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Ambient, Breakbeat, D'n'B, Downtempo, Electro, Experimental, Future Jazz, Hardcore (1990-1994), Hardcore Breaks (2004-), House, Italo Disco, Jungle and Synth-pop.

None of my records is for sale, but with right amount of money you can buy anything... Don't hesitate to make an offer, but remember that I buy only the vinyls I REALLY like, not the newest ones.

If you live in Europe and have some records from my wantlist for sale in private or in European EBay, don't hesitate to send mail.

I'm not interested in US EBay.
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submitted Sylvi (5) / Johanna Häläri - Konerakastaja / Seikkailijat. about 1 month ago
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submitted Nervous+Anxious - Anxiety Disorder EP. 10 months ago
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submitted Nervous+Anxious - Metabolic Disorder EP. over 2 years ago
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posted a review of T.Power - Police State - Part 2. over 13 years ago
This is the 12" that every jungle lover should own. I would rank this as the best release from T Power; complex, variable and progressive. Both tunes are growing bit by bit till the end from the beginning, an aspect which this genre is usually lacking. ... See full review
posted a review of Two Witches - Pimeyden Jousi (Remixes). over 13 years ago
The original release came out 1988 by Darklands Records in a 7” vinyl format, as a split EP with Advanced Art. It was a limited edition of 300 copies and sold out in a few months. Before this 7” version, Two Witches recorded another version in their ... See full review
posted a review of Mr Velcro Fastener* - Otherside. over 14 years ago
This is a MUST for every electrodigger. After listening this record over and over, I must admit that my favourite track is Sunday Night, even though it's slow one, it has something very atmospheric in it. Esc, (An)other Side and Cityscapes are coming ... See full review
posted a review of Stereolab. over 14 years ago
Mary Hansen, singer and guitarist for the experimental pop group Stereolab, died on Monday, 9th December 2002, after being struck by a car while riding her bicycle in London. The band's official statement reads: "The suddenness of her death has shocked ... See full review