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submitted Kyoto Jazz Sextet Ft. Navasha Daya & Tomoki Sanders - You've Got To Have Freedom / Mission (Unreleased Take). 21 days ago
submitted Various - Okami = 大神. 29 days ago
submitted Stephen Warbeck - Quills (Music From The Original Soundtrack). 3 months ago
submitted Hell - Fuse Presents Hell. 8 months ago
submitted Akira Kosemura - Goodbye, Summer Rain With The Girl. 8 months ago
submitted Suicide Sports Club - I Don't Know. over 2 years ago
submitted Basic Soul Unit - Undercurrent. over 2 years ago
submitted Various - Iedereen Klassiek - Klassiek Voor Alle Emoties. over 2 years ago
submitted Purl - Deep Ground. over 3 years ago
submitted Various - 革命はいつも下の方から - Revolutions Always Come From The Underground. over 4 years ago
submitted Disco2 / Nuback - Butterfly / Heartbeat Summer. over 4 years ago
submitted Witness (13) - Hope Springs Eternal: A Tribute To Nujabes. over 4 years ago
submitted Witness (13) - .45 Sweetheart. over 4 years ago
submitted Scrimshire - Two Nights In Tunisia With Scrimshire. over 4 years ago
submitted Jono Fernandez - Northern Lights. over 4 years ago
submitted Freeform Five - No More Conversations. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Tom "Throwin Down" Denic, Louis "Wicked" and Josh Collins* - Just Dance E.P.. over 13 years ago
This is Josh Collins very first release ever and it comes with a story. While in university making tracks on Fasttracker some guys from the Chicago store 'Just Dance' (hence the name of the EP) borrowed Josh a CD recorder to properly put his tracks on ... See full review
posted a review of PS Project - Fly Away. over 16 years ago
This Paris & Sharp production sounds very much alike their Aphrodite track. It has the same structure too, tough beats and then suddenly a deadly vocal sample. The sample used here is from Nicole Kidman singing Randy Crawfords song One Day I'll Fly ... See full review