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posted a comment on Buzz & Ace - Alone. 4 days ago
Killer is indeed a killer! what a track. Reminds a bit of Mystic Force - Mystic Force but more banging. 11/10!
posted a comment on Energy 52 - Café Del Mar. 6 days ago
Michael Woods remix is beyond ten words words words words....
posted a comment on Konya - Come On. 6 days ago
cheesy as F%k but the full on vocal mix does it for me =D
posted a comment on René Et Gaston - Vallée De Larmes. 7 days ago
L'Eveil ! . . . . . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Rotating Heads - What Have You Done? / Dark Secrets. 9 days ago
Fekkin mental darkside! Wishdokta's Mash-Up Mix is the one on here!
posted a comment on MC Kinky - Get Over It (Remix). 9 days ago
The Apollo 440 mix is indeed awesome, what a great find this is!
posted a comment on Baby June - I Will Be Free. 9 days ago
I Will Be Free (Iron Man Chick Attack Mix)... how come no comments for this? absolutely stonking bit of tripped out house... six and a half minutes of pure fun! Baby June were the bollocks.
posted a comment on Baby June - Hey! What's Your Name. 9 days ago
Serious banger this, took me a while to get into it, thought it was too cheesy to begin with but it's a mahoosive track not to be underestimated!
posted a comment on Mr Velcro Fastener* - Velcropopvichy. 18 days ago
1st of Remember is a hypnotic funky little electro track. Love it.
posted a comment on Phase (2) - Liberation Malfunction - LMF Mixes. 19 days ago
The last two comments are spot on, Liberation malfunction is a track and a half. 10/10
posted a comment on Secret Squirrel - The X-Men EP. 19 days ago
Seeing Is Believin' If You Catch My Drift................ . . .
posted a comment on Various - Sweet Sixteen EP. 21 days ago
Lonesfield is a shimmering trancey techno thing of beauty. Thanks to Secret Squiazza and his Chemically enhanced list for this one.
posted a comment on Try Unity. 21 days ago
You gotta love these guys, top quality tunes with a positive message in the lyrics, imo one of the best dance acts ever to come out of the UK, check em out now, you won't be disappointed.
posted a comment on Warped Dynamics - Volume Two. 23 days ago
The man like the Traffic Cone said it, Rush Remedy is serious chewnage.
posted a comment on Axwell Feat. Max'C - I Found U. 26 days ago
Remode is the bomb, utterly brilliant tune blows yer slippers orf
posted a comment on Silicone Soul - Right On!. 26 days ago
What a track, funky disco house with a great singalong vocal and a lovely string section. 11/10
posted a comment on Rozalla - Faith (In The Power Of Love). 26 days ago
+1 for wot the man like the Rich C said, this is a bona fide CLASSIC, but Everybody's Free to disagree.
posted a comment on Alan James Eastwood - Seeds. 4 months ago
Great LP, check out the title track, a kind of easy listening ,Bacharach like thing but with extra depth given by this guy's wonderful (slightly joe cocker ish) voice A real gem of an album
posted a comment on Henry Schifter - Out Of Nowhere. 4 months ago
Some seriously great moments on this. A stone funky Country/Soul classic. Damn shame he doesn't seem to have done anything else.
posted a comment on Barry Miles - Scatbird. 5 months ago
Skeleton dance is pure brilliance, if I could play piano I'd want to be able to play like this.
posted a comment on Eddie Kendricks - People...Hold On. 5 months ago
I just discovered this album today and it's so darn great I had to come and see if anyone else had left comments...a quick look below will show Iwe're not alone here. Just brilliant from start to finish. Someday We'll Have A Better World, amen Eddie!
posted a comment on Future Loop Foundation - This Is How I Feel. 6 months ago
Nice album of downtempo/trip hoppy stuff, pretty good overall with a few different moods explored, for me though one track stands out a mile "Sun Comes Filtering Throu" is a really lovely shuffling mellow, stoned smile, shining rays of sunlight in all ... See full review
posted a comment on Golden Girls - Kinetic. 7 months ago
+1 for the Morley remix, reminds me a bit of tangerine dream at their best, and that's a good thing. 10/10
posted a comment on Lukozade - Progression / Concorde. 7 months ago
Not a style I usually go for but Concorde is a mental, melodic euphoric hardcore headbanger.
