hmm. some releases aren't on discogs yet.
this is ~95% of my collection...besides some 150 cds that i consider sins from my early youth...

do not message me with ebay auction links for wishlist items please. thanks.

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submitted Wen - Do You Want?. over 2 years ago
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since there is a question mark at the end, my guess is "Ah who dat?"
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Pole - 1 2 3
posted a comment on Pole - 1 2 3. over 3 years ago
bought mine from Jeff bezos for a fair price, and it's being shipped already.
posted a comment on Coki - Officer / Mood Dub. over 12 years ago
there is no legit way to own this on mp3. should be deleted.
City Centre Offices
posted a comment on City Centre Offices. over 14 years ago
Wouldn't it make sense to edit the album discography? Create master releases (Towerblock XX) and add Towerblock CD XX and Towerblock LP XX as versions?