Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Resident of Austin, Texas, as of Jan. 2015.
I've also lived in Dallas (May 2014-Jan. 2015) and Oklahoma City (May 2008-Dec. 2009).

Current project: I work in an office with a backlog in the thousands of international promo and independent Austin releases, and am attempting to grab a few dozen each week for documentation. It might get a little weird.

A quick plea to current or onetime KC area residents: My goal is to completely document as many artists/releases from the Kansas City/Lawrence region as possible. If you can help me in this neverending quest by providing me with that which I am missing, please get in touch. There's an extensive list of things both on my wantlist and below (currently not logged in the db) for which I am still searching – don't hesitate to contact me here or via email [riotontheplaza at] if you have anything from these lists. There are also many bands and releases I've forgotten over the years or am unaware of, so even though it may not be on any of my wantlists, doesn't necessarily mean I don't wish to own it. This especially includes short-run demo releases that were only available on cassette or CDr, which are the most elusive. And while digital-only music definitely existed pre-Bandcamp/Soundcloud (, Myspace, Reverbnation) these recordings in official (albums, EPs, singles) and unofficial (unsorted groups of demo tracks) capacity have proven to be among the most difficult to find today.

A few locavore Discogs lists I've compiled for posterity:
•The ever-growing (1,800-plus) Artists from greater Kansas City list.
•The now 100-plus Labels from greater Kansas City list.
•The still infantile Music venues from greater Kansas City list.
•A yet-to-be-created Recording studios from greater Kansas City list.

At this link you may find a (pretty infrequently updated) list of all of the digital/ripped releases I have from the greater Kansas City region, including the outlying regions of Topeka, Wichita, Manhattan, Warrensburg, Springfield, and Columbia. Get in touch if a trade strikes your fancy.

Some folks who've been 'ogging for the greater good (by submitting KC/LFK things):
aaronrkc, boa2367, michstoecker, robotick, studnatub

KC/LFK record stores with an active Discogs presence:
BarnyardOrbit, GotWhatULikeRecords, JoseyRecordsKC, lovegardensounds, MillsRecordCompany

A few resources I've used in my research into older KC area music:
Bent Edge KC Punk
The Kansas Note
KC Punk Rock Show
KC Rock History Project
Mr. Fink's old KC flyers
Mr. Fink's Oxide Flake archives

I have been buying, selling, and trading records online since late 2003. I have hosted my tradelist on Recordnerd, Viva La Vinyl, How's Your Edge, and Dead Format, but Discogs is at present the only website on which I list any of my physical collection. I no longer use eBay whatsoever.

The Afterhours - 7" - Little Hits [not sure if ever released]
Conner (3) - Jump Up And Know Now 7" - Not On Label [may not exist?]
The Hillary Watts Riot - 7" - Not On Label?
Psychowelders - Inertia 7" - Not On Label?
Lost Pride / The Controlled 7" - Low Quality [did this come out?]
The Novellas - Gladys And Other Girls LP - Gardyloo [1989]

