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Diy - Strictly 4 Groovers
posted a review of Diy - Strictly 4 Groovers. over 12 years ago
A smashing album; however, one track really stands out for me....Cassiopeia is a thing of truly outstanding beauty. Composed in 1993 (or maybe even earlier) this is something that more than stands the test of time. I am struggling to think of a tune... See full review
DiY Discs
posted a review of DiY Discs. over 17 years ago
These lads (and lasses) have been at it for years and I can say without a mili-seconds thought that I think this is the best house label ever to have come out of the UK - ever, ever, ever.
At the time of this review, I've got about half the releases... See full review
Eclips 21 - Nebula
posted a review of Eclips 21 - Nebula. over 18 years ago
Dare I float the idea that this may well be the best bit of techno to ever come out of Belgium?
In my opinion it is, and I say that in the full knowledge of all (well - most!) that the likes of USA Import, R&S, Music Man, etc. have had to offer.
The... See full review
Frontier Man - Express-It Thru The Dance
posted a review of Frontier Man - Express-It Thru The Dance. over 18 years ago
This release seems to have passed under the radar of most folk; however, I think it is one of the best examples of what the UK was doing at that point in time.
The release could quite easily be categorised as a progressive house tune - though that... See full review
The Prince Of Dance Music, L.B. Bad - The True Story Of House Music
posted a review of The Prince Of Dance Music, L.B. Bad - The True Story Of House Music. over 19 years ago
For those that don't know, the 3rd track on the b-side: "New Age Bonus Track" is where Sabres Of Paradise got the inspiration for their Smokebelch track. I say inspiration, however, I use the term very loosely as I am not entirely sure that nicking... See full review
108 Grand - Te Quiero
posted a review of 108 Grand - Te Quiero. over 19 years ago
All the mixes are good on this, however, the real stand-out is the "Darren Emerson Underworld Remix."
The remix does sound very much like something Emerson would have produced, however, there is something a bit extra with this one: it has a haunting... See full review
Whoosh! - Sometimes
posted a review of Whoosh! - Sometimes. over 19 years ago
I'm surprised that there have been no comments about this tune to date. It is one of those releases that hovers somewhere between house, techno and acid.
Quite unusually, the Spooky remixes are not the best thing about this release - the original is... See full review
Flipped Out - So Much Joy
posted a review of Flipped Out - So Much Joy. over 19 years ago
Quite an obscure release, but don't let that put you off as it is a big tune that caused mayhem on some of the better dancefloors about a decade ago.
Quite similar to Jaco's "Show Some Love" if that is any help to folk wondering what it sounds like.
Carl Craig
posted a review of Carl Craig. over 20 years ago
I think a lot of people who make house music fall into one of two categories:
- a dj (or)
- a musician
I think Carl Craig falls most definitely into the latter of these two categories. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying he's a bad dj, it is just... See full review
Revelation - Synth-It / First Power
posted a review of Revelation - Synth-It / First Power. over 20 years ago
I have to agree with Satyr on this one. I have never quite understood why there was an additional mix on the European release as opposed to the US release. Quite unusual for the time as the normal protocol seemed to be just a direct transition of the... See full review
Florence.* - U.S Heritage
posted a review of Florence.* - U.S Heritage. over 20 years ago
An absolutely fantastic release. All the tunes are very strong, however, "The Vineyard" is one of those tunes that you go back to, time and time again. Not only is it a blinding tune, it lasts for bloody ages - ideal really. I always get hugely... See full review
Céline Dion - Love Can Move Mountains
posted a review of Céline Dion - Love Can Move Mountains. over 20 years ago
Head straight for the Wake & Jones dub as it is the only mix that matters on this release.
Under most normal circumstances I tend to steer clear of Canadian warblers such as Dion, however, this mix bears absolutely no similarities to anything she has... See full review
Shakespears Sister* - Black Sky
posted a review of Shakespears Sister* - Black Sky. over 20 years ago
Top, top release, although I would say that seeing as I submitted it!
The obvious one would be the Emerson mix, which is brilliant, however, the Steve Anderson remix of Goodbye Cruel World just edges it. A disco house shake up of Shakespeare's... See full review
John Dahlbäck - Reliable EP
posted a review of John Dahlbäck - Reliable EP. over 20 years ago
I cannot recommend this record highly enough. All of the tunes on this are very strong, particularly Enigmatic and Reliable.
