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posted a review of Thee-O. over 12 years ago
Thee-O is a staple in the Southern California scene. For years hes been bringing us awesome beats. Personally, when I was 16 (8 yrs ago) I would seek out any event he was playing at because I KNEW Id hear something I like. While his style has changed ... See full review
posted a review of Pain On Creation. over 12 years ago
Great Finnish hardcore producers, Pain On Creation is a work horse towards releasing and continuing the ever growing popularity of the sound. All their releases are stormers, hardhitting with just the right amount of chord changes that make dancing to ... See full review
posted a review of Alek Száhala. over 12 years ago
While hardcore is almost becoming stale, the Finnish kids breathe life into it again. I personally buy everything Finnish and as a DJ, playing Alek's tracks live, brings the crowds to a heated frenzy. Its also nice because it tends to attract people ... See full review
posted a review of múm. over 12 years ago
Mum is personally one of my favorite artists in the IDM/electronic/etc. genre. Their music sounds almost innocent, and childlike, while still remaining intelligent and beautiful. Their music varies from warm bright yellow sunshine songs to chilling yet ... See full review
posted a review of K-Complex* - Adagio. over 12 years ago
Well, everyone else had a version of it so why not a freeform hardcore version too? Fits well into most freeform sets and because its so recognizable, it will even get kids that are perhaps into more "poppy" hardcore to turn their heads.
posted a review of Eclipse (9) - Be Happy. over 12 years ago
I heard this song for the first time. I cant help but comment.


Seriously, it just bugs me when decent labels totally jump the shark and release a track that to me, just ... See full review