...Or Die Trying - Never Trust A Junkie CS - Not On Label
110 Volts - Demo CS - Not On Label
Arson Carnival - CS - Not On Label
Big Perm - Side One CS - Not On Label
The Bill Wennington Fan Club - …And You Thought We Sucked CS - JoCo Ska
The Blinkies - Demo CS [early '80s country-rock?]
Blue Museum - Breakout CS
Blush - Chicago Obsession Demos CS; ed. of 20 [Lazy, et al]
Bonzo Madrid - Worry CS - High Dive Records
The Bubble Boys - The Boy In The Bubble CS - Not On Label
Catholic Abortions - CS?
Cher U.K. - The Gambler CS (released as Cher)
Chubby Smith 5 - Hillbilly Thunder CS
Eunuch (4) - Mongoloid Tears CS - XO Press
Fine Hoods - New Sensations CS; ed. of 20
Fortuning - Beyond Joy CS; ed. of 50
Fortuning - Gninutrof CS; ed. of 50
Freds - 5-Song Demo CS [c. 2010]
Free Verse - CS
The Gear - The Gear CS [possibly the first KC punk band?]
Generix - CS [early '80s KC punk]
Grumpy - Grump CS [with Jeff Freling, Kyle Dahlquist, etc.]
HappE SunshEn - PrEtty FlowErs CS - Low Quality
Hubble - Demo CS? [Andrew Ashby/Matt Wolber - not sure one exists]
Idiot's Delight - Hell Drinkers Beer Raisers CS - Roundup
Jabberjosh - Waking Up The Neighborhood Tonight! CS - Not On Label
Jazz Discharge - CS [Brad Cox, James Isaac, Jeff Harshbarger, Matt Brewer, Scotty McBee]
Killed In The Face - Fuck You. I Don't Give a Fuck About Bob Dylan. CS - Not On Label
Kingpin - Demo CS? [Jim Suptic/Rob & Ryan Pope/Doug Davenport - not sure one exists]
Lazy (9) - Fallen Wall EP CS
Lazy (9) - I.D.'s CS - Tape Machine; ed. of 100
Lazy (9) - Live Plus Demos CS - Red Hots; ed. of 10 [as The Lazy]
The Mahoots - Resurrection Lily CS
Marching Powder - Demo CS - Not On Label
Meat Mist - Sludged Blood CS
Mondo Dondo - CS? [ex-Micronotz]
Moving Van Goghs - Octaphenia EP [could have been a CD]
Moving Van Goghs - Moving Van Goghs CS
Moving Van Goghs - Wintermind EP [possibly a CD]
The New Wave Brothers - Return To Battle CS [1990]
The New Wave Brothers - Who Lives Part II CS [1992]
No Qtr - Demo CS
Office Supplies - Idle Rich CS [mem. of The YardApes]
Other Geese - Demo CS [pre-Pedaljets?]
Pamper The Madman - Demo CS
PDA - 15 Minutes Demo CS - Low Quality
Piston Grind - CS?
Ruskabank - Swank! CS
Secret Decoder Ring - Demo CS? [T. Becker/M. Pryor/M. Alexander/Sean McDonald - exists?]
Sevasch - Demo CS? [Matt Pryor, Rob from Secular Theme - not sure it exists]
The Slabs - CS?
Sodbusters - Demo CS - Not On Label [pre-Buddy Lush Phenomenon]
Split Infinitives - Demo CS - Not On Label [never released publicly?]
Sunday Drive - Fat Like Cupid CS - Not On Label
Sunday Drive - Pop Psychology CS - Not On Label
Tackled For A Loss ‎- 194th Terrace CS
Tanka Ray - What Scene? 1998 Demo CS - Not On Label
Thulium - The Blue Tape CS - Not On Label [four song demo]
Thumbs (2) - Demo CS - Not On Label [4 songs]
Tilt - Demo CS ['80s KC punk band]
Torben (2) - Demo CS - Not On Label
Way Back Machine - CS - Not On Label
The Wilmas - More Songs About Girls CS - Not On Label
The Wilmas - Son Of More Songs About Girls CS - Not On Label
Lazy (9) / Casey Guest / Rip Vip CS; ed. of 15 [as Knot Lazy]
Lazy (9) / Scammers CS; ed. of 10 [as Knot Lazy]
Various - Center Of The Universe CS [1985] (The YardApes, Xposed 4heads, cat-c, Max L. Ray, Life After Life, Short-Term Memory, Jim Skeel, Rearrangement)

