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posted a comment on Wind Of Pain - Warpain Explotion. 2 months ago
Yes, I made originally just 200 pro-copied cassettes but sleeves came by some mistake in a bunch of 600. My tapes sold out quick and I did not repress it. Insted I handed out the remaining sleeves to some of my penpals of that time who ran some DIY tape ... See full review
submitted The Krixhjälters - The Krixhjälters. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Turquoise Days - Alternative Strategies. 5 months ago
X29 refers probably to 1029. The actual number 29 would be 029. All Minimal Wave releases have three boxes to fill in the number, that's just one of the "things" that keep appearing on every coverart. This information is directly from the label.
posted a comment on Rabid (5) - Total Chaotic Attack. 7 months ago
This was also released by the band members D.I.Y. as an official small edition giveaway CD-R at the time. The artwork is more or less the same as on the cassette.
posted a comment on Minimal Wave. 7 months ago
Well, if we go as far as bring Walhalla in here in comparison of DE or MW, I suppose it would be necessary to mention labels such as Medical Records from Seattle or Anna Logue from Germany with their lines of top class reissues from the lesser known ... See full review
posted a comment on Selfish / Disclose - Selfish / No More Pain!. 8 months ago
The label sent the wrong master tape to the pressing plant and as there was no test pressing ordered all one thousand copies of the split ep have wrong songs by Selfish on their side. The band claimed it a misspress but as it was already pressed they ... See full review
posted a comment on Kenzi & The Trips - Kangaroo. 9 months ago
Released also on vinyl 12"LP (J.A.P. JPL-101) with a full colour photo/lyric insert and 2" round patch.
posted a comment on Mellakka - Itsenäisyyspäivä . 10 months ago
Yes. And I once had a copy with the pocket sleeve but the ink used there was blue.
posted a comment on Garotos Podres - Mais Podres Do Que Nunca. 11 months ago
This version released also as a cassette tape in 1986.
posted a comment on Bombanfall - Åsiktsfrihet. 11 months ago
Well. My two bits for this topic... I got my copy from the previous and allegedly first owner in the early 90s. It has got both the Two Moons Rising -sticker as well as the lyric sheet -albeit a white one. Could not be a copy of the red so there has to ... See full review
added Halthan - Collapse In Progress to their collection. 11 months ago
submitted Prestige (9) - Demo 88. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Ratos De Porão - Crucificados Pelo Sistema. about 1 year ago
Photo updated now. The earlier picture of the blue sleeve variation indeed was of a later CD-reissue.
posted a comment on Nukketeatteri - Toinen Näytös. about 1 year ago
Yes the correct titles are "Etuoikeutettu murha" and "Loppukilpailu". Those suggested by Loony_Tunes are mere (political) slogans in Finnish language.
posted a comment on Maho Neitsyt - Tehdaskaupungin Lapset. about 1 year ago
There also exists a white label misspressing/testpressing of 5 copies that has the Maho Neitsyt on the other side (the matrix reads MAHO - 02) and because of the pressing plant fault a wrong plate (the matrix reads ELS - 11 A) was used for the other side ... See full review
posted a comment on Força Macabra - 25 Anos na Estrada Mas por Favor Não Feche o Túmulo Ainda. about 1 year ago
Note: There is the LP-version and there is the CD-version separately but there is NO vinyl version that comes with a CD or anything like a CD-ROM.
posted a comment on Doom (2) / Selfish - Pro-Life Control / Tear Silence Into Pieces. about 1 year ago
This submit here is the first pressing of the split LP. Probably 400 black vinyl and 100 green. The jacket is the usual pocket sleeve. There is a 2nd pressing however that was 1000 copies, mostly black but some coloured as well. The sleeve of the 2nd ... See full review
posted a comment on Svart Records. about 1 year ago
Hello Bruno! You can order the album from the band through me for example :) The postages are really high but if buy a small bunch like 6-7 copies and sell'em there to your friends then it will make some sense...
