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posted a comment on Hania Rani - Esja . 8 days ago
Terrible distortion on my record. Is this a general pressing fault or did I just get unlucky with my copy? Its a beautiful album and not one where you want this kind of issue. If this is simply lack of quality control at Gondwana records they should hang ... See full review
posted a comment on Tipper - Jettison Mind Hatch. 9 days ago
Brilliant album, a real journey...textured, imaginitive, bubbling, gurgling, glitchy, i hope they do a vinyl release.
posted a comment on Bonnie 'Prince' Billy* / Naked Shortsellers - The Best Of Folks / Harbour Men. 9 days ago
Superb song, up there with some of his very best. The best of folks will see the best in you.
posted a comment on Bluetech - Prima Materia. about 1 month ago
Anyone selling this? If the price is reasonable and the condition good hit me up
posted a comment on Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded. 2 months ago
Absobloody lutely. A fortune to be made from a good quality reissue
posted a comment on The Growling Tiger - Knockdown Calypsos. 2 months ago
If anyone happens to have just stumbled here, I can’t implore you more to buy a copy of this very cheap gem. Old school calypso delivered with such humour and charm by the unmistakable voice of the tiger. Enjoy every word.
posted a comment on The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead. 2 months ago
I should also add side B is covered in hairline scratches, even though this was sealed. Quality control severely lacking.
posted a comment on The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead. 3 months ago
I think this is a very average pressing. Quiet, passable, but lacking punch and dynamics. A bit too compressed for my liking.
posted a comment on Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost. 3 months ago
Neither has appeared, any ideas what is happening, orbare they busy prepping for their red rock gig?
posted a comment on Suede - Royal Albert Hall, 24 March 2010. 3 months ago
Yeah, sadly agree. I was at the gig and it was incredible, but the sound here is very thin. Not too much effort went into it, despite the reasonable packaging.
posted a comment on Bluetech - Prima Materia. 3 months ago
Anyone selling a vinyl copy get in touch, will pay within reason 😁
added Bluetech - Prima Materia to their wantlist. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Julie Coker - Ere Yon (Sweet Songs). 3 months ago
An absolute stunner, soulful, cosmic and as the title says, sweet!
posted a comment on The Sorcerers - The Sorcerers. 5 months ago
Yep, time for a repress, who is going to pay those insane prices for a 3 year old record?
posted a comment on Yabba Youth* - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom. 5 months ago
This is up there with the Heart of the Congos - deep and soulful sounds all the way, 6 killer tracks all with brilliant King Tubby dubs on side B. Certainly deserves a reissue.
posted a comment on Milton Henry - Showcase: Branches And Leaves. 5 months ago
Deep rhythms, great lyrics and vocal delivery but they should have put all the dubs on side B to avoid the constant feeling of deja vu
posted a comment on Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Hawk. 6 months ago
I agree, these first ones are extremely deserving of a reissue. Amazes me labels sleep on what would be an obvious money spinner.
posted a comment on Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National - Tomorrow Is So Uncertain. 6 months ago
Deep, spiritual, mellow, soothing, highlife of the highest order. Grab a copy if you can, there’s pure joy to be heard through the crackles.
posted a comment on Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost. 6 months ago
are these reissues still happening in December, anyone know? I wish they'd do the first one again too.
posted a comment on Horace Andy - In The Light. 7 months ago
Did you ever find out the answer?

I would like a good copy of this.
posted a comment on Janet Kumah - Yellow Flower. 7 months ago
No cd or vinyl press yet? Surely this great album deserves that.
posted a comment on Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper. 7 months ago
Beautiful packaging, god awful pressing, came with crackles, pops and actual skips - not what youbwant on an ambient record. The band should care how their beautiful and thoughtful music is being presented by this label.
posted a comment on Milton Henry, Rocker T, The Far East - Fish Out Of Water / Jah Is Love. 7 months ago
Killer, all the way...hope he follows up with an album of this quality.
posted a comment on Henri Texier - Varech. 9 months ago
The prices for this are insane. It's good but really...? A 45 Euro record until recently. I'll be waiting for another reissue.
posted a comment on Danit - Aliento. 9 months ago
What a gem this album is, how long til the world discovers the soulful sounds of Danit? Hopefully a vinyl release one day.