The songs have got a really warm, lazy, melodic feel to them with just a little bit of weirdness thrown in. They are the type... See full review
Jeff Bennett
posted a review of Jeff Bennett. over 20 years ago
Jeff Bennett has been quietly going about his business for some time now, recording and releasing tunes on several well-respected labels.
If you were trying to categorise him then you'd have a few issues as he is somewhere between techno, house and... See full review
Eurythmics - Angel / Sweet Dreams Nightmare Mix
posted a review of Eurythmics - Angel / Sweet Dreams Nightmare Mix. over 21 years ago
Not heard either of the above mentioned mixes so can't comment on them. I do know that the Dave Angel Nightmare mix basically introduced the world to Dave Angel - talented man that he is.
He did a bootleg of Sweet Dreams, i.e. the Nightmare Mix and... See full review
Various - Further Thoughts & Freedoms
posted a review of Various - Further Thoughts & Freedoms. over 21 years ago
The Sterac remix of Scott Edwards' "Strange Moon" is a blinding tune. It is about 135bpm so worth slowing down quite considerably (depending on your taste). It doesn't do much - drifitng bassline and acid riff throughout the tune - but that is more... See full review
Delerium Featuring Leigh Nash - Innocente (Falling In Love) (Remixes By Lost Witness • Deep Dish)
posted a review of Delerium Featuring Leigh Nash - Innocente (Falling In Love) (Remixes By Lost Witness • Deep Dish). over 21 years ago
Have to completely disagree with the previous comment about the "Lost Witness Remix" being the one to go for. Not my cup of tea at all. If I was you, i'd avoid that mix at all costs.

The "Deep Dish Gladiator Remix" is another matter entirely. Much... See full review
A Guy Called Gerald - The Peel Sessions
posted a review of A Guy Called Gerald - The Peel Sessions. over 21 years ago
"Emotions Electric" is the standout track on this EP. Very laid back house tune (about 115bpm), nice easy-going bassline, and lush female vocal over the top. The most noticable part of the vocal being: "I lose control.....of my body, mind and... See full review
Raffen - Enough Of Your Lies
posted a review of Raffen - Enough Of Your Lies. over 21 years ago
"Enough OF You Lies" is OK - there is some dodgy bird singing some nonsense towards the end of the tune, which completely ruins it - a house tune with a rave type singing effect over the top - it just doesn't work. The sad thing is the tune would have... See full review
Together - Hardcore Uproar (Remix)
posted a review of Together - Hardcore Uproar (Remix). over 21 years ago
The 'Raid At Dawn' mix is a chilled out version of Hardcore Uproar. A haunting flute meanders through this tune. It's one of those ones that sticks in your head and just doesn't go away.
Lil' Louis & The World - Saved My Life
posted a review of Lil' Louis & The World - Saved My Life. over 21 years ago
The Havanna mix is absolute class. Very, very deep and trancey. It is the only mix on the record worth even considering as the rest is absolute garbage.
Landlord (2) Featuring Dex Danclair - I Like It
posted a review of Landlord (2) Featuring Dex Danclair - I Like It. over 21 years ago
One of the all-time house music classics - but that little bit more obscure than most of its counterparts. A piano riff that will be instantly familiar.
Force Legato - System
posted a review of Force Legato - System. over 21 years ago
Absolute classic. German techno from the very early 90s at its very finest. Only Abfhart's "Alone" is in the same class in terms of Geramn tunes of that era. "System" is a deep acidic tune. Is it techno or house? It clocks in at 12/123 BPM so you... See full review
Eat Static - Almost Human EP
posted a review of Eat Static - Almost Human EP. over 21 years ago
I was never a massive Eat Static fan and bought this one when it came out without having any idea who they were. I remember going into the shop and getting given this to listen to and I just loved the 'Almost Human' tune. ...and to this day, I still... See full review
Fade To Black - In Synch
posted a review of Fade To Black - In Synch. over 21 years ago
I'd say "The Calling (Reprise)" is a good 10 minutes too short. This is an absolutely magical tune - my only gripe is that it spends 3/4 minutes building up and when the bat finally comes in, it fades out after about 30 seconds.
The other mix of... See full review
Roy Davis Jr. Featuring Smoove D (2) - Roy's Unreleased Traxx Vol. 1
posted a review of Roy Davis Jr. Featuring Smoove D (2) - Roy's Unreleased Traxx Vol. 1. over 21 years ago
"All I Do" is based on a Stevie Wonder track - i'm not sure what the original is but it could well be entitled 'All I Do.' The Roy Davis remix is very interesting and works really well.
