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submitted Thrashing And Insane - Return Of The Living Dead. over 4 years ago
submitted ZWGSTL* - Schub. over 8 years ago
submitted Red Sparrow (2) aka Lowtec - At The Park Late During Night. over 8 years ago
submitted Various - 240 Volts. over 9 years ago
Dinosaur L - Go Bang! #5 / Clean On Your Bean #1
submitted Dinosaur L - Go Bang! #5 / Clean On Your Bean #1. over 9 years ago
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys* - The Father Of Bluegrass
submitted Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys* - The Father Of Bluegrass. over 9 years ago
Missouri - I Won't Regret
submitted Missouri - I Won't Regret. over 9 years ago
James Vincent - Waiting For The Rain
submitted James Vincent - Waiting For The Rain. over 10 years ago
Kinski* / Villon* - Kinski Spricht Villon
submitted Kinski* / Villon* - Kinski Spricht Villon. over 10 years ago
Chocolate Milk (2) - Video Queen
submitted Chocolate Milk (2) - Video Queen. over 10 years ago
Tayfa De Cheikh Sidi Mohamed - Maroc: Confrérie Des Aïssawa
submitted Tayfa De Cheikh Sidi Mohamed - Maroc: Confrérie Des Aïssawa. over 11 years ago
Gang Of 4* - Hard
submitted Gang Of 4* - Hard. over 11 years ago
Dr.Norton* - Won't Remain Silent
submitted Dr.Norton* - Won't Remain Silent. over 11 years ago
The Irresistible Force - Fish Dances
posted a review of The Irresistible Force - Fish Dances. over 11 years ago
For me it's all about the Jimpster remix here, which has a very nice flow and atmosphere. It has a veeery slow, groovy breakbeat, warm & spacey repeating synth-stabs and a funky rhodes coming in later. The remaining remixes are ok, but bear no... See full review
The Monks
posted a review of The Monks. over 14 years ago
I just wanted to add to the recent review that the whole monk image was created by the two german artists/designers Walther Niemann and Karl-H. Remy, who also became the managers of The Monks. If you want to know more about the exceptional story of... See full review
D Ball - Slack
posted a review of D Ball - Slack. over 14 years ago
Just wanted to add some words, as i bought the record without knowing it, because of the KDJ/Sound Signature comparison. Nice record, but has nothing to do with the sound of KDJ or Sound Signature, imho, as someone wrote in the label profile. The... See full review
Meat Beat Manifesto
posted a review of Meat Beat Manifesto. over 15 years ago
Even if i don't know all of his works by far, i've been listening to Mr. Dangers every now and then for more than 15 years now. And I still like his music, even if my personal taste changed a lot since then. In my humble opinion, that is what few... See full review
Dewayne Davis - It Shows
posted a review of Dewayne Davis - It Shows. over 16 years ago
A hint for all you folks, searching for this 12" because of the Theo Parrish remix (as i did for a long time). As i got it now, i had to discover to my surprise, that the Theo mix is exactly the same track as "Late Night Show", the last track on the... See full review
D.Uni:Son - Orange
posted a review of D.Uni:Son - Orange. over 16 years ago
Absolutely beautiful release, the beatless "Even" consists of metallic drones with a melancholic feel billowing back and forth with lots of reverb and delay, in comes Paul St. Hilaire with his warm timbre singing repeatedly lines like: "even in the... See full review