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Lumidelic - Wonderland (The Remixes)
posted a review of Lumidelic - Wonderland (The Remixes). 5 months ago
It is rare to see a remix package that actually is better than the original (sorry Lumidelic!). But of course, if there wasn't an original, ther remixes would never have existed ... Spain-based Lesh delivers an epic progtrancer with a gorgeous... See full review
Universal Solution
posted a comment on Universal Solution. 6 months ago
I particularly like his Anjunadeep releases.Yukon is already an instant classic to me. Eargasm!
Push - Strange World
posted a review of Push - Strange World. 9 months ago
Sounds also like Vincent De Moor - Shamu (Armin Remix) from 1999
Emergent Shores
posted a comment on Emergent Shores. 9 months ago
Great label with summerish slowed-down trance sounds (under 130 BPM), very often with piano or guitar melodies. They call it melodic progressive but i would say these young artists succeed much more in capturing the spirit of trance than the so-called... See full review
Дмитрий Филатов* - Ещё Один День (Ремиксы)
posted a review of Дмитрий Филатов* - Ещё Один День (Ремиксы). 10 months ago
The Aurosonic Remix is a vocal version of their track Gemini, featured on the Missing You E.P.
Lolo - Why?
posted a review of Lolo - Why?. 10 months ago
Yes, if you like Xpander you will like "Why?".... There were various tracks which were inspired by Xpander.... Also check out Jamnesia - My Memory is Back and Nic Vegter - Amazon Falls (Original Mix) if you like that kind of trance.
Cosmic Project - Peacemaker
posted a review of Cosmic Project - Peacemaker. 10 months ago
This one is definitely for those looking for trance classics. The club mix is a relaxing track with beautiful melodies and piano. The Nu-Nrg remix sticks to the club mix and adds some extra samples (the drumwork of the 1992 classic "Phantom - Abyss").
Blakstone - Superfrill
posted a review of Blakstone - Superfrill. 10 months ago
For those who like their proghouse filled with dark energy..... Original mix is the better one for me
BT - Four
posted a comment on BT - Four. about 1 year ago
Perfection. One of BT's best performances in years. Every sequence of this track is well done and combines nice trance with sounds that fit the actual trends in electronic music. Great build-up too. This is for me definitely what music should be!... See full review
Luminary - Amsterdam
posted a comment on Luminary - Amsterdam. about 1 year ago
350 € for one vinyl is ridiculous. Every sane individual knows that.
Chris Cargo - Timeshifter
posted a comment on Chris Cargo - Timeshifter. about 1 year ago
Midnight Run is such a good and wonderful sounding track! It feels like a hybrid of deephouse and trance, Timeshifter is drum driven tech-house with some trancy elements. Not bad either but my heart pounds for Midnight Run; Both tracks are featured... See full review
Tune - Change The Beat
posted a comment on Tune - Change The Beat. about 1 year ago
Tonight is pure juicy techno from the early days. Do I have 10 words now?
The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia
posted a comment on The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia. about 1 year ago
There's a lot of confusion about what the "original" mix is. I'm not quite sure myself anymore. On Van Dyk's Vandit label, there's an "original" included (6'50). Some say the original is the En-Motion Mix (because it was included on the first release... See full review
Salamander - Tempest
posted a comment on Salamander - Tempest. about 1 year ago
The Union Jack remix is total madness. Nice acid in the second half.
No_4mat - 1992
posted a comment on No_4mat - 1992. about 1 year ago
Sick track. Succeeds in capturing the dancefloor vibe of 1992. The producer needs to release this with a couple of remixes, as in the good old days.
BT - Skylarking
posted a comment on BT - Skylarking. about 1 year ago
One of the rare occasions where BT returned to trance. Still like it very much. Skylarking felt like a present to me, so many years after his IMA album, which i consider as the best trance album ever made.
Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil
posted a comment on Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil. about 1 year ago
For me, the Fade Remix beats all the other mixes, even the original one with it's irritating wahahahaaa sample
Quietman - Now & Zen
posted a comment on Quietman - Now & Zen. about 1 year ago
"Meditate" is trance like they never will make it any more. What a fresh breathe of music this is.