4th Offense - Demo [unreleased?]
110 Volts - Drive-In Dream Date CD
Abbington - My Invisible Friend CD
The ACBs - The ACBs - Not On Label [folding cardboard slipcase instead of digipak]
Aeolian - Fighting A Future Meltdown CD
Aeolian - Wolfman Safari CD
Aerialuxe - Silencing The Sound Of Reason CDEP - Not On Label
Aerialuxe - Silencing The Sound Of Reason CD - SunSeaSky re-issue
The Afterhours - The Afterhours CDEP
The Akanes - Eradicator EP
Ample Branches - True Vine CD
Annie On My Mind - So Now that We're Friends… CDEP - Not On Label [released post-Ritalin Kids]
Another Holiday - Landing Space For Leaves To Fall CD
Anteye Luci - Overlooked And Underrated CD - Not On Label [probably a CDr]
Anti-Matter - 7-Song CD - Not On Label [probably CDr, later changed their name to The Stink]
Aqua-Symphonics - CD [was it released?]
The Armory - The Armory CD
The Armory - The New Depression CD
Ate Up - '06 Demo CDr [might have been a cassette?]
Atone At Tone - EP [possibly unreleased?]
Aubrey (6) - Aubrey CDEP
Audiovox - This Could Change Everything CD [released?]
The Autumn State - Charming Situations CDEP
The Autumn State - Ringing Out The Wedding Bells CDEP
Backseat Driver - 2003 CDEP
Backseat Driver - Objects Are Larger Than They Appear CD
Bandit Teeth - Demo CDr
The Beautiful Bodies - Touch Me CD
Belinder Boulevard - Broken Sticks CDr - Not On Label
The Belles - Misery Loves Industry CD [?]
Bent Left - Punk Rock Country Club
Bent Left - Steal Back The Government EP
The Big Iron - Bury My Mistakes CD - Not On Label
The Big Iron - Thanks For The Therapy CD - Not On Label
The Billions - Live Home Recordings CDr [?]
The Billions - Trash & Treasure CD
Bill McKemy - Duende CD
Bill McKemy - Om Nidrah CD
Bodisartha - Leave The Poor People Alone CDr - Not On Label
Boo And Boo Too - Oh. CDEP
Boot Hill - Boot Hill CD
Boot Hill - Laudenum CD
Boxer Rebellion - Courtesy With Claws CD [four-track EP]
The Brighton Line - Even In The Future Nothing Works CD - Not On Label
The Brighton Line - Four-Song Demo CDr [may be another format]
The Broadcast - Demo [not sure format, later became The Anniversary]
Bulldog Front - Fashionable Anarchist EP [might have been a cassette, pre-Go Generation]
A Burial At Sea - Walking Hand In Hand In Hand With The Three-Armed Man CD [not totally sure it was released]
Cheating Kay - Concept CD - House Of Tears Sound
Chloe Bridges - The Black Heart Empire CD [may be digital?]
Clint K Band - Here We Go CD
Clock Work - Demo CD/CDr [Lawrence band; had at least three demos]
Cloud Dog - Black Night White Light CD
Cloud Dog - first CD [has animals on it]
Comes Crashing - …And I Hate You CD [CDr?]
Contortion Horse - Contortion Horse CD
Culture Camp - Years CD - Not On Label
Danger Bob - For Unlawful Christmas Knowledge CD - Not On Label [may have been a CS]
Danger Bob - Girls Of The Big 12 CD - Not On Label [may have been a CS]
Danger Bob - The Joshua Tree CD - Not On Label [may have been a CS]
The Dark Circles - The Dark Circles CD - Not On Label
The Daybirds - You Rock! CD
Dead Dora - Speaks! CD [although I recall this possibly being on LP]
Deco Auto - Past Mistakes And Hauntings CDEP - Not On Label [I think it's a pro-made CDr]
Descension (2) - Inventing Chaos CD
Descension (2) - Raw Chaos Live CDr
Descension (2) - Storm From The North (Demo) CDr
Destroid Youth - CD?
Die Section Ate - Demo CDr
Die Section Ate - Nuclear Death Core CD
Distance To Empty - Distance To Empty CD
Distance To Empty - Relaxcitement CD
Diversion 4.0 - Let's Just Be Friends CD
The Down Trunks - Fifteen Even CD
The Down Trunks - Rock Unincorporated CD
Dragqueen - God Save The Dragqueen CD - Not On Label [not officially released]
Dragqueen - Surprise Dead Superstar CD - Not On Label
Effigy (8) - A Dozen Roses CD
Effigy (8) - We Gave It A Try CD
Egomaniacs (2) - Primer CD
Egomaniacs (2) - The Rest Of… CD [heard it may be a 2xCD]
El Fontain - Blueberry CD - Not On Label
