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Currently Marcel M is busy Remixing , producing, shaping and defining the sound that represents Him. Featured at some of HollyWood ,Los Angeles, Orange County top nightclubs and Music Festivals around the United States & Mexico.. Combinding a Hybrid Aggressive House with Progressive Melodic Electro, Aggressive Tech House with experimental Trance composition of airy resonant vocals, eccentric Climaxes, low-tone bass, metal-infused methodical sounds, .......... marceldesign pushes his respective of his Instruments & Tools to the very edge and of their sonic capabilities, resulting in a hybrid sound, both Blaring and Peacefull Making it an Unforgeable Heart pumping, Mind Altering journey & Exstacy filed Experirence......

"Atlantic Line"

Ray Silva III

In the mix wih the

Pharmacist GlassVegas.........