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posted a comment on マイケル・ジャクソン* = Michael Jackson / フォックス&プロムズ* = Fox & Promes - ロック・ウイズ・ユー = Rock With You / ロビン・フッド = Robin Hood. over 3 years ago
anybody with a copy of this Japanese version on vinyl or Columbia /sony c.d. and willing to part with it,you can notify me!Willing to make a offerto make you smile.
posted a review of Candi Staton - Honest I Do Love You. over 8 years ago
just like class of 78'said...this mix is candi's best!jimmy simpson's job on this one is fantastic!the victim' mix was hot but this one is tremendous!candi staton is by far the most unheralded queen of dance music! d.j.casbah ct.