Electronimo - Electronimo CDEP - Not On Label
Ethan's Revenge - CD [if they released anything?]
The F Holes - Livin' On Muscle, Guts & Luck CD
The F Holes - Ride Again! CD
The Fashion Statements - The Emperor CD - Not On Label
Fed*Up - Fed*Up CDEP - Not On Label [probably a CDr]
Fed*Up - Look Who's Laughing Now CD - Not On Label [probably a CDr]
Fifteen Minutes Fast - First CD [released as a trio?]
Filthy Jim - Night Killers CD
Fine Hoods - New Sensations CDr; ed. of 50
Fists Up! - Six Feet Under CDEP - Not On Label [probably a CDr]
Flattery Leads To Ruins - Demo CDr - Not On Label [full album, not the 3-song demo that came later]
Forever Has Fallen - Demo CDr [exists?]
Forevernevercame - Demo CDr - Not On Label [Toby Lawrence from Molly McGuire]
Fortuning - Low Power CDr
Free All Beats - Free All Beats CD [feat. Patrick Hangauer]
The Gadjits - Our Time To CDEP
Gametime - Gametime CD - Not On Label
Gametime - Let The Games Begin! CDEP - Not On Label
Getaway Driver - Sparkling Pistol CDEP
Go Generation - 2000-2002: The Japanese B-Sides Album CD - Not On Label [may just be a CDr]
Good Morning Superhero - Can You Sense The End? CDr [three songs?]
Grovel - Here CD
Haloshifter - CD?
The Hearers - In Dreamlife CD
The Hillary Watts Riot - A/S/L CD
The Hillary Watts Riot - Volume CD
Honeywagen - Atomic Cafe CD
Honeywagen - Station Wow CD
Hopeless Destroyers - Now With 13% More Punk! CDEP
The Hospital (3) - The Hospital CDEP - Not On Label [probably CDr]
The Hot Children - Drunk Surgeon CD
Howard Iceberg & The Titanics - Raising The Titanics 7xCD [box set?]
Hyperspherian - Hyperspherian CD [full-length]
The I Don't Do Gentlemen - CDr? - Not On Label
Jade Raven - Demo - Not On Label [five songs, most likely a CDr, but could be a CS]
Jade Raven - In The Dark CD
Jeremy's Box - A Hangover You Didn't Deserve CD
Jeremy's Box - Drunk Enough To Dance CD
Jeremy's Box - Much More Beautiful Person CDEP
Jeremy's Box - Rock On, Honorable Ones! CD
Jeremy's Box - The Great Burrito Extortion Case CD
Johnny Black & Assassins - Goin' To Durango! CD
Keely Zoo - Finger Donkey 2xCD?
The Kents - Gauche CD - City Spark [1992; feat. Sean McEniry]
K.T.P - Tone Poison CD
Laredo - Demo #1 CDr - Not On Label
Laredo - Demo #2 CDr - Not On Label
Laredo - Laredo CDEP - Not On Label [might be a CDr]
Last Ride Out - Ad Astra Per Aspera CD - NUethic 2002
Last Ride Out - Pucknation Dot Com [The Album] CD - Agravated Music 2002
Last Ride Out - Reflections & The Storm 2-Song Demo CDr - Not On Label 2001
Last Ride Out - The Beginning Of The End CDr - Not On Label 1999
Lazy (9) - BC CD - Solid Melts; ed. of 20
Lazy (9) - January 2013 Tour CDr; ed. of 50
Lazy (9) - Obsession CDr; ed. of 100
Let's Rodeo - CD? - Not On Label
Lights & Siren - Our Hands Make Waves CDEP [ex-Anvil Chorus (3)]
Lost Pride - CD? - Not On Label
Lovers In Transit - Gemini CD - Not On Label/Oxblood?
Lushbox - I Hate This Bus CD
The Lust-R-Tones - Lookin’ Back CD - Not On Label
Mailorder Midgets - Can I Get Your Digits? CDr - Not On Label
Mailorder Midgets - Goin' Postal CDr - Not On Label
Mailorder Midgets - Self-Titled EP! CDr - Not On Label
Mass Street Murder - Mass Street Murder CD - Not On Label
Missile My Doll - The Brakeman's Manual Demo CDr - Not On Label
The Mongol Beach Party - Toast CD
Monsters In The Basement - Demo CDr [Lawrence crust punk; c. 2006]
Muscle Worship - CDEP - Not On Label [probably a CDr]
Naomi What? - Demo [?]
Nasa's Little Secret - 5-Song Basement Demo - Not On Label [possibly a CS]
Nasa's Little Secret - Perfect CD - Not On Label [possibly a CS]
National Fire Theory - First Demo CDr - Not On Label
National Fire Theory - Living With Nothing Left CDr - Not On Label
Nightingale - Demo [not sure if it was released]
The Nonfiction - CD [not sure if it was released]
The Norman Three-Sixty - The Norman Three-Sixty CD [same as cassette?]
The Now - Down Deep CD - City Spark [1991; feat. Chip Sage]
