ago
Colour vinyl will more often than not be problematic, pops and crackles running rampant.
posted a comment on Various - Swinging London. 3 months ago
Budget label madness...Recommended for all enthusiasts of the alternate. A Top Fakedelia earful.
posted a comment on Gazelle Twin - Pastoral. 3 months ago
This album is supposed to be about living in Middle England and being scared of old people and fascism. What exactly Elizabeth has to be scared of is a mystery.
Probable delusion and posturing is filling the disc.
posted a comment on Genesis Breyer P-Orridge And Thee Early Worm - Early Worm. 3 months ago
...early worm represents the first recorded output of neil megson back in 1968, up in the attic of his parents house with a few of his layabout friends getting busy with some tribal gubbings, laying down some meandering grooves, some primal thoughts that ... See full review
posted a comment on Destroy All Monsters - 1974 1976. 3 months ago
...massive pile up of tapes documenting the work of D.A.M back in the early/mid '70's...back in the days when stadium rock/countryrock/college prog/worn out glitter was supposedly to be what was happening some cats took it on themselves to get a new ... See full review
posted a comment on The Great Society - Born To Be Burned. 3 months ago
...right from the get go a totally drugged beatnik vibe is thrown up with a doomed folk rock jangle going on and grace wailing in a modal eastern vibe like a possessed inter-dimensional being as she's definitely on another plane of consciousness, indeed ... See full review
posted a comment on The Runaways - The Runaways. 3 months ago
...little did bomp magazine and kim fowley know when they placed that advert in summer '74 the eventual combo that was formed would have their career take off and dovetail into the nascent punk underground explosion that was erupting in different parts ... See full review
posted a comment on MC5 - High Time. 3 months ago
...third offering from the 5 sees them getting into some hard rocking with explosive missives rolling out all across the land, with the 50s rock'n'roll obsession from the second wax put on hold as they develop a sound more in keeping with the times, ... See full review
posted a comment on MC5 - Back In The USA. 3 months ago
...the consensus of opinion seems to fall into the 'could do better' camp when it comes to this, the second wax from the 5, most cats seem to think that it's a let down after the jams joint which was a riot storm reflecting the detroit times...'back in ... See full review
posted a comment on MC5 - Kick Out The Jams. 3 months ago
...right from the get go this is a top blast of electric shock rocking, a total storm of noise, the noise of detroit on fire, the personification of the motor city burning as interpreted by long haired rock'n'rollers on acid...living in a communal house ... See full review
posted a comment on Pavlov's Dog - Pampered Menial. 3 months ago
...well its got to be said. the absolute first thing on notice here is those vocals right in there in mid seven oh land (the only decade where even squares would give a listen to this though they'd be getting a laugh out of the deal)...post ... See full review
posted a comment on Fifty Foot Hose - Sing Like Scaffold. 3 months ago
...any layabouts still remembering the hep grooves of acid rock / avant wiring put out by these hippy boffins (Cork Marcheschi is the main visionary here) will know that any biscuits by them will be worth checking and they won't be disappointed with this ... See full review
posted a comment on Bob James Trio - Explosions. 3 months ago
...it's got to be said, the truth must be told, the solid gospel that the known is based on, the knowledge that this joint from way back in 65 is the best utterance that this jazzbo ever issued forth and put down for all interested parties...his later ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Extra Classic. 4 months ago
First track called Congo Rebel makes the listner wonder how they would fare placed in the Congo troubles, like the Clash mixed in the pipe with Althea and Donna.
Cultural appropriation from these students of world music.. .
posted a comment on Twentieth Century Zoo* - Thunder On A Clear Day. 4 months ago
Not a bad effort...nice stoned guitar, loud! Blues based heavy suburban 70's drugged rock from 69 (year of the Zep)...
Worth picking up....if you see it, grab it, it won't cost too much.
posted a comment on Destroy All Monsters - Grow Live Monsters. 5 months ago
If you're a DAM head you'll enjoy this 'under the counter culture' mess, how many times it can be watched is entirely down to the viewer.
submitted Jeff Wave - Songs For Working People. 5 months ago
posted a comment on The Charlatans (2) - The Charlatans. 5 months ago
Fantastic album, much better than it's reputation. Only the fulsom prison / wabash cannonball stick out as square and passed the sell by date.
posted a comment on The Scratch Orchestra - London, 1969. 5 months ago
Communist leaning noise that would be considered decadent in Soviet Russia.
There's not too much happening to warrant too many hearings.
Funny how these chaps thought this was what the masses want to hear instead of Top 20 sounds.
Basically elitist.
submitted We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It - Rules & Regulations. 6 months ago
posted a comment on The Indians (2) - Indian Country. 7 months ago
Check out the way these chap's celebrate 'cultural diversity' in the early 70's. Regaled in their finest party costumes, pledging allegiance to inclusiveness.
posted a comment on The Essence (4) - Purity. 7 months ago
Thought I'd mistakenly put a Cure joint on the deck, but no, it was indeed the Essence.
posted a comment on Micky Green - Honky Tonk. 8 months ago
If this came out today the sleeve picture would get a trashing from the twita taliban for some sort of cultural appropriation, plus being called honky tonk would not help.

Hard to see this sleeve flying in today uptight climate.