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submitted Prince - Kiss. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Wax Equestrian - Bulging Zippa. over 6 years ago
Squeeky goodness
posted a comment on Amb - WhereRYa. over 6 years ago
This track is still sneaky 13 years on 'I in me hauze'
posted a comment on Jeff Dam - Does It Really Matter / 194. over 6 years ago
Not sure why this track doesn't create more interest, the production on the first track is excellent.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Beber* - Chief Rocka. over 6 years ago
Seriously well produced breaks
posted a comment on Captain Spec X Ray - Revamped Raver. over 6 years ago
'Super saver, revamped raver'
posted a comment on Journey Man DJ - The Useful Numbers EP. over 6 years ago
Classic breaks
posted a comment on Ipman - Persistent Dread / Signal Motion. over 6 years ago
Signal Motion has some serious texture.
posted a comment on Manni Dee - Dreams, Fears & Idols. over 6 years ago
Very high quality E.P. as a whole.
posted a comment on Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Palladium / Penthouse Serenade. over 7 years ago
Classic french house, analogue lovelyness with dusty samples.
posted a comment on Kavita Singh. over 7 years ago
Holy crap this woman's voice is beautiful and sexy!
posted a review of Bougie Soliterre - Simple Things. over 7 years ago
Superficial is a beautiful track and sentiment.
posted a comment on Various - The Salinas Sessions. over 7 years ago
This mix is a complete sleeper, some stunning house on there that is a cut above the rest, as well as some rare ambient stuff.
posted a comment on John Creamer & Stephane K - I Wish You Were Here. over 7 years ago
About the B side 3am mix on this one, early morning mystery!
posted a comment on The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur Live At The Barbican DVD 06.05 2007. over 7 years ago
Includes 'Burnout' which doesn't appear on the audio releases of this concert.
Ultra rare promo that never made it to DVD release.
posted a comment on Various - In Order To Dance 6. over 7 years ago
My fav on here is Detroit. 1995 was really about intelligent Drum and bass with Metalheadz and Moving Shadow both putting out some magic.
If you like this then also try the 'Storm from the East' comps on Moving Shadow.
posted a comment on Raze - Break 4 Love. over 7 years ago
Nice remix as it contains the original version on the b side
posted a comment on The Timewriter. over 7 years ago
Quality control of this guy is amazing, everything is top notch.
posted a comment on Eric B. & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul (General Midi Remix). over 8 years ago
General Midi Bootleg
posted a comment on Stanton Warriors - She Not In. over 8 years ago
I just don't understand why this is put in the Tech House area ??? It has no Techno or House elements in it. It is a Breaks bootleg of Chicken Lip's 'He Not In' simple as that.

Incidentally 'Punks' are the Stanton Warriors, not exactly famous for... See full review
posted a comment on Wildchild - Renegade Master. over 8 years ago
Both the Young & dangerous are listed as mixes on the promo. The one listed here as the dub has more vocals and the other sounds more of a dub. Think they may of been listed the wrong way round here, although the First bit of vinyl would make more... See full review
posted a comment on Bushwacka! - The Egyptian. over 8 years ago
Superb prog breaks. I have the white lable promo.
posted a comment on DJ Icey - Beats & Tracks Volume 16. over 8 years ago
Has a very cool breaks version of 7 day and 1 week on it.
posted a comment on Groove Armada - Superstylin'. over 8 years ago
Beefy breaks version, good crowd reactions to this one!
posted a comment on Jambo! - Drum Attack. over 8 years ago
Contains original!
posted a comment on Presser / Friendly & Toby Neal - 2Black2Gay / Sneaker Sex. over 8 years ago
Disco suxxxxz!!!
posted a comment on Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night. over 8 years ago
Everybody knows the bassline 'wamp, wamp' Dance classic.
posted a comment on Zero - Emit / Collect (Remixes). over 8 years ago
Nuskool anthem , Pilgrems mix is a classic.
posted a comment on Inner Sanctum (2) - How Soon Is Now. over 8 years ago
Hybrid mix on there!
posted a comment on Hoffman (2) - Everybody / Cum With Me. over 8 years ago
Classic plod step :P
posted a comment on Psychotropic - Hypnosis. over 8 years ago
Has a nice fresh press of the original and Coombs isn't shabby at all. Total oldskool classic.
posted a comment on Rennie Pilgrem & Dub Species - The Sermon. over 8 years ago
'Feel my Mutha f^&kin' bass in ya face!'
posted a comment on Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid - 2001. over 8 years ago
Remixes are hq, but the original brings back those memories.
Normal chunky Plumps mix with their talent for 'plumping' up the acid in anything. Gurning breakbeat dancefloor spazout bizzness.
posted a comment on Scratch D vs H-Bomb* - The Red Pill. over 8 years ago
Rinsed by the Plump's, well everybody really. I still haven't found the bottom of the rabbit hole.
posted a comment on DJ Technique - My Definition (The Remixes). over 8 years ago
Lee Coombs mix got played alot, and is probably the best on this.
posted a comment on BT - Smartbomb. over 8 years ago
This is an early nuskool classic!
posted a comment on Mulder - Listen To The Basstone / Rub My Boomstick. over 8 years ago
This is worth more star, this will get a dancefloor going your way!
posted a comment on Criminal Element Orchestra - Put The Needle To The Record. over 8 years ago
Nuskool classic
posted a comment on Rennie Pilgrem & B.L.I.M. - Eskimo. over 8 years ago
Yellow snow mix!
posted a comment on Pendulum (3) - Tarantula / Fasten Your Seatbelt. over 8 years ago
Cheezy as hell but kills it on the dance floor
posted a comment on Velocity - Lust. over 8 years ago
Rabbit in the moon mix is superb as normal.
posted a comment on Velocity - Lust (1999 Remixes). over 8 years ago
Rabbit in the moon remix is excellent as normal on the other 12
posted a comment on Buckfunk 3000 - Jump & Disrupt. over 8 years ago
Si begg quality electro breaks, say no moarrr.
posted a comment on Various - Überzone Presents: Y4K. over 8 years ago
One of the better breaks comps ever released.
posted a comment on Adam Freeland - On Tour. over 8 years ago
Serious breaks & electro classics on this
posted a comment on Plump DJs - Urban Underground - The Breakbeat Elite. over 8 years ago
Fantastic collection of break records!
posted a comment on Rennie Pilgrem - Selected Werks. over 8 years ago
You never played blowpipe and watched a crowd go mad ?
posted a comment on Aquasky vs. Masterblaster - 777. over 8 years ago
Electrobreaks classic!
posted a comment on Plump DJs - A Plump Night Out (Sampler 2). over 8 years ago
Next to Emit this is one of my fav ever Nuskool tunes. A total Nuskool anthem.. 'higher, higher'