The Old Black - Demo CDr - Not On Label [four songs, pretty sure]
One Last Hope - A Tribute To Preston CDr - Not On Label
Outhouse - The Rest Of… CD [think it may be a 2xCD]
Overstep (4) - Laughter After Disaster CD [might just be a CDr]
Pendergast (2) - Between The Bottle And The Pulpit CD
The People (23) - Japan CDEP - Not On Label
Perfumed Nightmare - CD [think this was an aka Snuff Jazz release]
Pink Thursday - Jeudi Rose CD [could be CDr?]
Post-Noise Sensation - Demo CD [?]
Punchline - Break Your Necks CD - Not On Label [KC hardcore band]
Punchline - Punchline CD - Not On Label [KC hardcore band]
The Ramalamas - Maximum Punk & Soul CD - Not On Label
Redshift - Blackbox CD
The Rich Boys - $ CD [heard this may also be on green vinyl]
The Rich Boys - Expose CD
Rivendale - Demo CDr - Not On Label
Rivercity Revelators - Motorvate CDEP
Rivercity Revelators - Red Flag CD
Robico & The Deathray Angels - Satan's Little Black Book CD [12 songs]
Rock Over London - New Youth CD - Not On Label
The Roseline - A Wall Behind It CD
The Roseline - Lust For Luster CD
The Roseline - Vast As Sky CD
Ruskabank - Swank! CD - Not On Label
Rusty Scott (2) - Yonder Goes the Light CDr - Not On Label
Saint Jude - The Celebrated Cost Of Leaving CDr - Not On Label
Salt The Earth - Serpentarius CDEP - Not On Label [probably a CDr, has possibly four early tracks]
Saved By Grace - 2-Song Demo CDr - Not On Label [recorded before Josh]
Secret Club - Sunday Suite CD
Serpentor - Imminent Death demo CDr - Not On Label [may have been a CS]
Short Changed (2) - 4-Song Demo CDr - Not On Label
Shotgun Jenny - Home Demos CDr - Not On Label [?]
Shotgun Jenny - Punch Out!! CD - Not On Label
Shotgun Jenny - Somehow, Someway, Someday CD - Not On Label
Shotgun Idols - Rock N Roll Tragedy CD - Not On Label
The Skate-O-Masochists - The Thrashin' Of The Christ CD - Not On Label
Sky Burial - Distance To The Gingko CD
Sleeztax - CD?
Sloppy Popsicles - Demo CDr - Not On Label [?]
Snailherder - CD?
Softee - Babies From The Lair CDr [don't know anything about this]
Solefish - 1000 Monkeys CD
Solefish - Solefish CD
Startruck - CD?
Steadfast - When Words And Weapons Fail… CDEP [probably CDr]
The Stink - Contemporary America CD
The String And Return - The Demonstration CDEP
Super Young Island - Super Young Island CD
Tablets Of Orion - Asleep And Waiting CDEP
The Tambourine Club - The Great Big Snow CDr
Ten Hour Drive - It's The Slaughter That Makes Me Smile CDEP - Not On Label [unreleased?]
This Building Is Cursed - Cantus Firmus CD
This Building Is Cursed - Demo CDEP
Thom Hoskins - Beauty First CDr [as Thommy Hoskins]
Thom Hoskins - I Wish I Was Deaf CDr [as Thommy Hoskins]
Thousandaire - 13-Hour Drive CD [probably CDr]
Thousandaire - Midwest Superiority Complex CD [probably CDr]
The Throttlers - CD
Thulium - Mars Needs Pimps Too CDEP - Not On Label
Thulium - The Secret Club CD - Not On Label
Thulium - Thulium CD - Not On Label [aka The White Album]
The Trelese - Working Towards 2203 CDEP
T*Shirt - The Convincer CD
Tut Tut (2) - The Heart Goes Nine CD
TV Fifty - Test Pattern: Live And Unreleased CD
The Underdog Conspiracy - Don't Die CD [maybe a CDr]
Unknown Stuntman - Natural Male Enhancement CD [probably a CDr]
Unstoppable Thought Leopards - CD?
The Uprights - Going Somewhere CDEP
Volara - Demo CDEP [probably a CDr]
Volara - Heroes Of Epic And Romance CD
Welton Founder - Welton Founder CD
When Good Robots Go Bad - Assemble Tha Horde CDr [aka I'm Fuckin Pissed Off As Fuck]
When Good Robots Go Bad - Year Of The Broadsword CDr
Contortion Horse / Priss - Split CD
Last Ride Out / No Tomorrow - Split CD [never released?]
Mailorder Midgets / Ozark Pick-Up Ranch CDr
Various - Frequency Vol. 1 CD (Taken In Vain, Moire, Eyes Of The Betrayer, and 12 others)
Various - KCMA National Union Of The Homeless Benefit CD[?] [1992] (Billygoat, The Starkweathers, The Hook, Shag, Blue Museum, Joey Skidmore Band, L.S.D., Power & Fear)

