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posted a review of Jill Francis - Do Me Right. 10 months ago
The highest order of the UK Street Soul era. This was London's answer to American New Jack Swing and you'd very likely hear this sort of music sounding off from car systems in London during the early 90s.

Shout out to Mike Who!
posted a comment on House Neegroz* - Piano. over 2 years ago
All four tracks hit! My favourite Burrell piece by a mile.
posted a comment on KSM - Te Quiero. over 2 years ago
Save your money and grab a copy of Seydinah 'A La Folie' - a hit in France in the summer of 1992. Curiously this record is identical except for the vocal.
posted a comment on Funk Connection - The Hill. over 3 years ago
Sampling 'The Real Thing' by Brothers Johnson from 1981. Giant Wheel did it first however on 'Retrash (Easy Mix)' found here:

The Giant Wheel version has a bit more New... See full review
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posted a comment on Various - Hissy Phit E.P. Volume Two. over 3 years ago
Close, but it's actually a dub of "Perfect Day For Company (Redawg's Outhere Mix)". Heat indeed.
posted a comment on Alexander Hope - Never Can Get Away. over 3 years ago
Well, that review from 1997 hasn't aged particularly well has it?

It's clear that this is vintage Blaze, right up there with the Black Rascals joints on Sumo. Josh Milan's vocals sound like hot, buttered soul.
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posted a comment on 280 West Featuring Diamond Temple - Love's Masquerade. over 4 years ago
Undoubtedly a Loft classic. David Mancuso used play the 'Rude Awakening Mix' which is my favourite, however the 'Sound Foundation Mix' from the UK pressing is virtually identical (except for a couple of overdubs). Only a very keen ear could tell the... See full review
posted a comment on Danell Dixon - The Way U Groove Me. over 5 years ago
Like Rob said, this is a Wild Pitch bomb. Sounds very Pierre, and I'm sure he was instrumental in crafting that mesmerising bassline.

Vocal taken from the oft-sampled "Love itch" by Rochelle Fleming.
posted a comment on Andre L. Prioleau - Journey To Oberon. over 5 years ago
"Groove 2 Swing" is the choice cut here. On first listening I was convinced it was a Jovonn record!

Dancefloor devastation.
posted a comment on Roy Davis, Jr.* - The Wild E.P. Pt 2 "The Germany Experience". over 5 years ago
"I'm Hungry" = bomb
posted a comment on Was (Not Was) - Listen Like Thieves. over 5 years ago
These two fantastic Tenaglia mixes here (but for a fraction of the cost!)
posted a comment on House Of Jazz - Club Swing Vol. 2. over 5 years ago
Few things in life are perfect. "Hold Your Head Up" is one of those things.
posted a comment on A Nite Life Production Presents Smooth Stan Smith - 2 Smooth. over 6 years ago
A1 also samples "Feel The Melody" by The Underground Crew (1990).
posted a comment on Paris Underground Trax - Vol.1. over 6 years ago
Yep. Carl himself nabbed that chord from the Kenlou mix of Saint Etienne's "Nothing Can Stop Us Now".
posted a comment on Moon Man - Lucky Star Ship. over 6 years ago
"There are two kinds of music - good music and bad music. I play the good kind." - Louis Armstrong
posted a comment on 2 Bit Crew - Tdtav / To A Party. over 6 years ago
Welcome to Discogs.
posted a comment on Kerri Chandler - Back To The Raw. over 6 years ago
Nah, it's a great jam. That was a funny comment though.
posted a comment on Master C + J* - One Day We'll All Be Free. over 6 years ago
Jesus himself cried when he heard the 303 line on the Mark Imperial mix.
posted a comment on Ani - Love Is The Message (For Those Who Didn't Hear It). over 6 years ago
Expensive but worth it. Gemini used to belt this one.
posted a comment on David Bendeth - Feel The Real. over 6 years ago
Jamiroquai owe this guy a drink.