Hi, my name is Leon (aka 'justice808' @ all various forums and blogs etc., 'funk_wid_it' here @ Discogs and 'RealFreshBlog' @ YouTube).

I'm an underground dance music enthusiast - both old school and new school - that loves all the following dance music genres (in no order):-

2.Chicago House
4.Detroit Techno
6.Vocoder Funk
9.Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle
10.Old school Rap / Hip-Hop
11.80s R & B
13.Electronica / Ambient / Soundtrack
14.Miami Bass
15.Latin Freestyle
16.Bass & Bleep
17.Hardcore / Breakbeat
18.Dubstep / Bass / UK Funky / Grime / UK Garage
20.Belgium New Beat
22.New York / New Jersey Garage

Keep it real!

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posted a comment on Photek - One Nation / Say It. about 20 hours ago
FSOL are fine ones to talk about sampling; they have sampled loads of peeps over the years! I'm guessing it was more to do with the label they were on at the time rather than FSOL. Weren't they with Virgin Records around that time? Say no more. If Rupert ... See full review
posted a comment on Artemis - Silver Dawn EP. 1 day ago
A real shame that 'Seafarer' was exclusive to CD only (and an exclusive Japanese only CD at that). What a track!
posted a comment on Bridgett Grace* - Take Me Away. 5 days ago
I just prefer the original Detroit Techno and House mixes. Sorry if I offended you? I could've worded it better. I know the versions they played at all the big Raves were very, very popular.
posted a comment on Mr. P (7) And The Star Skate Crew - Roller Skate Rap. 5 days ago
It is certainly a cool one. Great that you have it in your collection.
posted a comment on Bass Culture (2) - The Facts Of Life. 5 days ago
Probably since I included it in my bleeps list. I've noticed quite a few others sky rocket too. Lists are cool and all but they can make the prices go right up. Not only that but obviously great reviews also push up the price of a record. Even so it's ... See full review
posted a comment on Shebba - We Should Get Together. 5 days ago
Although it doesn't mention it on the label the 'B' side is a dub version. Cool track.
posted a comment on Rhythim Is Rhythim / Model 500 - Strings Of Life / Off To Battle / KAOS. 5 days ago
Disposable? Really? I personally see these two other versions more as cool mix tool versions rather than trying to compete with the famous cult and classic main mixes. I'm guessing this is what Derrick had in mind when he did them.
posted a comment on Model 500 - Sound Of Stereo / Off To Battle. 5 days ago
The version of 'Off To Battle' that came out on the UK Jack Trax label was actually an exclusive remix version. I think you can also find it on the 1993 Model 500 compilation on R & S.
posted a comment on D.J. "Funk"* - House The Groove. 5 days ago
Not to mention that you won't get all the other tracks from the EP.
posted a comment on Larry Heard / The It - Black Oceans / Endless Flight. 5 days ago
The It's 'Endless Flight' was warmly welcomed and appreciated by many as it was previously only available on the CD version of the original album. A lot of Larry Heard fans would not even have been aware of it back in '89 / '90! I know I wasn't. Lovely ... See full review
posted a comment on Infamix - Ee 45. 5 days ago
Amazing to see how much this has gone up in price since I included it in my bleeps list. I guess that's the only downside to making lists.
posted a comment on Gene Hunt - Chicago Dance Tracks Part 1. 5 days ago
I would love to know for sure what year the Larry Heard track was made. Anyone know? I'm guessing 1987 or 1988.
posted a comment on September (2) - Are You Free Tonight. 5 days ago
Surely one of the earliest examples you can find of having 'House Mix' printed on a label? Either way, a fantastic mix by Brett Wilcots and Erasmo Riviera.
posted a comment on Lite Year - Heartbreaker. 5 days ago
'Heartbreaker' has some very cool vocoder going on in the intro. Not an easy record to find.

