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posted a comment on Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers. 5 months ago
Tubby's dub song has about a bar of drum and bass beats towards the end. V groovy when you hear it
posted a comment on Les Gammas - Guauanco (Remixes). 9 months ago
This nice little EP is worth getting for Cinematic Orchestra's lovely introspective remix, alongside good versions from recloose and kyoto jazz(anova samba style).
posted a comment on The Egg - Albumen. about 1 year ago
Arguably the first 'dance' band to do ambienthousedrumnbassfunk live (or at least do it well), what makes the Egg outstanding is the deep emotional spirit of their work. 'Albumen' remains an infectious listen 20 years later. Blink-and-you'll-miss-them ... See full review
posted a comment on The Gentle People - Emotion Heater. about 1 year ago
I was just thinking the same recently. Could've been on dnb4papa...
posted a comment on Astral Vibes - Mood Swing / Head Nod !!. about 1 year ago
Yes I also have this white label cat no SBEATS011 with XXXXXXX on the A-side.
posted a comment on Speedy J - G Spot. about 1 year ago
Great review and completely agree: the beat-y tracks are ace and the atmospheric ambient ones make you want to go (back) to Lanzarote and other sparsely beautiful places. Thanks!
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posted a comment on Various - Torque. about 1 year ago
Cutslo being an anagram of locust - hence a remix
posted a comment on Calm - Free-soil Sounds For Moonage 1996-2000. about 1 year ago
Worth it for light years (live). what a great track.
posted a comment on Artemis / New Balance - Elysian Fields / Desideradi / Reflections / Secret Portraits. over 2 years ago
This is my fave of the good looking/looking good CD EPs, particularly for Artemis's Desideradi (great keys) and Blame and Nookie's Secret Portraits (again the keys). Listen and repeat.
posted a comment on Artemis - Elysian Fields / Desideradi. over 2 years ago
Yes sir. Agree with whiteawakening that Desideradi is the one for the perfect pads - although Elysian Fields itself is pretty fantastic. Old codger alert: are such beautiful tracks released these days in DnB or dance music more generally?
posted a comment on Sandoz - Return To The Heart Of Darkness / Reworks EP. over 2 years ago
Both versions of digital lifeforms are great. The first a more electro version and the last a heavy dub. They really should have been put out in extended versions as a double 15 minuter!
posted a comment on Rahul Dev Burman*, Majrooh* - Hum Kisise Kum Naheen. over 2 years ago
As featured in Gangs of Wasseypur . . . .
posted a comment on Various - Dance To Your Film Favourites. over 2 years ago
Yep it's class and not just for Jan Pahechan Ho. Goldspot did a rather nice indie rock version of Ina Mina Dika - unfortunately not on vaeiounyl:
posted a comment on The Irresistible Force - Fish Dances. over 2 years ago
me too ! 1 ! 1 ! 1 ! 1
posted a comment on Metropolis - Metropolis. over 2 years ago
Nope the 2x12 plays at 33 (unless you are into gabber)
posted a comment on Aim - Sail. over 2 years ago
Also here for the superb Rae and Christian mix. Glad others appreciate its loveliness.
posted a comment on John Matthias - Smalltown, Shining. over 2 years ago
I really like this album. It was my introduction to a style which might be described as 'americana and beats', back when Fog was starting out and a few years before Khonnor produced his marvelous Handwriting album. The title track 'smalltown, shining', ... See full review
posted a comment on Q.-Project* - The Instrumental / Solar System. over 2 years ago
Instrumental is sooo deep. One of the best jungle/dnb tracks. When the bass kicks in...
posted a comment on Plant Life - When She Smiles She Lights The Sky. over 2 years ago
4 hero's remix is perfect. It cannot fail to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.
posted a comment on The Irresistible Force - Waveform / Natural Frequency. over 2 years ago
"All vibrating systems have their own natural frequencies. And different free-oscillating systems have different natural frequencies." Magic. This 12 is kind of a bridge between the Force's earlier ambient-space music and later beat-oriented ambient for ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Warp20 (1989-2009). over 2 years ago
the circumference of a disk is longer at the outer rim, hence one would expect the time a locked groove takes to complete one revolution to shorten as the record progresses.
posted a comment on Bent - EP2. over 2 years ago
Ah Bent. The greatest downtempo songsmiths ever show here what can be done with some serious music skills and pop knowledge (and, I imagine, a good charity shop record haul). Fans will be familiar with 'I remember Johnny' and 'Invisible pedestrian' from ... See full review
posted a comment on Cottage Alert - Lost Love. over 2 years ago
Brilliant slice of disco house sampling the brilliant Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. Worth tracking down as among the best tracks Afro Art put out, although it sadly seems not to have got a wider release. Many a night has been spent grooving away to ... See full review
posted a comment on Steely Dan - The Royal Scam. over 3 years ago
Introduced to the Dan via Aja, due to De La Soul's Eye Know, i started picking up (all) their stuff and eventuated on this. I can happily say it's my favourite album. Perfect lyrics, guitars, brass, bass and rhythm section.