posted a comment on Various - Orbit. 7 months ago
10/10 for Orbit. Great oddball techno track with a bit of an oldskool vibe thrown in.
posted a comment on The Rainbow Warriors - The End Of The Rainbow. 7 months ago
I think there was more than one E in the guys who made this.
posted a comment on Klubzone 1 - Boom Ahh!. 7 months ago
Now if you don't start to swing your pants to this then there's something wrong with yer plates m8 :P
posted a comment on Before Moses - Dreams Can Come True. 7 months ago
Thanks to the man like the 808-man for pointing out this happy little choon. \0/
posted a comment on Out Of Order (2) - The Dark Sheep. 7 months ago
Dark Sheep is the winner here for me, just a shame they stuck that naff silence of the lambs clip on there, would have been better to have someone like Jack Hargreaves talking about sheep farming... still a majestic tune tho.
posted a comment on Pob - Boiler. 7 months ago
+1 for the Humate remix, a case of all the right notes in the right order. 10/10
posted a comment on Futura Sound - Call My Name. 7 months ago
The Way Out West instrumental really is the mutts nuts, for me it's up there with The Gift as one of their absolute best tunes. 10/10 all the way.
posted a comment on Acts Of Madmen - The Dream Remix (Summer Mixes). 7 months ago
Mallorca Mix is the one for me, such a happy uplifting tune. Love the vocal sample, anyone know where it's from?
posted a comment on Skyflyer - The Droid E.P.. 7 months ago
Humanoid is one seriously vicious sonic attack, kin love it. :D
posted a comment on Jonny L - I'm Leavin'. 7 months ago
What a thrilling vocal on Im Leavin. Truly amazing track. More Life and I Want You are cracking too.
posted a comment on Tone Def - Projection E.P.. 7 months ago
Amazing 12, as hamesville says Power Metric and Aftertouch are belters. 11/10.
posted a comment on Antonio (2) - Closer. 10 months ago
Not in my house M8. . . . . .
posted a comment on Danmass Featuring Harriet* - Happy Here (Thinking About You). about 1 year ago
Wonderful groovy downtempo track with a great sample of a kid from yorkshire telling his mum and dad not to worry, he's having a good time watching the cows and sheep on the moors. The Original Instrumental is my fave but all versions are great. 10/10!
posted a comment on Hana* - Hana. about 1 year ago
Avalanche is an excellent pop song, and that is rare thing since music died in about 2010. Will be checking her other stuff!
posted a comment on HANA* - HANA. about 1 year ago
Right, this absolutely needs to be on CD . . . .
posted a comment on Anna Black - Meet Anna Black. about 1 year ago
The version of Eleanor Rigby on here is really outstanding, she grabs you by the hand and takes you on a tour of a dead end dust bowl town. 10/10
posted a comment on µ-Ziq - Chewed Corners. about 1 year ago
Mountain Island Boner. Iffy name, great track! def my fave on the album.
posted a comment on Fred Lowery (2) - Walking Along Kicking The Leaves.... about 1 year ago
Fred lowery was one of the greatest musical whistlers ever and this is one of his best lps.
posted a comment on Various - Soul Safari Presents Township Jive & Kwela Jazz (1940-1960). about 1 year ago
These comps are pure gold, some of the happiest music you'll ever hear.
posted a comment on Caustic Resin - Fly Me To The Moon. about 1 year ago
Station Wagon is the best track on this, a great bit of stoner, grungey oddball rock.
posted a comment on Steaming Coils - Breaded. about 1 year ago
Hue And Cry Over Pink & Green With Almond Shade Of Beige... bit of a mouthful but a great song.
posted a comment on Anthony Newley - Ain't It Funny. about 1 year ago
A Newley masterpiece. Overchewer (Overture) is a completely mad and brilliant standout but the whole thing is sheer brilliance from the man.
posted a comment on Rockers Hi-Fi - Push Push. about 1 year ago
Push Push is a real gem. .. . . . .
posted a comment on Van Morrison - A Period Of Transition. about 1 year ago
A real gem from VM, I'd never really been much of a fan until I heard this LP, but tracks like the funky 'You Gotta Make It Through The World' and the uplifting 'Heavy Connection' make this a must have album, I now see what the fuss is about this guy! A ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Life On The Moon EP. about 1 year ago
What Spaceface said... Laser Dream Sequence is a winner, highly recommended!
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Shamoan! :) . . . . .. . .