General enquiries about items I have for sale, like pictures, detalied condition, version etc: Get in touch.
My apologies if I miss your initial message (heavy inbox sometimes). Just write again!

Trades: Please don't ask for trades unless you mean to see it through. It's wasting my time. Recent experience: Guy asks me for trade, we talk back and forth, negotiating fair trade for both. Then some silence, and I ask, "hey what about the trade?" then the reply "oh I sold it" = waste of my time, don't do it.

I will not rip my collection for filesharing. I don't have a collection of mp3's. Was asked to rip a cd on the argument it was very rare and unaffordable, while at the same time it was for sale on Discogs for 1.5 Euro. Come on!

Offers and discounts: Contact me with your offer if you want, and we'll see. Discounts are primarily for larger orders. Please remember that I still have to pay 8% + VAT to Discogs after your suggested discount.

CD-R policy: Sometimes I have CD-R's for sale. Here's what you need to know. CD-R semi-took over demotapes mid 90's
and were regularly used as such up to early 00's (might still be used?). Lots of demo-stage bands put out CD-R's that were home burned from pc.
Some music/albums are only available this way so of course there's an interest in collecting them. Bad thing is that the CD-R medium
by far has proved to be the worst physical medium, especially the home-burned. They have a tendency to die out over time and will not play,
if they were able to play at all to begin with. Some play fine and will continue to do so, some are error-riden and noisy, and some don't even read.
I've experienced all mentioned scenarios, and a specifik CD-R can act differently from player to player. So if you consider buying a CD-R from me, please be aware of this risk,
make up your mind, and don't blame me if I said it played for me, but not on your player. You can of course ask and I'll do my best.
If you can not live with this risk at your own, please leave it be.

The pro-printed type of CD-R (Morbid Saint's Thrashahollic, for instance): Never had any issues with those.
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