Before the fall when they ... See full review
posted a comment on Neon Heights Featuring Zoe Johnston* - Are We Thru?. over 3 years ago
Bent's remix is breathtaking, straddling chill (the added guitar part), house (the neon heights/zoe johnston parts) and techno (orbital 'brown album' era style drums and machines). Quite unlike anything from the Glasgow Underground back catalogue and one ... See full review
posted a comment on Groove Corporation - Co-Operation. over 3 years ago
Great underground album. Groove Corp, as many will know, is rooted in dub, ambient and house music. I was originally more enamoured by the remix compilation 'Cooperation Dubs', which has to be the best dub self remix album of all time (ever! - echo beach ... See full review
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posted a comment on Higher Intelligence Agency* - Speedlearn / Reform. over 3 years ago
Why is this on sale for over 50 quid (USD 80)? It's a CDR for fuck's sake. Do yourself a favour and get the original pressings, which are available on discogs. If you want the speedlearn EP and don't own a record player, you might as well buy a player ... See full review
posted a comment on Endemic Void - Lionstone / Hydrosphere (Remixes). over 4 years ago
The Shogun remix is awesome, reminiscent of his later releases as Artemis for Good Looking but more stripped back and very cool. Recommended.
posted a comment on Pressure Of Speech - Our Common Past, Our Common Future. over 4 years ago
Great ambient techno album, and a grower. A lot good beats, industrial sounds, with occasionally sweet ambience, and dare I say ahead of its time. Mothmath was remixed by the HIA to some acclaim, although only the original and self remixes are featured ... See full review
posted a comment on The Black Dog - Spanners. over 4 years ago
Great review. I can only agree as someone who has been listening for the best part of 20 years (and only really 'got it' recently - how fkn awesome are barbola work and psil-cosyin?), that it's a majestic album.
posted a review of As One - Reflections On Reflections. over 4 years ago
For some reason, compilation albums remixed by various artists are usually a lot less satisfying than compilations of remixes by a single artist (for examples of the latter see 4hero, Biosphere, Fila Brazillia, Global Communication, Hefner, Herbert, ... See full review
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posted a comment on The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free. over 4 years ago
Love this album. Maybe even better than 'original pirate material'. A classical music friend amusingly commented that the intermission tracks are like recitative. If you can name a more ambient garage track than 'blinded by the lights' I'd like to hear ... See full review
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posted a comment on Blue States - The Walkabout EP. over 4 years ago
Lovely, lovely EP from the Blue States. Put this on back to back with Quiet Village re-edits and tell me you hear a difference.
posted a comment on Etienne De Crecy* - Tempovision. over 4 years ago
I also think this album was unfairly slept on, and may be EDC's greatest. To call it a failure is I think to pigeon-hole the album as French house when it is more likely a deep electronic chill album that contains some good house tracks. Another album ... See full review
posted a comment on Jhelisa - Galactica Rush. over 4 years ago
I'd bump it up to 5***** for the LP which includes a 10 inch with 4 dub versions. Not only is the original album superb (see Scoundrel's review below) and almost psychedelic in places such as the excellent title track, but the dub remixes sound like the ... See full review
posted a comment on Faze Action - Plans & Designs. over 4 years ago
Astral projection is also a bit of psychedelic house classic
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (High Contrast vs. FSOL). over 4 years ago
As one such person, i definitely agree with you my friend :)
posted a comment on Strange Cargo - Hinterland. over 4 years ago
This (and Strange Cargo 3) are the albums William Orbit should've won grammies for. It is definitely of its time (in the way that Torch Song Towards the Unknown Region, which came out a year later, is not). But has some beautiful arrangements including ... See full review
posted a comment on Torch Song - Toward The Unknown Region. over 4 years ago
Bass is indeed what this album is all about. Not to mention ambient song cycles, gorgeous playing and deep dublicious grooves (soz dunno how else to describe). I think this is William Orbit's best album yet and would be surprised if Jon Hopkins wasn't ... See full review
posted a comment on Mr. Scruff - Sweetsmoke (Remixes). over 4 years ago
Worth getting for classic manitoba remix. The track builds up over about 5 minutes of dubby jazz into a delicious UK garage bass number... which is tantalisingly short. Someone needs to re-edit this into a full on UKG stormer.
posted a comment on Dollboy - Plans For A Modern City. over 4 years ago
Very, very beautiful album.
posted a comment on Aquasky vs Masterblaster* - Beat The System. over 4 years ago
I agree with Derpif - this is easily the best breaks album (on botchit and scarper or other labels) - maybe the only great one - from a very talented group. Still listening...
posted a comment on Paul Hunter - Red Hook Project 1. over 4 years ago
Classy downtempo EP, the second side being particularly good due to the brass/horns, and reminiscent of Mr Scruff/Mark Rae's 'how sweet it is'.
posted a review of Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Ark 1. over 5 years ago
Absolutely wonderful.
posted a comment on Pentatonik - Anthology. over 5 years ago
Nice album. Unfortunately some copies of the 2xLP are mis-pressed. Reworks and Awakenings are mis-labelled on all copies which is not a big problem; but also there are copies out there where you also get an extra copy of Reworks mis-labelled as ... See full review
posted a comment on A Positive Life - The Calling. over 5 years ago
one and the same :)