"Are any freaks around, freaks around?"
posted a comment on Jack Ruby - Untitled. 5 days ago
I can always add them to YouTube unless someone beats me to it.
posted a comment on Carl Craig - Untitled. 5 days ago
God only knows ! I wish I knew !! Surely someone must know?!
posted a comment on Dark Comedy - War Of The Worlds. 5 days ago
Rare first promo pressings on Kenny's own Art Of Dance label before going on to be released on May's Transmat imprint later the same year. Also comes with a longer, cooler original mix of 'Without A Sound'. Definitely a 1992 Detroit Techno essential!
posted a comment on Jiraffe - Out'A The Box. 5 days ago
New York's Richie Weeks in effect!

Most will know and remember Richie for his fantastic Disco and Boogie productions for cult labels like Salsoul and Prelude. He's definitely another important and influential producer to add to an already big list of ... See full review
posted a comment on Jamie Principle - Waiting On My Angel. 5 days ago
Jamie's first and best track IMHO, although 'Your Love' obviously comes a very close second (if not joint first).

BTW, for some great history into this track and other Jamie Principle highlights be sure to check this great ... See full review
posted a comment on Dr. Derelict* - Undercover (Remix). 5 days ago
Dr. Derelict = Wayne "Ambassador Of House" Williams. Wayne was a very important figure in the formative years of Chicago House and still remains an unsung hero to most . It's a shame he didn't make more tracks, but he did have a few great records ... See full review
posted a comment on The Temptations / Dazz Band - Treat Her Like A Lady / Let It All Blow. 5 days ago
'Let It All Blow (John Morales & Sergio Munzibai Instrumental - Blowy's Reprise)'.

A Larry Levan Paradise Garage classic!

A piano House tune with stuttered vocal refrain in 1984? You betcha! And it still remains fairly under-the-radar.

John Morales & ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - World Of Music. 7 days ago
Peshay's 'World Of Music' samples Model 500 - 'The Passage' (Network Records) 1992
posted a comment on Mirage (2) - Feel My Dreams / Personal. 9 days ago
'Personal' has a tiny sample from Psyche (aka Carl Craig) - 'Elements' from 1990.
posted a comment on Source Direct - Future London / Shimmer. 9 days ago
Source Direct were obviously big fans of Detroit Techno. Off the top of my head they also sampled Carl Craig ('Elements', '90) and Aux 88 ('Phantom Power', '95).
posted a comment on Mirage (2) - Deep Rage / Bewildered. 9 days ago
'Bewildered' sounds like it samples 'Phantom Power' by Aux 88.
posted a comment on Forme (2) / Axis (5) - New Element / Flutes. 9 days ago
'New Element' samples The Connection Machine - 'Mind Design' (Planet E Records) 1994.
posted a comment on Jack Ruby - Untitled. 11 days ago
Isn't the version of 'Innate' on Knowledge Records a little longer / different? I can't find my copy right now so I can't clarify.
posted a comment on Roni Size / Roni Size & Krust - Eye Water / Destiny. 14 days ago
Roni Size & Krust - 'Destiny' was finally released two years later on this Full Cycle Records comp: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Music-Box-A-New-Era-In-Drum-And-Bass/release/118931

'Eye Water', as mentioned above, still remains unreleased.
posted a comment on Roni Size / Krust - It's A Jazz Thing / Asian Love Dance Remix . 14 days ago
You can find the rare and sought after 'Asian Love Dance (Remix)' on this compilation release: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Routes-From-The-Jungle-Escape-Velocity-Volume-1/release/105553

As a very cool bonus it also includes this exclusive: ... See full review
posted a comment on Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass. 15 days ago
The only way to get the classic and sought after 'Jiggerwatts' on 12".
posted a comment on Code 3 (2) & Smokin DJ CC - Let The Groove Take Control. 15 days ago
I am really surprised it didn't happen many years ago.
posted a comment on Sharpio - Dance Drome (We Can Make Your Body Move). 27 days ago
Spacey vocoder electro funk! Big tip! < O O >
posted a comment on Hurt 'em Bad And The S.C. Band* - Monday Night Football. 27 days ago
It's all about the vocoder only instrumental version.

