I've a wide taste in music but especially modal jazz, reggae (I do some reggae DJ'ing), drum n bass, British and Australian punk, new wave and indie, soul, funk and lots inbetween

I am a reggae moderator and happy to give any help or advice on reggae submissions - just email me.

Also do some writing about boxing at 15rounds.com

None of my music is for sale. Cheers!
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posted a comment on Courtney Pine - Black Notes From The Deep. 1 day ago
I completely agree with you. It has a timeless feel to it
posted a comment on DJ Koze - Knock Knock. 4 days ago
at over 78 minutes this is probably one of the longest CDs I have. Its very good of course..
posted a review of José James - Lean On Me. 18 days ago
Interpretations of other people's work is perhaps what Jose James does best. His Billie Holiday collection was peerless. This is collection of Bill Withers pieces is great too
posted a comment on Siouxsie And The Banshees* - Juju. about 1 month ago
Fair enough, but I think you enjoy it more if you see how they got there. I'd go in chronological order
posted a comment on Ruts* - The Crack. about 1 month ago
Now solved. Rocky was Malcolm Owen's wife not sure of her real name though
posted a comment on Grant (24) - Cranks. 2 months ago
late to the party getting hold of this, but its really excellent. Quite a few vocals samples that I know I've heard somewhere before, that will keep me busy tracking down for a while. Get a copy if you can
submitted Ross From Friends - Family Portrait. 2 months ago
submitted Bluestaeb - Everything Is Always a Process. 2 months ago
submitted Tenderlonious featuring The 22archestra - The Shakedown. 2 months ago
submitted Moses Taiwa Molelekwa - Genes And Spirits. 2 months ago
submitted Kaoru Inoue - Em Paz. 3 months ago
submitted Marquis Hawkes Feat. Jamie Lidell - We Should Be Free. 3 months ago
submitted Lack Of Afro - Jack Of All Trades. 3 months ago
submitted Wonk (3) - Gemini: Flip Couture #1. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Garrett David - The Time. 3 months ago
This managed to sit in my new records pile for nearly 2 years without me playing it. Mistake. Its lush and deep and summery and you can play any of the tracks out
submitted Kaidi Tatham - It's A World Before You. 3 months ago
posted a review of Peggy Gou - Once. 3 months ago
its the vibes that make this. And the breathy Korean vocal. It just breathes summer
posted a review of Sweet William (8) - Jasmine. 3 months ago
Its a pity that almost no-one outside Japan will hear this because its really excellent. I only speak a few words of Japanese so I can't tell you anything about the rap, but the beats are interestingly fragmented cuts of jazz and found pieces of urban ... See full review
submitted Carroll Thompson - Sings Phyllis Dillon. 3 months ago
posted a review of Tracey Thorn - Record. 5 months ago
Great lyrics, but Tracey's voice has gone and Ewan Pearson doesn't seem to have put a lot of thought into the production. So its ultimately a bit light
submitted Jan Jelinek - Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records. 5 months ago
submitted Kasbo - Places We Don't Know. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Apparel Wax - 003 EP. 5 months ago
Apparel 002 came with a free balloon and this one comes with a free... pencil
posted a comment on Rhythm Section International. 5 months ago
Up until RS019 this was one of my favourite labels, and introduced me to Al Dobson and the fabulous Henry Wu, FYI Chris and Chaos In The CBD all of who's releases across various labels I have.Duke Hugh and Mallard also great. But. 30/70, String Theory, ... See full review
posted a comment on Kamaal Williams - The Return. 5 months ago
Fair enough, but I don't agree. I DO agree that Black Focus is a better record - but that was close to perfect. This is just extremely good
posted a comment on Ewan Jansen / Trinidadian Deep - Various Vol.1. 6 months ago
The Trinadadian Deep side is an absolute stonker. Old school gospel keyboards based floor filler
posted a comment on Bellaire - Paris City Jazz. 7 months ago
An early contender for 2018 record of the year. I was playing this when a friend came round and she said "oh a new St Germain record"
posted a comment on Apparel Wax - 002. 7 months ago
Mine came with an Apparel Wax err....balloon. Yes a balloon.
submitted Bad Hop - Mobb Life. 7 months ago
submitted Hanah Spring - Dreamin'. 7 months ago
submitted Mondo Grosso - Attune / Detune. 7 months ago
submitted J. Lamotta* - Conscious Tree. 7 months ago
submitted Sweet William (8) - Jasmine. 7 months ago
submitted Talib Kweli - Radio Silence. 7 months ago
submitted Blue Rondo À La Turk - Chewing The Fat. 7 months ago
submitted Phillip Lassiter - Chill Mode. 7 months ago
submitted Umii - This Time. 7 months ago
submitted Reginald Omas Mamode IV - Children Of Nu. 7 months ago
submitted Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah* - The Emancipation Procrastination. 7 months ago
submitted The Potone! - Yamanashii. 7 months ago
submitted M-Koda - External Reference. 7 months ago
submitted (U)nity - (U)nity Is Power. 8 months ago
submitted Karriem Riggins - Headnod Suite. 8 months ago
submitted Massive Attack - The Spoils . 8 months ago
submitted Jonti - Tokorats. 8 months ago
submitted Antililly* & Phoniks - It's Nice Outside. 8 months ago
submitted Noya Rao - Icaros. 8 months ago
submitted Prins Thomas - 5. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Doo-Bop. 9 months ago
At the time of course, everyone hated this. But its stood the test of time pretty well. Ok so some of the rapping is weak, but the horn and samples work well together. As always Miles was trying to stay contemporary and doing a pretty reasonable job. ... See full review
submitted Wonk (3) x The Love Experiment - Binary. 9 months ago