posted a comment on N'draman Blintch - Cosmic Sounds. 9 months ago
I’d also like to know this, whether from masters or a rip from a good copy. Hopefully it’s a decent job.
posted a comment on Ali Touré Farka* - Ali Farka Touré. 9 months ago
Anyone heard the repress? Curious to know how well done it is compared to an OG
posted a comment on Basa Basa* - Homowo - High Life Music. 9 months ago
Wow! That would be worth crossing the world for! All the original members surviving?
posted a comment on Dizzy K. Falola - Sweet Music Volume I. 10 months ago
One of the unsung heroes of the Nigerian Boogie & Disco scene. Every track here is killer. If these are from the original masters this will be a must-buy.
posted a comment on Ali Farka Toure* - Savane. 10 months ago
Again, no vinyl issue. It's a shame given how good these albums are.
posted a comment on Ali Farka Toure* - Niafunké. 10 months ago
This beautiful album really needs a vinyl issue - some of the singing on this is as stunning as the playing.
posted a comment on Nat Birchall meets Al Breadwinner* Featuring Vin Gordon - Sounds Almighty. 10 months ago
Is there going to be another press? The greedhead flippers have started their nonsense.
posted a comment on Mildlife - Phase. 10 months ago
So is a CD the best way to go with this album? Sounds like a woeful press, which is a real pity for such good music.
posted a comment on The Nude Party - The Nude Party. 10 months ago
How long til this band gets properly picked up? They’ve got swagger and charm in spades. Derivative perhaps but still lots of fun if you love garage psych or the stones. Watch this space.

The pressing isn’t too bad either.
posted a comment on Gasper-Lawal* - Ajomasé. 11 months ago
There’s some real magic here. I return to this album a lot. Some it has elements of dub. Well worth your time.
posted a comment on Richard Hawley - Standing At The Sky's Edge. 11 months ago
Bit thin sounding to my ears, probably from a digital source as the dynamics aren't what they should be. Solid album though, almost psych.
posted a comment on Richard Hawley - Coles Corner. 11 months ago
Agree with Cyrilnoya, this should definitely have been reissued. Who in their right mind would pay the price for the first issue?
posted a comment on Bonga - Angola 72. 11 months ago
Did you find out? I also would prefer to save on the cost of an original if its a quality repress
posted a comment on The Orb - No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds. 11 months ago
The black vinyl version sounds awesome. They’ve done a good job here, the sound is rich and full. The best Orb album in a while. Even the Slightly poppier songs are ok.
posted a comment on Liquid Bloom. 11 months ago
This band have something quite special and unique. The lucid remixes on spotify are hugely imaginitive and beautifully produced. should be a vinyl release for sure.
posted a comment on Gyedu Blay Ambolley And Zantoda Mark III* - Control. 11 months ago
Looking to buy also, for a good but fair price.
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a comment on K. Frimpong And His Cubano Fiestas* - K. Frimpong And His Cubano Fiestas. about 1 year ago
How’s this re-press people? Does it sound deep and real like the OG?
posted a comment on Family Atlantica - Cosmic Unity. about 1 year ago
Incredible album, beautifully recorded, should be more widely recognised for sure.
posted a comment on The Henry-Wenceslas Thenard Band - Direct Dance New Sound Of Guadeloupe. about 1 year ago
Anyone looking to sell for a decent\fair price? Get in touch
posted a comment on The Ink Spots - If I Didn't Care. about 1 year ago
This one is really beautiful, slow woozy dowop at its best. One day a new audience will discover these gems and they won’t be as cheap as they are now.
posted a comment on Ken Boothe - Inna De Yard. about 1 year ago
Absolutely, the album is beautiful but the pressing absolutely atrocious. Advise others to get the CD or wait for a better quality reissue.
posted a comment on Liza Ngwa - Sunshine. about 1 year ago
anyone heard this reissue yet? Is it from the original masters or a rip?
posted a comment on N'draman Blintch - Cosmic Sounds . about 1 year ago
There needs to be, this one's solid gold. And there are some loopy asking prices for an OG
posted a comment on Anna Calvi - Anna Calvi. about 1 year ago
How does the vinyl sound, proper mastering or a cheap rip from a digi source?