Major collector! Almost everything I own I am willing to part with for the right price. Be aware that most of my CDs are in books (but stored the right way so they dont get scratched to hell!). This means if you buy CDs from me, you in most cases will got be getting a jewel case. I did, however open the cases and pull out the backing art so with an empty case you can re-create the original artwork in its entirety. The only exception to this is CDs which have special art (eg: cardboard sleeves, metal tins, paper sleeves, etc). For those I kept everything.

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Bill Laswell
posted a comment on Bill Laswell. over 13 years ago
I second jaxxalude's comments. From his production on herbie hancock's (love it or hate it) seminal Future Shock album, his own band material, itself a rotating cast of incredible musicians, to side projects including the invisibl scratch picklz, rob... See full review
Zoo Brazil Feat. Rasmus Kellerman - There Is Hope
posted a comment on Zoo Brazil Feat. Rasmus Kellerman - There Is Hope. over 13 years ago
Mr Andersson PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release this on vinyl. Thank you. :)
Bomb The Bass - One To One Religion
posted a comment on Bomb The Bass - One To One Religion. over 13 years ago
as sampled by Kid Loco in "a grand love theme"
Various - This Is A Test — Part I —
posted a comment on Various - This Is A Test — Part I —. over 13 years ago
This record is basically just the beats from various extremely good early dance music releases including a really interesting version of georgio morodor's famous Donna Summer production. It's an extremely useful DJ tool even to this day in that you... See full review
Fila Brazillia
posted a comment on Fila Brazillia. over 13 years ago
Wow, no comments for Fila Brazillia? I would put them in the same league as Thievery Corp and Kruder and Dorfmeister, stylistically as well as in terms of quality. Go listen to "luck be a weirdo tonight" and you will be shocked at the quality of... See full review
Dave Angel - 16 Flavours Of Tech Funk
posted a comment on Dave Angel - 16 Flavours Of Tech Funk. over 13 years ago
Just a heads up - the vinyl on these records is quite thick (which is a good thing!) but the dust jacket glue doesn't really hold up. My sleeves have all completely come apart, forcing me to keep the records separate from the sleeve. If you aren't... See full review
Lady Gaga
posted a comment on Lady Gaga. over 13 years ago
Reasonable people can disagree on questions of musical arrangement, songwriting, etc, but there is simply no way to deny her talent if you are at all an appreciator of music in general. Go watch her live performance on the Howard Stern show (it's... See full review
Stone Temple Pilots - Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop
posted a comment on Stone Temple Pilots - Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop. over 13 years ago
This album always annoyed me. After the release of "core" and "purple" I was expecting some gritty raucous rock and roll. Instead it seems like Weiland was inhaling helium for half the songs. The big "hit" from this one was "Trippin' On A Hole In A... See full review
Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi. over 13 years ago
two of them sold it and forgot to remove it from their collection? :)
Muslimgauze - Uzi Mahmood
posted a review of Muslimgauze - Uzi Mahmood. over 13 years ago
This material, as a whole, I think constituted Bryn Jones most accessible material released to date. It has all the elements of his standard repertoire - crunchy noises, distorted tablas, vaguely arabic sounding voices that you can just make out,... See full review
Richie Hawtin - 006
posted a comment on Richie Hawtin - 006. over 14 years ago
My guess is that it's been sold many times and people just don't remove it from their collections ;)
Kenny Burrell - Soul Call
posted a comment on Kenny Burrell - Soul Call. over 14 years ago
My copy has a green record label, and on it the title of the album is given as "mark one" and not "soul call" even though the song titles and length match the sleeve exactly.
Tone Lōc* - Wild Thing
posted a review of Tone Lōc* - Wild Thing. over 19 years ago
Try and snag a copy of this record, house DJs. It weighs in at about 126 BPM and plays at 45 so its a PERFECT tool to throw into a DJ set to surprise people with a nice broken beat and a flavor of the old school. DJ Stew understands this, hence the... See full review
Dreadzone - Crazy Knowledge
posted a review of Dreadzone - Crazy Knowledge. over 19 years ago
The "Soul Of Man" Remix is a real barnstormer house/breaks track. Starts out with a couple of acapella measures in 4 of a male voice saying "Get Ready for the Brainstorm!" then about a minute of breaks, beatless breakdown and it busts out into a... See full review
Lyte Funkie Ones - (Sex U Up) The Way You Like It
posted a review of Lyte Funkie Ones - (Sex U Up) The Way You Like It. over 19 years ago
If you can score a copy of this one, the DJ Stew mix is a serious acid breaks track complete with 303-laden breakdowns and transitions from 4/4 house to syncopated breaks. Think DJ Dan circa 1992-93. Excellent!
Blue Note
posted a review of Blue Note. over 19 years ago
A note about blue note records catalog numbers: If you're seeking the rarest LP releases, you can usually tell the age of a release either by its catalog number or the address listed for the label. The _really_ old ones (and hence the most valuable)... See full review
Tom Middleton
posted a review of Tom Middleton. over 19 years ago
I think that Tom Middleton doesn't get as much recognition as other genre-based DJ is because he ISN'T a genre-based DJ. It seems that most club goers have certain sounds that they like and certain that they dislike and are very specific about these... See full review