y everybody I am DJ Mindflash from Austria!
DJ Mindflash an upcoming name in the Progressive Trance Scene in Austria!He proves his talent in great Mixes which are always an exciting Experience for your Ears and Body.

His Sets are a mixture of Progressive Trance with a touch Progressive House.But he is also an excellent Classics Trance / Rave Deejay who knows the greatest Tunes from the 90ies to bring them on the Dancefloor

NEW MIXES WILL BE ADDED EACH MONTH...! CHECK THEM OUT!!! Here you go : http://waxdj.com/DJ%20Mindflash
DJ Mindflash have his own Radioshow which is called "Hypnotic Trance" on www.globalbeats.fm (Blue Channel)!
You will hear the newest in Progressive Trance/Progressive House on the Show, with some Special Classics Sets btw. !

SHOW DATES for 2010:

Monday 12.April 2010
Monday 10.May 2010
Monday 14.June 2010
Monday 12.July 2010
Monday 09.August 2010
Monday 13.Sept. 2010
Monday 11.October 2010
Monday 08.November 2010
Monday 13.December 2010

always from 9:00 - 11:00 p.m. Central European Time

immer von 21:00 - 23:00 Uhr MEZ on http://www.globalbeats.fm Blue Channel


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Great Artist. Does anyone have more Information about this artist??
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they are not gone. I can tell you that i make mixes with actual NON comercial trance sounds. have a listen.
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Yea absolutly. One of my alltime favourites. Also part 3 of this series.
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anybody has a Tracklist , or know the Tracktitle of Track 2 at the video
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where can i find this? ID&T Release - The Story about ID&T Part 1
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Very hard to find... But it will surely appaer
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Can anyone upload this set to the net please?
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Is this canadian Tour release an cd?
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Seems like also this Label is defunct.