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posted a comment on Baby June - I Will Be Free. 6 months ago
I think it's sadly on them all....... . . . . .
posted a comment on Various - The Rough Guide To Yodel. 7 months ago
A brilliant compilation, even if you have never been particularly drawn to yodeling. Francis Bebey could be your next big musical discovery... (seriously)
posted a comment on Ratpack - Jaffa Cakes. 7 months ago
Yeah, maybe it should remain a mystery. . . . . .
posted a comment on Trio Marayá - Trio Marayá. 7 months ago
A reissue would be cool. .. . . . . . .
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posted a comment on Nina Simone - In Concert - Emergency Ward!. 7 months ago
What Rabbit said, Isn't It A Pity is a great track.
posted a comment on Charles Stepney. 7 months ago
Simply the best there's been. . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Freddie Hubbard / Stanley Turrentine - In Concert. 7 months ago
This is the version of Povo you want. Amazing. . . .
posted a comment on The Great Awakening - Amazing Grace. 7 months ago
According to All Music...
"This little-known band made a brief impression in 1969 with an outstanding instrumental version of ‘Amazing Grace’, long before Judy Collins popularized the song. The mantra-like fuzz guitar added a spiritual quality that... See full review
posted a comment on Laurie Styvers - The Colorado Kid. 7 months ago
I don't usually take any notice of ratings but 2.88/5 is unexpectedly low for this, some good songs, nice arrangements and Styvers' lovely voice, what more do you need?
posted a comment on Queen Anne's Lace - Queen Anne's Lace. 7 months ago
Dangling Conversation is easily the best thing on this one, the Spinning song is entertaining too. Not a brilliant lp but the harmonies arranged by Ann Phillips (of Born To Be Blue fame) are interesting and make up in part for the fluffy material.
posted a comment on Percy Faith And His Orchestra* - Black Magic Woman. 7 months ago
The version of Viva Tirado on this is absolutely stunning.
posted a comment on The Floating Opera - The Floating Opera. 7 months ago
I agree, it's a cool album and the drumming is great. The lp reminded me a bit of Mother Earth - Living with The Animals, which is worth a listen if you've not heard.
posted a comment on Barry Miles ' Silverlight - Magic Theater. 7 months ago
Magic Theater is pretty insane, a great track.. . .
posted a comment on The Crusaders - Southern Comfort. 7 months ago
you might like Michael Narada Walden's track White Night. . . . .
posted a comment on Kay Starr - Side By Side / Noah!. 7 months ago
Side By Side is a lovely tune, when she starts multi-track singing with herself on the last third of the song it's simply wonderful.
posted a comment on The Feelgood Factor - The Whole Church Should Get Drunk. 7 months ago
Hey, didn't know this one was cook, he's done some great stuff hasn't he, think the Jackson Sisters remix thing he did as Urban Allstars is my favorite and that Cheeky Boy 12.
posted a comment on Big Country - Wonderland. 7 months ago
It's all about the 12" extended version of Wonderland. The remixer Steve Lilywhite really went to town on it. 10/10
posted a comment on Hugh Masekela - Grazing In The Grass / Bajabula Bonke (The Healing Song). 7 months ago
Bajabula Bonke (The Healing Song) is a great track.
posted a comment on Hugh Masekela - Reconstruction. 7 months ago
Make Me A Potion. Whatever they put in it I want some, what a wonderful track.
posted a comment on Pleasure (4) - Joyous. 7 months ago
Joyous is one helluva track, you know they threw the kitchen sink at it, put in absolutely everything they could to blow your mind to the fullest extent possible, and it does, in spades.
posted a comment on La Lupe - Fever. 7 months ago
Another amazing version of Fever. . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Sharon Cash - Fever. 7 months ago
Great version of Fever on the a side, nice slow blues number on the flip, very nice 45.
posted a comment on Billy Storm - Down Home / Coal Mine. 7 months ago
Coal Mine is the one here, great track. . . .
posted a comment on J.A. Freedman - My Name Is J.A.Freedman, I Also Sing. 7 months ago
Love got A Mind Of It's Own is a lovely melancholy ballad, an amazing tune.
posted a comment on Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - Doin' What We Wanna. 7 months ago
The version of Hey Jude on this is an 8 minute organ led monster, with some very cool psychedelic brass. 10/10 just for that tune.
posted a comment on Invisible Inc. - Stars. 7 months ago
A really great record, Unbroken Remix might be my pick of the bunch, just. 10/10
posted a comment on Smokestack - Metallic Funk Appliance. 7 months ago
Metallic Funk Appliance is a nice little tune. . . .
posted a comment on Fluke - Squirt. 7 months ago
Europicolamix is good tune.. . . . . .
posted a comment on My Robot Friend feat Alison Moyet - Waiting. 7 months ago
Waiting (Solvent Remix) is a great track, very Vince Clark.
posted a comment on Piranha Man - Blowing Goats, Piranha Does The Paki-Standards. 8 months ago
why are the best records sometimes so rare.. . . . . . .
posted a comment on The Feelgood Factor - The Whole Church Should Get Drunk. 8 months ago
Luuurde hav moicey! . . . . . .
posted a comment on Informatix* - Accidents In Paradise - Part 1. 8 months ago
Si Begg mix is a banger. . . . . . .
posted a comment on Madness vs. Wubble-U - The Prince. 8 months ago
Wubbley sound system. . . . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Bike - Save My Life. 8 months ago
Save My Life, one of the best tracks of the 90s.
posted a comment on Merryweather* & Carey* - Vacuum Cleaner. 8 months ago
Five Days On The Trail is a fantastic track. For More countrified vacuum action check out Hoover - I'll Say My Words.
posted a comment on Dion (3) - Dion. 8 months ago
Slightly surprised there's no reviews for this, I was expecting to find lots of comments. This is a wonderful album from Dion, he's definitely on a downer here but it's a beautiful downer, my favorite track is the wonderful cover of Hendrix's Purple... See full review
posted a comment on Dion (3) - Abraham, Martin And John / Daddy Rollin'. 8 months ago
Here we have one of the best tracks of the era and a good candidate for best B side of all time. Daddy Rollin' is a serious tune. I read he was coming off heroin when he recorded this.
posted a comment on Dion (3) - You're Not Alone. 8 months ago
Another great album from Dion, favorites for me are the opener Close To It All, the wonderful covers of Let It Be and Blackbird and the slightly countrified Josie. When I listen to this guy I can't help but think he might have had the best voice of... See full review
posted a comment on Dion (3) - Sit Down Old Friend. 8 months ago
After hearing this album and his self titled from 68 it quickly dawned on me that Dion is one of the all time greats,(if you're here you probably know this already) The whole album is wonderful but the title track is probably my favorite closely... See full review
posted a comment on Don Harper (2) - Homo Electronicus. 8 months ago
This is erm, unexpected.

