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posted a review of Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face. 6 months ago
Sooo good: fantastic synths and great rhythm! I am so glad that the track is 6minutes long!!
posted a review of John Beltran - Candela / Starlight Memories. 7 months ago
"Candela" is fantastic - totally recommended! Top deep latin rhythm track.
posted a review of Jotabê - Like Bahia. 11 months ago
"Like Bahia" - what a great track! Thanks for sharing! :-)
posted a review of Os Gatos / Carlinhos Do Cavaco - Fly / A Feira. 11 months ago
"Fly" is so great and uplifting... top top top top!!
posted a review of Rupture (2) - Israel Suite / Dominante En Bleu. about 1 year ago
i thought "What a wonderful record ...!" when i first listened to a sample of the original issue offered by frenchattack. I was very delighted when i noticed that i will be reissued by frenchattack/diggersdigest and immediatly ordered a copy from ... See full review
posted a comment on Greenflow - Solutions. about 1 year ago
Unfortunalty very bad quality. But the only way to get it cheap.
posted a review of Milton Hamilton Crystalized* - Disco Madness. over 2 years ago
Every track is a winner on this record! A must buy in my opinion.
posted a review of Latanza Waters - Ordinary People. over 2 years ago
Rainer Trüby played the "Original Demo Mix" version - it's so beatiful and uplifting - simply great!
posted a comment on Joni & Z - Nem Você Pode Entender / Domingo De Fuga. over 2 years ago
"Nem Você Pode Entender" is such a lovely track - really recommended! Anyone wants to sell ...? :-)
posted a review of Luiz Carlos* Com Conjunto CBS - Samba Jovem. over 2 years ago
What a great record! If you see it - buy it!
posted a review of Leo Flag - Flou. over 3 years ago
Beautiful music, soft and careful. I really like listening to the whole album.
posted a review of Gjon Delhusa - Gjon Delhusa. over 3 years ago
Beautiful track "Sing nur"!
posted a review of Francis Hime - Se Porém Fosse Portanto. over 4 years ago
What a great record and in my opinion totally under the radar winner album! I got into this album when i first listened to the track "Se Porém Fosse Portanto" which could be an early hip hop track with kind of spoken/sung words and nice haunting ... See full review
posted a comment on Joyce Jones & Velma Jones - Queen Constance Theme. over 6 years ago
Ahh! Thanks alot! :-)
posted a comment on Joyce Jones & Velma Jones - Queen Constance Theme. over 6 years ago
DJ Spinna has put "Queen Constance Theme" on his latest compilation and it sounds flawless. Do you know, which 12" he's probably used?
And yeah, the latest 404 EP on ebay a few days ago also had this audio problems... really too bad!
posted a comment on Di Melo - Di Melo. over 7 years ago
But i heard, that the reissue was originally sold for around 80 dollars in brazil. What a pity tough, cause i already held it in my hands ...