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posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - Play By Numbers. about 1 month ago
Sorry, but actually it is real. They comfirm those releases on a interview
posted a review of Queen - Grootste Hits. about 1 month ago
I got this one on an near record store ! very happy with it, the sound is great btw
posted a review of Björk - Jóga. 7 months ago
I think this is one of the most insane remixes ever made, that dark ambient with the breaks make this just brutal.
posted a comment on Coldplay - A Rush Of B-Sides To Your Head. 8 months ago
Where can I buy this? I really want it. some link? or someone who sells it?
submitted The Queenstons - Lovely Galaxy Growing v0​.​9. 8 months ago
posted a review of Hyi - about + i can't wait to be sad and alone on the edge of the universe. 11 months ago
I really want this cassette !!! This album is just amazing !
posted a review of Ad Noiseam. about 1 year ago
RIP Ad Noiseam we will miss all these amazing music !
posted a comment on Autechre - NTS Sessions 1-4. about 1 year ago
I want the LP Version if this 8 hour long album <3 insane !!!
submitted Halley Labs Associates - 2YR, 40​:​28​.​649. about 1 year ago
posted a review of deadmau5 + Kaskade - I Remember. about 1 year ago
Love this Vinyl ! But the sound is not the best on vocals, but the Instrumental side is Wonderful !
posted a comment on Nirvana - Bleach. about 1 year ago
Very interesting Version of this one ! But awesome album !
submitted Kadeho - Hasta Que Vuelva A Amanecer. over 2 years ago
submitted Patiño Quintana - La Dulce Vida E.P (Edición Limitada). over 2 years ago