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Tyree* - Let The Music Take Control
posted a review of Tyree* - Let The Music Take Control. over 15 years ago
This track is one of my favourite hip house tracks ever - the next slammin monster after "Turn Up The Bass" (which is really the best hip house of all time).
A Funky piano loop, some crispy beats and Tyree Cooper's cool rap vocals burnin' down the... See full review
Mysterious People - Love Revolution Remixes
posted a review of Mysterious People - Love Revolution Remixes. over 15 years ago
WOW! The Mood II Swing Remix 1 is one of the best Mood II Swing Mixes ever - the awesome string surfaces combined with these sexy female vocal samples and the chimes. Very driving and although relaxing track goes through and through. Don't know how... See full review
DJ Fudge* - The Flavaz EP
posted a review of DJ Fudge* - The Flavaz EP. over 15 years ago
Fudge returns with an enormously diverse 3 track EP.
Kicking things off, ‘Liv & Love’ is led by a catchy guitar riff and a passionate vocal throughout with Fudge’s beat bubblin’ and bouncin’ nicely along underneath.
‘Midnight Sun’ is on a much... See full review
Eric Prydz / Pryda - Pjanoo / F12
posted a review of Eric Prydz / Pryda - Pjanoo / F12. over 15 years ago
The inofficial Nature One hymn 2008 from this guy! Next slamming monster after 'Rymd' at '07 Nature One festival.
'Pjanoo' is an absolutly killer track - genious breaks, an extremely phat beat and these special piano lines.... WOW! Awesome music... See full review