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posted a comment on The Afghan Whigs - Do To The Beast. about 13 hours ago
I've just played mine and it does skip but i hardly noticed it. There's a bit of vibration on the cartridge head but there's no surface noise and the record is punchy loud.
posted a comment on Demon Fuzz - Afreaka!. 13 days ago
Just took the plunge and bought one of these and the sleeve looks great and it sounds very good too. Whatever it is, it's been done very well and well worth the £25 i paid.
posted a comment on The Peep Show - Your Servant, Stephen. about 1 month ago
Clearly who ever sold the VG copy must have been influenced by the Discogs suggested price without knowing what they had. Lucky buyer!
submitted Funkadelic - Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Nico (3) - Janitor Of Lunacy. about 1 month ago
I agree. When i first heard it, i thought they had a nerve to put this out and charge what they were for what is basically a dodgy tape pressed to vinyl. Her performance is mesmerising though and once you adjust to the low quality of sound, it's ... See full review
posted a comment on Morrissey - Low In High School. about 1 month ago
Side one is OK. Side two is utter gash. He needs to work with some new people. He's just painting by numbers as songwriting goes.
posted a comment on Nico (3) - Desertshore. 2 months ago
I love Desert Shore and could listen to it over and over again. It's fragility is it's beauty. But i can't with the Marble Index. It's much colder and harsher.
submitted Billy Budd (3) - Why Can't It Rain. 2 months ago
submitted Valerie Avon - He Knows I Love Him Too Much / To Be Let. 3 months ago
submitted Rainy Daze* - What Do You Think. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Caravan - If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You. 4 months ago
I've got one similar to this but Aristocrat music is aligned right on side one but it's offset aligned left )as in the pictures on this issue) on side two.
posted a review of July (3) - July. 4 months ago
Just playing this now and i'm disappointed. MOV usually very good but this a very quiet pressing and not better than the Guerssen or the splattered vinyl from RSD a few years ago. Says Audiophile pressing on the sticker on the front. I would say this is ... See full review
posted a comment on Funkadelic - Funkadelic. 4 months ago
Most of the records for sale under this listing appear to be later reissues and not the 1989 German pressing. A lot appear to be new and sealed. Unlikely for a release that's 28 years old now. The ones i've enquired about have all been cancelled and i've ... See full review
posted a comment on July (3) - July. 5 months ago
You are right. I Have a copy of the original 7" and can confirm. The single on Major Minor is different.
posted a comment on Funkadelic - Maggot Brain. 5 months ago
Are you sure it's the 1990 version you have? a lot of the ones for sale on this listing are recent sealed repressings. I've got this 1990 pressing and UK 1971 on Janus and it's not too shabby at all.
posted a comment on The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead. 6 months ago
Is that a eastern European EU pressing GZ? Because my local shop had numerous copies with this fault.
posted a comment on Radiohead - OK Computer. 6 months ago
Just picked up a 2013 version but there's no mention of Warners on the inners or outer sleeve.
submitted The Act (3) - Just A Little Bit / The Remedies Of Dr. Brohnicoy. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Demon Fuzz - Afreaka!. 6 months ago
Anyone know if this is an official release? my guess it's a boot and need to be marked unofficial.
submitted Love - Forever Changes. 6 months ago
posted a review of Spiritualized®* - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space B P. 7 months ago
Just compared this pressing to an original and it's a shambles. Save your money people for a proper version. This is a mug off.
posted a review of The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead. 7 months ago
Dubious quality pressing i'm afraid. Just played it and the A side seems to have some heat damage on my copy. Played through but the start of the B side had some skips and jumps. It's from where they pack them so quickly after pressing and seal them in ... See full review
posted a comment on The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead. 7 months ago
It is official. i've just picked up copies of the 12 and pic disc for myself but the shops are not allowed to advertise it or sell online. So you have to call in or maybe phone them.
posted a comment on String Driven Thing - String Driven Thing. 7 months ago
I've Just added a label pic for you Oscar `Richt
submitted Various - Sunstroke. 7 months ago
submitted The Gatherers / The Upsetters - Words Of My Mouth. 8 months ago
submitted Kenny Lynch - Movin' Away. 8 months ago
submitted Van Der Graaf Generator - People You Were Going To / Firebrand. 8 months ago
submitted Alan Avon And The Toy Shop* - These Are The Reasons / Night To Remember. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Chess Northern Soul Volume II. 8 months ago
I agree with this. Not all of them Northern Soul.
posted a comment on Sam Gopal - Escalator. 9 months ago
Looks to be well pressed and sounds very to me.
posted a review of Hopeton Lewis / Vin Gordon & The Supersonics - There She Goes / Reggay Trombone. 9 months ago
Be nice if there was some Bass on it. I'm not sure what the people behind Trojan are doing but it would help if they employed someone who had a clue about what the label was and meant to people. 180gm vinyl is all very well but it's a poor cut and ... See full review
submitted Mad River (2) - Mad River. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures. 10 months ago
I think i have the same version has you. i believe there's a S34 on the "inside" it's not after "Step" though, you have to work your way round toward the FACT 10. it's very faintly scribed though. On the other side i have S 3b too but i'm thinking this ... See full review
posted a comment on Joy Division - Closer. 10 months ago
I've got two original pressings of this. both have matt sleeves and matt inners but one is rounded and the other straight. One of the records looks to be a CBS style manufacturer with the 3 ring levels and the other has the fat lip (like the translucent ... See full review
submitted Melody Fair - Something Happened To Me. 11 months ago
submitted Lyn & Graham Mccarthy - I Think It's Going To Rain. 11 months ago
posted a comment on The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café. 11 months ago
Mine sounds great on my TD 124. Just as good as the original.
posted a comment on Kaleidoscope (2) - Faintly Blowing. 11 months ago
I agree with the comment below. This is a great sounding reissue. Sunbeam are one of the best sounding repro labels in my opinion.
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submitted Bob Dylan - Times They Are A-Changin'. about 1 year ago
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submitted Barrett Strong - Money (That's What I Want). about 1 year ago
posted a review of The Heptones - On Top. about 1 year ago
This is a good sounding pressing. Better than some of the later reissues.
posted a comment on Peter Metro - Experience. about 1 year ago
My Copy does have a "version" on the B side but it's listed as "Tuff gong we deh" and credited to Roots Radics. Anyone else?
submitted Sassa Frass* & Charlie Chaplin (2) - Baby Mother. about 1 year ago
submitted The Werlwinds - Winding It Up. about 1 year ago
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