posted a comment on Gloom (3) - Speed Noise Hardcore Rags. about 1 year ago
There also exists a "Tengachaya-edition" which consists of the regular version and a back patch inserted in a large silk screened envelope. No more than 10 or 15 copies were made for give away the band members and friends only.
posted a comment on Kaaos - Totaalinen Kaaos EP. over 2 years ago
Also black vinyl large center hole test press copies seem to exist.
posted a comment on Claudio Simonetti - Conquest - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. over 2 years ago
Yes. Sadly these same issues with my album. Just a hint though: rather than forcefully make a vinyl with too small center hole fit onto the turntable, first gently loosen the hole just a little for example by "drilling" it with a ballpoint pen or some ... See full review
posted a comment on Kovaa Rasvaa - Two & A Half Minutes To Midnight. over 2 years ago
Note: this version is the strictly limited edition of 100 copies pressed at the A to Z Audio, Ohio and sold on the US tour in March/April 2017. The tape was repressed another 100 copies in June 2017 and as a difference the repress came in clear norelco ... See full review
posted a comment on Força Macabra, Wind Of Pain - Live In Riga (Latvia), Rock Caffe "Mad Mix" 25.04.97. over 2 years ago
The song titles are correct but the bands are vice-versa here on Discogs:
Side A = Wind Of Pain
Side B = Forca Macabra
The sleeve seems to have correct listing all the way...
posted a comment on The Carnival (3) / Creepy Crawlie / Kuolema - Overlords Of Punk. over 2 years ago
This compilation was officially reissued in 2014 by Lady Lasol Records in an edition of 100 pro-copied CD-R discs housed in the original 7" fold-out sleeves.
posted a comment on Yhteenotto - Demo 5/15. over 2 years ago
1st edition (this entry) was 150 copies. The subsequent editions of 60 copies and then finally 40 copies more had the aame A4-sized fold-out sleeve but with inverted colours. The demo was also released as a ltd. 20 copies only CD-R with entirely ... See full review
posted a comment on Selfish - Cause Pain. over 2 years ago
There also exists a test press of the 12" with different/faulty track order.
posted a comment on Disclose - Great Swedish Feast. over 2 years ago
There is also a miss print existing. Maybe 5 or 10 copies only? The other side (B) of the album had a flaw in sound. The actual release was cut again.
posted a comment on Various - Made In Brazil. over 2 years ago
The track A1 is byJuizo Final (here misspelled Suizo Findi).
posted a comment on Chemotherapy - Chemotherapy. over 2 years ago
300 is what I have heard or read as well...
posted a comment on Asylum (49) - Is This The Price?. over 3 years ago
Just wondering, as my original cassette clearly has a wrong song order vs. the sleeve. The sleeve is same as above but the songs on my cassette are: Is this the price?, Asylum, White trash on side A, and Orders, Police brutality, Death or glory on the ... See full review
posted a comment on Armed Revolution - 10 -Track's E.P.. over 6 years ago
And there also exist 5 test pressing copies, blank United Pressing Company standard labels, big center hole...
posted a comment on Insane Youth A.D. Wild Things* / Crucified By The Kä-Kami - Just Wanna Be Myself / Crucified By The Kä-Kami. over 6 years ago
200 copies of the 1000 pressed are on clear vinyl.
posted a comment on Valtiokolhoosi - Olof Palme-EP. over 6 years ago
I don´t know but mine has one, too... I guess it´s same as with the Painajainen 7" on Ann&Archie: some of the copies had a lyric sheet whilst maybe most didn´t come with one...
posted a comment on W.D.M. (2) - Tomorrow's Gone. over 6 years ago
Hi there!
Well, what a coincidence, I was just listening to that EP....
So if you are still wondering about the pressing, I think that it is the original press. As you might have noticed many of the Finnish 80´s self-produced 7"s had just blank white ... See full review
posted a comment on Armed Revolution - 10 -Track's E.P.. over 8 years ago
200 of the 1000 copies are on clear red vinyl.