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posted a review of Sendertechnik. over 15 years ago
A wonderful little label. Some beautiful electo pop / electronica numbers. Deep soulful soundscapes to 8bit blip, fantastic. Label was linked closely with Skanfrom and his A.D.S.R. label. Sadly, Sendertechnik didn't last the test of time, but what it... See full review
posted a review of Skanfrom. over 15 years ago
Sadly no longer releasing under the moniker of Skanfrom, well hasn't for quite some time now, Roger made some stunning electro music. The easiest comparision, illustrated in the run out groove of ADSR 09, to make for Skanfrom is Bochum Welt. Both seem... See full review
posted a review of Legowelt - Dark Days. over 17 years ago
I think its worth noting that a few of the tracks on the album are taken from Space Force, a cassette album from 1996 given by Danny to his mates. The following tracks from the cassette are found on the album: Lego Resistance, Wir lebten im Miniland,... See full review
posted a review of Dr. Derek F. - D.F.1. over 19 years ago
Do we smell some more of that secret skam buzz? Yes is the simple answer. Following skams 33 sublabels first release of Mortal + Chemist(Ae or not Ae that is the question), we are left to wonder again about Dr Derrick F. FE say that is is DJ Hyper... See full review