as I don't want to keep the ghostrider alias anymore for personal reasons, this account will be laid to rest soon. My new identity here is go-deep

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submitted Michel Polnareff - Ame Caline. over 9 years ago
Skylab - Skylab #1
posted a review of Skylab - Skylab #1. over 18 years ago
There was a limited edition of this excellent album containing the Exotika 12" as a bonus EP. In my humble opinion one of the best moments of Mr. Bernstein and the Major Force West Crew. The really spaced out fringes of what was once called... See full review
Soulphiction - Soulphiction EP 01
posted a review of Soulphiction - Soulphiction EP 01. over 19 years ago
Excellent release, couldn't believe that comes from Germany when I first heard it. With the voice samples from Gil Scott-Heron and the whole music/production style it reminds me deeply of some older Moodymann / Theo Parrish stuff. A must have for all KDJ fans. See full review
posted a review of Moodymann - The Set Up. over 19 years ago
Now it's getting really confusing again with Kenny's release-politics. There is now a repress with the same catalogue number (KDJ 23), but the label is exactly the same as of "The thief that stole my sad days... Ya blessin me", but with different... See full review