Music explorer - not collector - of mainly jazz, blues and classic R&B. Trades only on Discogs - selling off from own collection. No shop.

Here are som overviews of my items for sale:



Shipping is costs only, paid by buyer. Shipping costs includes postage, professional card mailers, stiffeners, various protective materials etc. plus the PayPal costs relating the the shipping. On multiple items orders shipping will be combined at lowest possible rate.

Since January 1 2019 Danish postal service Postnord has altered the "Up to 500 grams" weight category to "Up to 300 grams" which means that a single LP in a mailer now also must be shipped in the more expensive 300 to 2000 grams category.

This means that for many European countries a private courier company is now the cheapest shipping option. For finding out the shipping costs for your country simply try to add the items you are interested in to the Discogs shopping basket and see the shipping price calculated on your basket page.

In all cases shipping 2 kilograms (For selected European countries 5 kilograms) now is the same price as shipping a single LP so in general it is worth considering more than a single item, as the shipping price for 1 LP is the same as e.g. 6-7 LP's (World) or 15-16 LP's or more (Some European countries) or mixed media.

Below 300 grams - CD's, 7"s - will be shipped with Postbord for 9,5€. Below 100 grams - CD's without jewelcase but wwith all centent and CD singles - will ship for 5,5€

DANMARK (National):

Op til 100 gram = 25 kr.:
1 card sleeve CD
1 standard jewel case CD sendt uden jewel case men med alt indhold.

Standard - med DAO365 til nærmeste udleveringssted.
Op til 5 kilo gram = 45 kr.:

Omdelt - med Postnord
Op til 2 kilo = 65 kr.:


PayPal payment accepted on all orders - bank transfer payment only on orders +100€.

Preferred payment method in Denmark: Mobilepay

For orders +40€ registered mail (+3€) may be applied on my request if shipping destination have bad records for unregistered mail or the buyer has frequent negative feedback. Feel free to ask in advance.

Shop philosophy: I'm a private collector who trades a little in my spare time. I try to check inbox every day but will occasionally be away on jobs. Normally I ship within a day or two. Upcoming weekend in rare situations.

Grading policy: Aim to be fair. I don't do a complete listening of each item, but spot checks and grades based also on visual inspection and 30years experience of grading, buying and selling. No grading scale can be exact, so feel free to ask questions or request pictures, further descriptions or sound-samples.

Return policy: Almost all my items are used but cared for items. I prefer to upload soundclips and document the records grade in photos rather than having unsatisfied costumers. Please ask for soundclips or images if in doubt over an item. In case you still think grades are misrepresenting after receiving, let me know and we'll sort it out. If a full or partial refund is needed I refund by payment - not by other items, discounts etc. I accept return and refund on these conditions: If an item fail to meet the grading, is the wrong item or fail to arrive. I do not accept return and refund on the basis of losing interest in the item or disliking the audio content.

Pricing policy:I aim to price in the lower end of average. When I have nothing to compare my item to, I set a price and lower it from time to time while allowing offers. I have a 1€ minimum price. I know that's not the real value of the cheapest records, but the price is also for me handling it, going to the post-office etc. I offer bulk discounts for the cheapest records to compensate for that.

Discounts: For items priced less than 4€: Buy for more than 10€ and get 30% discount on those items. Large order discounts negotiated. Feel free to ask or make offers.

Useful Discogs links:
Credits List - Gradings - MR Form - Full Guidelines - Housing names - Discogs current projects - Dead wax inscriptions and symbols

Useful lists:
Danish Recording Studios - Danish venues - Danish labels - Danish forum group - Danish #suffixed Artist PANs

Useful external links:
Dead wax inscriptions and symbols - Label design eras - Copenhagen Venues
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