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posted a review of Brother's Yard - Sentinel. over 18 years ago
Like all of Dundov's works, this is a minimal-industrial single with a complex structure of layers that keeps it away from the average production. A clear sense of musicality and thickness are its main features. After all, we're talking about a dj tool.
posted a review of Kid Loco - DJ-Kicks. over 18 years ago
One of the best DJ Kicks ever. Kid Loco draws a sonic connection and an ever-evolving melodic flair that never lets the listener down, thru a thick fog of spliff smoke and decomposed Bassdrums. Summoning and dreamily, a coherent mix not to miss.
posted a review of Tosca - Suzuki. over 18 years ago
A charming record at every listening. It has a certain classical depth that is largely uncommon to average dub downtempo affairs. It's made of original compositions by Dorfmeister and Huebner, soothing, languid, sophisticated and light.
A must for... See full review
posted a review of The Higher Intelligence Agency - Freefloater. over 18 years ago
This album is a true masterpiece. Though it may seem a bit flat at the first listening, being recorded in 1995 it has an extraotdinary depth in the use of ambient effects and drum patterns. There is a constant disquieting feeling that makes this... See full review
posted a review of Biosphere / Deathprod - Nordheim Transformed. over 18 years ago
It is a highly evocative and original album, but the lack of structure emerges from time to time.
posted a review of Move D / Namlook - Move D / Namlook III - The Retro Rocket. over 18 years ago
This is the sad side of Ambient: spineless, fluctuating, meaningless synth pads that lead to nowhere.
posted a review of Monolake - Gravity. over 18 years ago
It's experimental and forward looking as only Techno can get, but also so cold and frozen still that sometimes it sounds like a walking corpse of aborted music.
posted a review of Joey Beltram - Classics. over 18 years ago
Ok, it was 1990, technology not as advanced in musicmaking software as it is now, but this collection of early Beltram hits is so stiff and clumsy as to be almost impossible to listen to nowadays.
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posted a review of Shiva Chandra - Gecko. over 18 years ago
Psycho-Trance so dry and minimal you can barely imagine. Suggested for those moments of altered counsciousness.
posted a review of Chris Clark - Clarence Park. over 18 years ago
This is an absolutely unmissable record that points towards the future of electronic experimentation. It has melody, heavily processed sounds, unstoppable and ever-evolving beats; it never ceases to amaze the listener. Along with Amon Tobin, Chris... See full review
posted a review of Vangelis - El Greco. over 18 years ago
A deep, dark electronic symphony where computers play the written parts as though they were human performers. Two opera singers complete the whole.
posted a review of Justin Berkovi - After The Night. over 18 years ago
Intense, nighttime Techno that never fails to please the ear and stir the mind.
posted a review of Photek - Modus Operandi. over 18 years ago
A cold, frozen journey thru electronic bleakness and rigid drum sequences, where machines seem to have gained the upper hand on the human factor. All in all, a unique experience.
posted a review of Matrix (7) - Various Films. over 18 years ago
Intense abstraction that drags you into unexplored dimensions of aural perception.
posted a review of Speedy J - Loudboxer. over 18 years ago
Not only the hardest Hard Techno one can imagine, but also a well-composed climax that leads us from the ambient-tinged effects of the first track, thru the spaciness of multifaceted sounds until the explosion of unrelenting industrial fury.
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posted a review of MAS 2008 - Punished By Machines. over 18 years ago
Tough electro fused with ambient symphonics, diagonal drum patterns and an excellent ability to create vast, wide sound spaces. It has strength, impact, and soul.