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A real pity that Once More... didn't make the cut to vinyl.
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Great record, a shame this and most of Ninety Two Retro continue to be sold at utterly extortionate prices. Not content with ripping people off with classic Hardcore, sellers can now move with the times and rip people off with contemporary old skool ... See full review
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An awful lot of Dance Mania is crap though, and being utterly revoltingly rude for the sake of it is rarely funny or effective.
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I'm well into it but others not so much

Ave a bang on dat!
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just had a look the 4 track boot has shot up to £40 i paid £20 for mine twice the price in a year blimmy

In one year, it's gone up like a rocket
posted a review of Jerome Hill - Swerving The Community EP. over 5 years ago
Absolte peach, the clue is in the name and the run out etchings ;)