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posted a review of Abul Mogard - In Immobile Air. 3 months ago
No problems with my green vinyl either. Low rating is unfair as the music on this album is beautiful.
posted a review of Spyra - January In June. 6 months ago
Post Rock/Prog Rock ? Really ? I don't think so.
posted a review of Collector's Edition (6). 6 months ago
In my opinion these CD reissues are the best sounding remasters I've heard. Nice replica sleeves protected by a plastic slip case. Worth seeking out.
posted a review of The Future Sound Of London - Cascade 2020. 8 months ago
CD version due for release in Sept with extra tracks and cheaper !
posted a comment on Namlook* - Namlook XXVII - Music For Urban Meditation IV. 10 months ago
My favourite of this series - He was gone about 7 months later.
posted a comment on Andrew Weatherall - Masterpiece: Created By Andrew Weatherall. about 1 year ago
Monetising the death of a great DJ/Producer to tune of £5,0000 for this CD set is frankly obscene and an insult to his memory.
posted a comment on Pierrot Premier - Electric Kool - Aid Acid Test. about 1 year ago
I have always considered this releases as an EP rather than an LP.The Force Inc. "Virtual Science" series were EP's. I think the length of the tracks has created this situation.
posted a comment on Swans - Leaving Meaning.. about 1 year ago
fake_blues is correct in his/hers comments about muted response to new Swans release. I have been searching round for reactions on line and nothing!. I'm not sure the old allegations against Gira are a factor for the media anymore as he nipped it in... See full review
posted a review of Light Conductor - Sequence One. about 1 year ago
A very underrated record. Beautiful modular synth sounds with elements of shoe gaze. Reminds me of early Silent releases from the 90's which is no bad thing.
posted a review of Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon. about 1 year ago
If CD is your preferred format then this is the best sound recording of DSOM you could ever have.
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Yage 2019. over 2 years ago
A CD version is due for release on 26th April 2019.
posted a comment on Subsound vs. Life Project - EPOne - Subsound Vs Life Project. over 2 years ago
Crikey ! To think I had this stashed away in an odds & sods record box in my attic ……...until today. Now safely on my vinyl shelf.
posted a review of Canopy Of Stars - Waves. over 3 years ago
Superb release. This is ambience that takes you on a journey of the spacey variety but it has many earthly delights too and ploughs through many vistas.It creates a feeling of one being alone staring at the stars in the sky contemplating the beauty of it all. See full review
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - My Kingdom (Re-imagined). over 3 years ago
RSD 2018 just a few hours old and the sharks are circling. This release will be coming out on CD in May.
posted a comment on UNKLE - War Stories. over 3 years ago
Yes and wrapped in a sealed clear plastic bag when purchased.
posted a comment on Autumn Of Communion - Broken Apart By Echoes. over 4 years ago
This is the first great ambient CD of 2017. Their best yet in the series.
posted a comment on Various - Pop Ambient 2016. over 5 years ago
Tracks are segued rather than "mixed"
posted a review of Mick Chillage - Infinite Perspectives. over 5 years ago
This is one of Mick's most beautiful releases to date. Superb.
posted a comment on Northaunt - Istid I-II. over 6 years ago
This is the sound of a very cold winter and the first great ambient release of 2015.
posted a comment on One Dove - Morning Dove White. over 6 years ago
Would be nice to see this beautiful album get a deluxe reissue some day.
posted a comment on Ital (3) - Endgame. over 7 years ago
This is fabulous and contender for album of the year.
posted a comment on Jam & Spoon - Stella (Nalin & Kane Remix). over 7 years ago
This track has been remixed many times but the Nalin & Kane remix is the mother of them all and still lifts me up to this day.
posted a comment on Cocteau Twins - Victorialand. over 7 years ago
Don't think so as vinyl was cut at 45RPM for official release.
posted a comment on Various - 70 Years Of Sunshine. over 8 years ago
This is a worthy follow up to the release on the Silent label from 20 years ago. The music/ambience has a more current feel to it with it's drones and experimental styles and quite trippy too.
posted a comment on Rashad Becker - Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I. over 8 years ago
Compared to the music he cuts on vinyl for other artists with superb results this album highlights his love of pure sound full of depth and abstraction. I suspect there was an expectation from some people out there that this album would be in a... See full review
posted a comment on Scott Hardkiss. over 8 years ago
Totally shocked and one of the greats from the 90's. The Phoenix is one of the greatest tracks of all time. His music had a psychedelic edge not heard from the West Coat scene since the 60's and it's funkiness made it superb dance floor material.... See full review
posted a comment on Cocteau Twins - Victorialand. over 9 years ago
Play the vinyl at 33 speed for a more rewarding ambient experience.
posted a comment on Swans - The Seer. over 9 years ago
Last years release " My Father will guide me.......was a great return along with some blistering live gigs (my ears are still ringing) which you can get a taste of on their live release from earlier this year but this album will leave you breathless!... See full review
posted a comment on Laurel Halo - Quarantine. over 9 years ago
I agree it's a contenious album for some people and at first I found it difficult to get my head around it but after a few more plays it has grown on me. The last track "Light+Space" is a beauty and worth paying for all on it's own

I think it's... See full review
posted a comment on Azari & III - Azari & III. over 10 years ago
Commerical as hell and almost cheesy but has a nice techy edge to it and a dollop of acid.Very uplifting. You need to listen with an "open mind" and enjoy!
posted a comment on Mickey Newbury - An American Trilogy. over 10 years ago
I just bought this set today and what a discovery! I have only listened to the first cd so far, "Looks Like Rain" a beautiful atmospheric listening experience just like ambient electronica which I normally listen to and it just so happens that there... See full review
posted a comment on Blanck Mass - Blanck Mass. over 10 years ago
If You like Emeralds or the works of Daniel Lopatin you will love this "Drone Trip"
posted a comment on Atom Heart - Orange. over 10 years ago
The thing I like most about FAX is you dig out a cd from your collection which you have'nt listened to in a long while and suddenly it all sounds "new" again and has not dated. This new remastered reissue is wonderful example of experiencing that... See full review
posted a comment on Anthony Rother - The Machine Room. over 10 years ago
This is a future FAX classic.
posted a comment on Pete Namlook. over 10 years ago
Namlook and his FAX label had reached it's second decade releasing great electronica until his untimely death in November 2012. This was achieved with great style and integrity helped by devoted fans around the world and the fact that he never "sold... See full review
posted a comment on Leftfield, Lydon* - Open Up (Remix). over 10 years ago
Without doubt One of John Lydons greatest vocal performance since his Public Image Ltd.days.
posted a comment on Brian Eno - Discreet Music. over 10 years ago
For me Discreet Music is the ultimate ambient album. Listen to it when you wake up in the morning - its the sound of a new day dawning and it makes you feel good to be alive. It resonates with whatever enviroment you happen to be in at any given... See full review
posted a comment on D*I*R*T*Y Sound System - I Remember The First Time I Heard Your Voice. over 10 years ago
This album is essential late night listening. Very atmospheric. Love the picture of Joan Crawford on the sleeve where her face is superimposed over a speeding train. The image perfectly fits with the the music on the record. This is a still frame... See full review