Gat Decor - Passion
posted a review of Gat Decor - Passion. over 21 years ago
This was probably the first official "progressive" house tune. Tagging according to music magazines as that was the only reason the term "progressive" appeared is complete bollocks in my opinion.
It is just a very, very funky house tune with a piano... See full review
Various - Brooklyn Beats (Brooklyn's In The House)
posted a review of Various - Brooklyn Beats (Brooklyn's In The House). over 21 years ago
The was the most important record of 1991 for me. It is one of those EPs that you keep going back to, over and over, and over again.
Look at the cast list: Joey Beltram, Ralphie Dee & Tommy Musto, How & Little, Mundo Muzique, Frankie Bones & Damon... See full review
Second Chance - Hard Up
posted a review of Second Chance - Hard Up. over 21 years ago
"Hard Up" is a remix of Together's: Hardcore Uproar. "In Paradise" is one of Frank De Wulf's finer moments and he has had more than a few of those.
Sound Clash Republic - The Follow Up EP
posted a review of Sound Clash Republic - The Follow Up EP. over 21 years ago
Fabi/Fabio Paras has never got the recognition he deserved. He was, without doubt, one of the most important people in the UK house scene in the early nineties. As talented as any of the music producing/remixing DJs (such as Emerson/Sasha). my... See full review
Doi-Oing - Good Feeling
posted a review of Doi-Oing - Good Feeling. over 21 years ago
Head for "Good Feeling" as it and "Something In My Head" are actually the one tune although very different. "Good Feeling" is a firing tune with a light piano riff and screaming bird's voice layered on top as a sample - it works really well. Then it... See full review
Outrage - That Piano Track
posted a review of Outrage - That Piano Track. over 21 years ago
This is one of the few house tunes (That Piano Track) that has been properly named. Upon hearing this song (particularly for the people who would have been clubbing in 1993) there is a real chance that you will say to yourself: "Oh, that piano track,"... See full review
Various - The Brand - X Series 1
posted a review of Various - The Brand - X Series 1. over 21 years ago
As if Frank De Wulf and Richie Hawtin weren't enough, you get some John Acquaviva, Sven van Hees and J Vanderbergh, to name but a few, thrown in as well. This is way beyond being an essential tune. It is the type of record you keep on going back to... See full review
Hypp & Krimson - HYP-NO-TYZ 2
posted a review of Hypp & Krimson - HYP-NO-TYZ 2. over 21 years ago
If you are only going to get hold of one release from Dance Opera then this is the one to get. All four songs are very strong with 'Just Go!' being the one that got hammered in the clubs in the very early 90s.
R & S Records
posted a review of R & S Records. over 21 years ago
I think it is a bit of a shame what has happened to R&S. They were, undoubtedly, one of the most important labels of the 90s. They had trememndous artists in their own right and they licensed very wisely, cherry picking some of the best of what the... See full review
DJ Hell* - My Definition Of House Music
posted a review of DJ Hell* - My Definition Of House Music. over 21 years ago
It is one of the records thsat begins to blur the boundaries of what is house and what is techno.
Very, very deep tune.
Mundo Muzique - Andromeda
posted a review of Mundo Muzique - Andromeda. over 21 years ago
This is a tune that was taken from the Brooklyn Beats EP that came out on Eazy Street and then R&S. They don't make them like this anymore.
Whatever happened to Mundo Muzique?
Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child
posted a review of Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child. over 21 years ago
This is one of Moby's earliest releases. Brainstorm on Yo-Bro was another.
Why didn't he carry on doing stuff like this?
Deep, dark and funky. You can't ask for much more.
Outlander - Vamp
posted a review of Outlander - Vamp. over 21 years ago
Marcus Salon was the man behind the TZ series. I believe this release was before he got started with all of that. The Outlander EP is a very, very strong release.
R&S were pretty much at their peak round about the time this came out. There was not a... See full review
Rhythm Invention - Inventures In Wonderland
posted a review of Rhythm Invention - Inventures In Wonderland. over 21 years ago
Richard Brown has been one of the best producers in the UK.
People have often claimed that house music cannot make good albums. I beg to differ, and this album backs up my theory.
If you do not have this record then make an effort to get hold of it.... See full review
DJ Duke - D2-D2
posted a review of DJ Duke - D2-D2. over 21 years ago
This is a remix of the old Manuel Gottsching song: E2-E4, which formed the basis for the the Sueno Latino track: Sueno Latino.
Strongly recommend the DJ Duke version as it stays pretty true to the original.