I am at the very core a true,dedicated music lover who appreciates quality music from a diverse mix of musical stlyes be it House,True Hip-Hop,Jazz, Nu-Soul,Broken Beat, Soul,Disco etc.Music that is birthed by true artists,producers,Dj's who realise the power that is music and are true to the artform that music is.

I have a soft spot for independent artists,labels who despite the pressure to 'adapt' to commercialism have remained dedicated in bringing out music that does not conform to the 'pop stereotype' which masquarades as 'music'.

My aim of being in this site apart from a collector is to seek out artists,labels,producers and users be they buyers,sellers who are equally as passionate about quality music.

I would go on and list artists,producers, tracks that I love but it would be an endless list that will need revision on a daily basis since music is a continous journey of discovery.

There is no greater joy in life than the pleasure of gaining stimulation from previously 'unheard' ,'unknown' music.

Regards Alan :)
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posted a review of Omar - Love In Beats. 6 months ago
Well executed album from Omar, it's musical richness is amplified by the talented variety of artists who contributed to this project.
posted a comment on Blue Six - Music And Wine. about 1 year ago
I beg to differ with you, the whole Naked Music back catalogue of music has and will continue to be a bench mark for the Downtempo sub genre of house they specialised in . Age does not cover this genre of music and more so for true house heads who ... See full review
posted a review of Blue Six - Signs & Wonders. over 2 years ago
If you are familiar with the previous album from Blue Six - 'Noesis', ' Signs and Wonders' musically is similar basically a follow up. Many of the vocalists that have been part of the collective from previous albums Tabitha Fair, Catherine Russell and ... See full review
posted a review of Meemee Nelzy. over 5 years ago
All the information about Meemee Nelzy is available at the highlighted page. A truly talented female artist.
posted a review of Naked Music NYC - What's On Your Mind?. over 5 years ago
There is no denying the fact that this is a good album from track 1 to track 12, It may sound stereotypical to repeat the usual musical jargon like (it's one of those of those albums on 'repeat') but the truth is that IT IS. And why do I say that because ... See full review
posted a comment on Sarai Records. over 5 years ago
Teena Marie's 1994 independent record label (Sarai Records) on which the album Passion Play was released.
posted a comment on Teena Marie. over 5 years ago
Mine will not be to add much on what has already been said about Teena Marie as an artist,but to say what I feel an artist who transcended barriers and broke stereotypes as to which 'race' do certain brands of music belong to.
Her music through the years ... See full review
posted a comment on Physics - First Flight. over 5 years ago
'Scoundrel' your review said it best more so for some of us who use the recordings from Naked Music as a bench mark( Rightly or Wrongly) for what a listener should expect when it comes to 'Deep and Soulful' house. This album is top class all the way ... See full review
posted a review of Physics - Influences. over 5 years ago
If you love your House music 'Deep and Soulful' with a touch of jazzy vibes in some tracks,the kind of House music you listen to in a chilled out lounge bar,taking a relaxing drive,chilling at home this album by Physics will fit in perfectly within that ... See full review
posted a review of Neolectrique - Neolectrism. over 5 years ago
The world of deep soulful house can be difficult to navigate more so if a passionate fan of this style of House seeks the kind of perfection that has been achieved by labels such as 'Naked Music'. Few artists,producers,vocalists have managed to bring out ... See full review
posted a comment on Lisa Shaw. over 6 years ago
It's easy to call me biase, but among many talented female vocalists in the soulful/deep house world Lisa Shaw stands firmly within the top five. Over the years she has stood firm as one of Naked Music's favourite vocalists and her vocals are a must in ... See full review
posted a review of Liquid Spirits - Liquid Spirits. over 6 years ago
This is one album that I have to say has blown me off my feet,right from the Intro to the Outro I can honestly say that no song glides off tangent.
It's not everyday that one comes across an album that almost all tracks are a joy to listen to as ... See full review
posted a review of Naked Music Recordings. over 6 years ago
I first heard the sounds/music from this fantastic label a few years ago but never really got to dig deep and know which producers,house label where responsible for the fantastic music.It was only after a friend( who happens to be an ardent Deep House/ ... See full review