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How does this sound compared to the 2016 remaster? (
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1-9) Genesis s/t 1983
10-12) from Abacab
13) Duke-era B-side
14) from Duke
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Sound quality is similar to a rip of the original I have, but there is a lot of distortion and clipping.
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Songwriting dates:

1) 2001
2) 2001
3) 1988
4) 1987 (Grazhdanskaya Oborona cover)
5) 1989
6) 1988 (Kino cover)
7) 1981 (Kino cover)
8) 2001
9) 2001
10) 2001
11) 2001
12) 2001
13) 2001
14) 2001
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What's the sound quality like on this? I assume it's mastered from the same shitty-quality MP3s that have been floating around the Internet for the past decade or two.
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Music on Vinyl put out a version a few days ago. Hopefully it's better than this one.
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Should also point out that this has the same brickwalled sound as the CD.
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It should be noted that the version of the Safety Dance on this single plays a half step higher (i.e. in Db) instead of in C like on the album.
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Just checked - can confirm. Will add matrix info later.
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The MOV version is based off the CD version, without the unique artwork and bonus tracks.
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Just checked and it doesn't. (more words more words more words)
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I hope we at least get WCD. That's the album that got me into Type O in the first place.
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One of these albums where every song is a classic, however standouts include A1, A3, A5, B1, B3, B4 and B5. CD and LP remasters when?
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Highlights: You and Me, SOS, All We Do, Eloise, Underneath the Rainbow
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The 2009 reissue was on a different label. This one is the first Interscope LP release of the album in 20 years.
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Now I know why die-hard Genesis fans call this album "Abacrap". The title track, Dodo and Lurker are the only good tracks on this release.
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Highlights: Breathe, Leader of Men, Diggin' This, One Last RUn
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They could've replaced "Whinge Rock" with "Dazed and Confucious", but this is THE definitive version of Hot Dogma. Hopefully we get a 30th anniversary double LP release with all 24 songs and a gatefold sleeve.
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An official LP and 7" are out now, containing everything featured here and four new songs.
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The crowd noise from the end of "My Ex-Girlfriend's Boyfriend" is retained at the beginning of "Mouth" in this version, despite the two tracks ending and beginning their respective sides.
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The 20th anniversary of this album is coming up. Maybe there will be a limited edition release.
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How does this sound compared to the 3rd Man version?
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The sound channels are reversed compared to the original Firm 'n Fruity LP.
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Is the Francois Henning on this the same guy from Snotkop and Lekgoa?
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Are these LPs 33 or 45 rpm? more words more words
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Is there a version of the song played underneath the interview segment from part 4 that doesn't have the interview and shouting on top?
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Is this a new photo of Sandro's grave? e e
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That's not an album, it's a fucking EP! > >
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Just got a copy. The back cover art looks very pixellated - if I didn't know any better, I'd have thought this was a shoddy Russian bootleg.
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Track 2 is the best song on this release. -
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2, 3, 7-16, 18 - from "Jiga" (1996)
4, 5 - from "Hey, gazu" (1995)
1, 6, 17 - previously unreleased
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Track B2 is in Macedonian, all others are in Serbian.
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Members of Sex (Robert Trepanier, Serge Gratton and Pierre Ouellette) were the backing band on this release
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Nice to see that Sex haven't completely disappeared into the ether. Any plans for an official reissue of "The End of My Life"?