I'm an ex-dj from Denver with a love for the UK and especially dance music, but I'm wide open in my love for all kinds of genres and exploring them. Snobbery and rudeness is not my cup of tea, respect and pursuit of musical history is my passion. I've ran a lot of different blogs, made some of my own amateur and niche music, but my love is in my lists. You can see my 500+ lists covering everything I've known or loved on RYM

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posted a comment on Various - Disco Re-Adventures. over 2 years ago
Just needed to comment this is a fantastic re-edit compilation. This has some of the best disco editors and their tracks. There really is not a weak track here.
posted a review of Various - New York City Disco. over 3 years ago
Well this is a dj mixed release. With the Ritchie Family track being a 2 min medley that's repeated 3 times and then "Band of Gold" awkwardly jammed in there abruptly before a slightly better mix in of Diana Ross (which is sped up and then noticeably ... See full review
posted a review of The Creatures (2) - Expansion - L'Altro Mondo Studios. over 8 years ago
"Machine's Drama" is a brilliant bit of Italo-Disco. Dark as hell electro. The rest is pretty decent space disco and atmospheric soundscapes. Way better then the cover indicates. Worth obtaining for the 1st track alone.
posted a review of Bent - Always. over 8 years ago
Ashley Beedle's Mahavishnu Remix is magnificent. This is a fantastic record that is a great set starter or finisher. Its one of those records that has been talked enough this decade to really be seen as a highlight for deep house. Certainly one I would ... See full review
posted a comment on Electribe 101 - Talking With Myself. over 8 years ago
Sadly both the Knuckles remix and the original do so little for me. I've tried to backtrack and appreciate this often raved about deep house track but it just seems rather weak personally. The original is definitely better but still just does not hold ... See full review
posted a review of Black Rascals Featuring Roger Harris (3) - Keeping My Mind. over 8 years ago
Another alias of the Blaze duo, this is fantastic house and probably the best example of the difference in "styles" of garage house and deep house. Side A "Keeping in my Mind" is upbeat Garage with a representative vocal. Side B "Blaze Theme Track" is ... See full review
posted a comment on The Police - When The World Is Running Down (You Can't Go Wrong). over 8 years ago
Fantastic bootleg!!
posted a review of Headrillaz - Spacefuck. over 8 years ago
A pretty good big beat track in a Crystal Method meets Uberzone kind of vibe. Nice and spacey but with a ton of energy too.
posted a review of Various - The Trip Hop Test - Part One. over 8 years ago
Welll here it is, proto-Big Beat. Still very much not fully formed and reaching out in lots of different directions. You have the Chemical Brothers "My Mercury Mouth" (as the Dust Brothers their pre-album alias) as an early pre-debut track that's rather ... See full review
posted a review of Propellerheads / David Arnold - On Her Majesty's Secret Service. over 8 years ago
My favorite James Bond theme and an amazing adaption by the Propellerheads. The Propellerheads were totally enraptured with 60's spy themes and beat culture so this adaption makes perfect sense. One of their best productions.
posted a comment on Yazoo - Situation. over 8 years ago
well its a white label bootleg from 2005... were you expecting quality? see the original then.
posted a review of David Morales, Dave Seaman And BT - Renaissance Worldwide: Singapore. over 8 years ago
Dave Seaman's is seamless and extraordinary. I still play Drunk as a Monk/Elements routinely. Plenty of other great tracks and mixed extremely well.
posted a review of Lustral - Everytime. over 8 years ago
While the Mike Koglin may be the better known (ie epic trance) version, the original Nalin & Kane remix I feel is a far superior track. It really does a good job of straddling being a Progressive House track but still has faster bpm's and very trancey ... See full review
posted a comment on React 2 Rhythm - Whatever You Dream. over 8 years ago
Haven't heard this track in almost 15 years, but I remember this long ago off one of those early Trance comps. Amazing tracey prog house track. Light Mix is the one I loved. Tune!
posted a review of Ralphi Rosario Featuring Xavier Gold* - You Used To Hold Me. over 8 years ago
A much needed Diva in the mostly male Chicago House scene. The spoken bridge is pretty hilarious and a bit dated but the rest of the song is pretty ace. If the rap bridge on "Last Night a Dj Saved my Life" is forgiveable then certainly so is this one. ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Classic Garage Mastercuts Volume 1. over 8 years ago
I've recently been looking into Garage House as it was an important of House history and very detatched from the Chicago sound that has received most of the attention by historians. Well this collection is probably the single best collection of garage ... See full review
posted a review of Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole. over 10 years ago
Opal mix is rather unusual version, also known as the "Hip-Hop mix", although its more of a sped up breakbeat, and the chorus sounds refreshingly different. Distortion eventually consumes the end of the track and Trent's vocal of "you know, you know who ... See full review