Stoneproof - Everything's Not You
posted a comment on Stoneproof - Everything's Not You. about 1 year ago
I agree the spacy "Quivver mix" is not of this earth. It's almost a mental experience. With my eyes closed, it brings me to the outer reaches of my mind.
Lesh (2) - Flame Of Hope EP
posted a comment on Lesh (2) - Flame Of Hope EP. over 3 years ago
These are three quality dreamtrance tracks (not really progressive imo). No Way Back is absolutely my favourite, it inspires me. Lesh is not new in the trance world and he's an artist who deserves to be discovered. My first contact with his music was... See full review
Aurora - Hear You Calling
posted a comment on Aurora - Hear You Calling. over 3 years ago
My favourite is the Dark Moon Remix... gorgeous piece of uplifting trance. The swinging "original mother earth mix" is equally good. A nice blend of dance and trance with a sticky acid line on the background
Kenneth Thomas - Orange Room
posted a comment on Kenneth Thomas - Orange Room. over 3 years ago
The Nick Warren Remix is a masterpiece. The bassline is very addictive and the guitar riff totally rocks.
Jens Lissat Project* - Energy Flow
posted a comment on Jens Lissat Project* - Energy Flow. over 3 years ago
I like the original mix of Energy flow. It sounds so pure it heats up my heart. Beautiful trance classic.
DJ 19 vs. Thomas Penton - Ima
posted a comment on DJ 19 vs. Thomas Penton - Ima. over 4 years ago
This is all about the Klubfilter remix, which beats by far the original. Even now, it still sounds great and has a great bassline. The vocals upgrade the whole track. The original mix is a little too long, and starts to bore in the second half.
Kosmas Epsilon - All Is Heaven
posted a comment on Kosmas Epsilon - All Is Heaven. over 4 years ago
Nice EP mixing up all kinds of electronic music, ranging from trance and ambient (All is Heaven) to commercial electro (Playground) and some solid percussion driven stuff (Snorkel). Not my favourite EP but it's good to see an artist trying out a lot... See full review
Paul Rogers - Switch / Lazy Monday
posted a comment on Paul Rogers - Switch / Lazy Monday. over 4 years ago
Agree. Lazy Monday is a fine piece of progressive. Grabs you straight by the b*lls from the first minute. Doesn't age either.
Amalgam - Sum Of Your Fears
posted a comment on Amalgam - Sum Of Your Fears. over 6 years ago
The Tech House Edit is really nice, a blend of progressive underground house and trance. This is the kind of stuff you have to play loud. The original is all bass and percussion. It is something quite different but not half as good as the Tech House version. See full review
4Mal Feat. Ani (3) - Layered Feelings
posted a comment on 4Mal Feat. Ani (3) - Layered Feelings. over 7 years ago
I like the original mix. Dreamy layers, discrete stabs, killer bassline. This is trance not house.Velarde and D-Formation are taking care of the tech-house sounds.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
L-Vee - Tears
posted a comment on L-Vee - Tears. over 7 years ago
Higher is great and epic and the intro is impressive, no doubt about that. It sounds more like something of his "Planisphere" project. Let's not forget Tears either. Less floating, a little harder, but equally warm music, If you don't like this... See full review
Solid Sessions - Janeiro
posted a comment on Solid Sessions - Janeiro. over 7 years ago
I want to be buried with my vinyl of Janeiro in my coffin... That's how much i love this track. Both mixes are just perfect.
Starecase - Vapour Trails
posted a comment on Starecase - Vapour Trails. over 7 years ago
My God, this really is progressive at it's finest. Both mixes are fabulous. The original rules... this is pure classic prog like it should be. Matt Rowan and Jaytech add a quite solid remix, doing a fine job almost equalling the original.
BT - Flaming June
posted a comment on BT - Flaming June. over 7 years ago
I listen to trance since 1992 and i have never encountered a better trance track than Flaming June (PvD & BT mix).What a killer melody! I'm certainly not the only one to say that. It's perfection! It's genius! The original is so good all other mixes... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
Jesse Perez - Roller Tech / Conscious
posted a comment on Jesse Perez - Roller Tech / Conscious. over 8 years ago
Nice prog and tech house. Roller Tech is surprisingly melodic while Conscious is quite "acidic". Two fun tracks on Behold Recordings. Try it, you won't be disappointed.