Co mixed by boogie and proto-house hero Eric Matthew. He doesn't disappoint here either as he includes a rather fab squelchy bassline!
posted a comment on QSD - Jam The Jam / Sweet Enuff. 27 days ago
Cool tracks! Similar style to some of the Chocolate Cholly releases only more minimal.
posted a comment on Bobby (6) - Make You Mine (Tight Jeans). 27 days ago
Another essential electro vocoder funk tune out of Minneapolis!
City of Lakes was a tiny sub label of Walter Mclean's classic mid west Wide Angle imprint.
posted a comment on S.L.Y. - I Need A Freak. 27 days ago
A fantastic Chicago House piano track based on the classic Diana Ross Disco track 'Love Hangover'.
posted a comment on Magnetic Touch - You Deserve It. 27 days ago
Very recommended top-notch New York Garage from the late 80s. There's no date on the label but I'm sure this one came out in '87. It was also reissued last year but with original copies going dirt cheap you will no doubt want to buy an original copy.
posted a comment on Sterling Void - Take It Higher. 28 days ago
'Take It Higher' was actually written and produced in 1986 and for some reason never came out on commercial release (the same thing happened with the follow up 'Serve It Up' a year later - go figure). Such a shame as it's a super Chicago Deep House ... See full review
posted a comment on Sterling Void - Serve It Up. 28 days ago
'Serve It Up' was actually written and produced in 1987. You can also find an original vocal version, which was mixed by Marshall Jefferson, on the 1989 Sterling Void 'It's Alright' LP.
posted a comment on The Conway Brothers - I Just Want Your Body. 28 days ago
Anyone happen to know if this is any good? Is it even House?! I'm somewhat curious.
posted a comment on Robert Williams (21) & Ron Hardy - The Muzic Box - A Portrait Of The Party At The Dawn Of House (1982-1987). 28 days ago
When was the Gene Hunt track made? 1987? Plus, like type mentions below, there was a shorter version with a different track name that was released on Trax sub label MADD in 1995. It would be great if anyone can shed some light on this release.
posted a comment on Joe Smooth - Inside My Mind. 28 days ago
It's absolutely criminal that this sublime, emotive 1987 / 1988 Chicago Deep House beauty (surely one of Joe Smooth's finest tracks) never received an official 12" release. The only place you can find it is on Joe's 'Promised Land' LP (DJ International) ... See full review
posted a comment on Young & Co.* - Such A Feeling. 28 days ago
Cool, early New Jersey garage with shades of Colonel Abrams.
Blaze and Larry Patterson on the mix.

BTW:If you didn't know, Larry Patterson was a big influence on Tony " The Hump" Humphries.
posted a comment on Young & Company - I'm Too Cool. 28 days ago
Cool Boogie / early New York garage track. The 11 min plus club version is the one to go for.
Co mixed by the underrated Stephon Johnson, who also released a very cool '87 House track under his A.L.S. guise not to mention his involvement with Vaughn ... See full review
posted a comment on Pamela Meyers - Feel My Funky Heartbeat. 28 days ago
This is a pretty good cover of Taana Gardner's 'Heartbeat'. No date on label but I think this was released in 1987.
posted a comment on Prestige (3) - Night People. 28 days ago
It's a shame there's not an instrumental version of this great Boogie jam. But the vocal version is still cool.
posted a comment on Chi Chi Liah - Proud Mary. about 1 month ago
'Proud Mary (Bonus Beats)' is a great proto Chicago House sounding track; think early Chip E and early beat tracks. Received plays from the Hot Mix 5 gang.
posted a comment on Ju-Ju - Zombie. about 1 month ago
'Happy Dance' was always better known, more popular and played out a lot more, but 'Zombie' is a very cool, pure bleep tune. It certainly deserves to be more widely known.
posted a comment on J.L.M. Productions* - Missing From The Picture (Remix) / No Appreciation. about 1 month ago
Jamie Myerson must be one of the most under appreciated Jungle / Drum 'n' Bass artists of all time. He's the Larry Heard of Jungle!!
posted a comment on Neil Trix & Danny Mills - Urban Visions Vol. 1. about 1 month ago
'Pearls', for all those wondering, samples a classic Sade 1992 album only track also entitled 'Pearls'

" She don't know what she's made of".