Definitely one for the smokers. . . . .
posted a comment on Alan James Eastwood - Seeds. 8 months ago
Wow, this has all the singles added as bonus tracks. Beautiful is worth the price of admission alone.
posted a review of Plush (2) - Three-Quarters Blind Eyes. 8 months ago
What the restless otter said. This is the best track Liam Hayes did and what a track it is. It really should have been on the More You Becomes You album which would have turned a good album into a truly great one.

Ok you should stop reading now and... See full review
posted a comment on Manzel - It's Over Now. 8 months ago
The MAW remix is best Manzel track of them all, don't let it's breezy feel fool ya, this is a tune you can get totally caught up in.
posted a comment on Big Jullien And His All Star - Riviera Sound N°1. 8 months ago
Crescendo is a tune and a half..... check the list to the right...

the all-time RARE GROOVE playlist by punksportif

that's where I found this, some good stuff in there!
posted a comment on Release Music Orchestra - Get The Ball. 8 months ago
This a wonderfully weird funky fusion jazz rock record with some really cool moog, Thankfully there's no pointless noodling, these guys can write interesting melodies that even though they are odd get stuck in your head. Atlantis and Get The Ball are... See full review
posted a comment on Pooka. 8 months ago
Pooka were a really creative pair who had lovely and quite unique harmony vocals, someone should do a box set and collect everything together along with their collabs with Ultamarine and Orbital. The solo stuff they both went on to do after Pooka... See full review
posted a comment on The Fall - Extricate. 8 months ago
Bill Is Dead is a lovely track and I never thought I'd say that about a Fall song.
posted a comment on The High - More… Madness. 8 months ago
Nifty little record this, you get one of the most lovely jangly indie pop tunes of the era plus a remix by Martin Hannet that is psychedelic to say the least and it's on a 10" How cool is that?
posted a comment on John Hurley - Children's Dreams. 8 months ago
Cold In Memphis is a stone cold classic, nice country soul LP this.