Digital Blues - Digital Blues / Definition
posted a comment on Digital Blues - Digital Blues / Definition. over 8 years ago
Sweet! Digital Blues is a killer track! Could've been a classic and shows Emery's skills at making trance. Definition sounds more playful and teasing, is a little softer and progressive. Not bad too, but my pick is definitely Digital Blues.
Master Techno - Vol. II
posted a comment on Master Techno - Vol. II. over 8 years ago
One of the quintessential techno vinyls of 1992. Of all the Master Techno releases, this was the one which stood above the others. All 4 tracks are respected classics.
Icon - Desire
posted a comment on Icon - Desire. over 8 years ago
Pure perfection. A seminal trance track. Both mixes don't stop to impress me even after two decades. Must have.
Afterburn - North Pole / Frattboy
posted a comment on Afterburn - North Pole / Frattboy. over 8 years ago
Ok, didn't even know this was an alias of Agnelli&Nelson and frankly, you can't hear it either, it sounds not as commercial as their "A&N" tracks. Northpole is a nice melodic builder with strings washing all over it. I really like the lower BPM here.... See full review
Mass Effect - Alphascan
posted a comment on Mass Effect - Alphascan. over 8 years ago
Boring stuff... almost fell asleep on Alphascan. Can't believe this shit is made bij M.I.K.E. Style says trance but it's not. If you really like trance, don't buy this.
Reflektive Feat. Louise De Fraine - Echoes
posted a comment on Reflektive Feat. Louise De Fraine - Echoes. over 8 years ago
Superb and exciting Origin remix with a great percussive buildup, a chilling and extremely beautiful breakdown where Louise De Fraines vocal gets in, and a lot of energy. If this doesn't make you move, nothing will. Recommended! And be sure to play it... See full review
Altitude - Altitude
posted a comment on Altitude - Altitude. over 8 years ago
All right here! Original is euphoric and uplifting... like it very much, the melody keeps turning into my head. Especially when the piano comes in, the musical values become apparent. Honestly, i think the shitty SHOKK remix is nothing much than a... See full review
DJ Marco Bailey* - Place To Heaven
posted a comment on DJ Marco Bailey* - Place To Heaven. over 8 years ago
Will check out that Phutura project you're talking of. Never heard of...
The Mackenzie - Rhythm Shot
posted a comment on The Mackenzie - Rhythm Shot. over 9 years ago
I think Higher in the Sky is the oldest trance track (1990) worthy of this name (higher BPM than new wave). Even nowadays, almost 25 years later, it sounds refreshing.
Velocity - Lust
posted a comment on Velocity - Lust. over 9 years ago
In "Lust", you can find one of the best accelerations in a trance tune EVER.
Piece Process - Synthsations
posted a comment on Piece Process - Synthsations. over 9 years ago
The original FUCKING RULES!!!!! Awesome deep bass, really crazy stuff. Why isn't this a prog classic? IMO better than Solar Myth! The remix on the other hand, is a disappointment
Perry O'Neil - Myst / Gravity
posted a comment on Perry O'Neil - Myst / Gravity. over 9 years ago
Gravity is the one to look for here. Infectious mix of drumwork, a strong bassline, uplifting riffs, breakdowns. What do you want more from a good old progressive track. Not much more as far as i'm concerned : it's an exorcising track that asks you... See full review
Aqualite - Rhythm Control
posted a comment on Aqualite - Rhythm Control. over 9 years ago
Insane and wicked stuff! This is dope pressed on vinyl (but you can get this dope for 1 euro)! All tracks are excellent. I'm not into hard trance but this is HIGHLY addictive. Viva Aqualite!
DJ Tatana - Moje Oci (Das Modell)
posted a comment on DJ Tatana - Moje Oci (Das Modell). over 9 years ago
A trancy remix of Kraftwerk's "Das Model". I must say the original mix really kicks ass, with a great buildup. It is more accessible than the other remixes on the vinyl (though the remix isn't bad too). As a rework, this is very decent. When the... See full review
DJ Tiësto - Theme From Norefjell
posted a comment on DJ Tiësto - Theme From Norefjell. over 9 years ago
The guy's musical talent is overrated (maybe he's much better as a deejay), that much is sure. I agree with Weareonenation that this is above average compared to his standard work (electro house bullshit), but i prefer the strong trance feeling of the... See full review