This section is for that which may have never received an official physical/digital release, but still likely exists
3rd Ear [late '80s KC/LFK band]
The Abilities [early 2000s KC punk band?]
Bandit Teeth - Challengeder [unreleased]
Bandit Teeth - Having More Fun But Enjoying It Less [unreleased]
Battlecats [early '80s KC punk band?]
Blind Ambition [late '90s KC punk band?]
Braindarts [late '80s KC band with members of The YardApes]
The Controlled - We Shall Overcome! [may just be demos]
The Dyselectics - Recording Session [late '80s?]
The Electron Volts - Demo? [need to confirm with Mike A. about this band]
EMF [late '80s KC punk band]
Gin Bankers [mid-late '80s Lawrence band]
Good 4 Nothings [early 2000s KC punk band?]
Kelly Girls - Demo
Madd Scientists [late '90s KC band]
Marshall Law - 7" ['80s Lawrence punk band, may have released on CS?]
The Missiletones [late '90s KC punk band?]
Moist & Chewy [late '90s KC punk band]
Mudhead - LP [recorded, unreleased]
Names Don't Matter ['80s KC punk band]
NDFW (Nasty Dirty Flesh Wound) [late '90s ska/hardcore band? Richie Restivo fronted?]
Ritalin Kids [late '90s KC punk band, not sure if they recorded anything]
Pillbox ['80s band with Chuck Mead]
PMS - Paisley & Pink [late '80s? Feat. Lori Goodrich]
Sky Of Siam [mid '90s KC punk band]
Smack Dab [mid '90s KC punk band]
String Of Coincidence [late '80s KC punk band]
Teenage Devil Dolls [mid '90s KC punk band]
Tunnel Dogs [early-mid '80s KC punk band]

The Misfires - What Else To Do 7" - Watch My Stance

nothing at this time

1) The Salivation Army / The Problem Adicts 7" - Not On Label - clear gold [no pic sleeve/track listing]
2) Walker (5) / Chemical Blue 5" - Harmless Records - plant error 7" test [one side is the B-side of the split, reverse is Waxwing's side of their split with The Casket Lottery, a series of intentional scratches making it unplayable]

1) Homestead Grays - Homestead Grays CDr - Not On Label [I believe this to be a bootleg of their discog]
2) Over Stars And Gutters - 5-Song 2008 Demo CDr - Not On Label [need to figure out the tracklisting]
3) The Pedaljets - Pedaljets CDr - Oxblood [this is a master remix of the re-issue]
4) This Alibi - The Grass Grow Green score CDr - Not On Label [no track listing/info]
5) The Afterparty (2) - unreleased final album CDr - Not On Label [unofficial?]

Go Generation - We Are The Blue Brigade [band]

Other resources:
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