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posted a comment on Lamalamalama. about 1 month ago
"Raw punk" means inept and shambling with shockingly low production values (in the case of these guys at least)
Randy California - Euro - American
posted a comment on Randy California - Euro - American. 2 months ago
Good album, do not be put off by the 'thrown together on a tight budget' looking sleeve.
Barclay James Harvest - Victims Of Circumstance
posted a comment on Barclay James Harvest - Victims Of Circumstance. 2 months ago
Some art/prog bands progressed well into the 80s eg. Yes, Genesis, Rush, Kansas. BJH on the other hand.. not so much. But to be fair losing Woolly Wolstenholme in the late '70s probably didn't help.
Petula Clark - Just Pet
posted a comment on Petula Clark - Just Pet. 2 months ago
From an Amazon review:- "My husband loves Petula's music but found this one a bit less cheery than he cares for." She says this like it's a bad thing...
Mainland - Exposure
posted a comment on Mainland - Exposure. 3 months ago
I was in correspondence with Andy Thompson of Planet Mellotron a couple of years back, we were trying to establish whether or not this LP contains any 'tron, so I messaged keysman Andy Nye. He replied at length with all details he could recollect... See full review
Al Ross & The Planets
posted a comment on Al Ross & The Planets. 3 months ago
This strangely sequenced 'Planets One' LP does it's best to put you off with an opening salvo of a couple of pretty humdrum pub-R&B type tracks but stick with it and it blossoms right out into a stylistically diverse range of very good songs.
posted a comment on The Melomaniacs. 3 months ago
It's a rock album (albeit an arty & offbeat one) *with no drums whatsoever*. Yep, that is correct. There is this one moment in particular.. imagine Yes' Starship Trooper with Bill Bruford bound and gagged... As a drummer myself I will admit to... See full review
Geoff Taylor (3)
posted a comment on Geoff Taylor (3). 3 months ago
Those putting copies up for sale, please note signed copies are NOT rare, in fact the exact opposite is true ie. it is much more difficult to find one that is NOT signed by old Geoff-o..
The Goodies - Sing Songs From The Goodies
posted a comment on The Goodies - Sing Songs From The Goodies. 3 months ago
Bill Oddie was actually a pretty good musician and it is surreal to see/hear luminaries from the UK prog/jazz underground popping up on 'Taking Me Back'!
Silent Treatment (3)
posted a comment on Silent Treatment (3). 3 months ago
Surprisingly good for such an obscure permanent fixture of the bargain bins. High level of musicianship and they do not really sound like anyone else (although Talking Heads, Police, Fixx, Nik Kershaw, Level 42 & Todd Rundgren came fleetingly to... See full review
Dixie Dregs - Night Of The Living Dregs
posted a comment on Dixie Dregs - Night Of The Living Dregs. 3 months ago
Not one of their better efforts. I love this band but I really struggle with this album. Many mediocre to dull moments especially the live 'The Bash', an overlong piece of unalloyed hillbilly garbage which the audience goes absolutely nuts for, which... See full review
Max Webster - Diamonds Diamonds
posted a comment on Max Webster - Diamonds Diamonds. 4 months ago
SalParadice Totally agree: their music can be challenging, tricky and virtuosic but never loses the overarching 'feelgood factor'; superb band which deserves a much higher profile.
Leatherface - The Last
posted a comment on Leatherface - The Last. 4 months ago
I always wondered why this album was a bit short until a couple years ago when my band happened work with Paul Tipler, the guy who engineered it back in the day. He told us how they were all right in the middle of working on it when out of the blue... See full review
John Williams (7) - Travelling
posted a comment on John Williams (7) - Travelling. 4 months ago
The 'Sky'-prefiguring title track is great; unfortunately not much else is..
McKendree Spring - 3
posted a comment on McKendree Spring - 3. 4 months ago
Like all their LPs, a couple of interesting and/or good tracks and a whole heap of humdrum middle-of-the-road padding. The song 'Hobo Lady' in particular has a kind of forced jauntiness that just makes me want to snap the record in half, as does the... See full review
Rare Bird - Epic Forest
posted a comment on Rare Bird - Epic Forest. 4 months ago
Slight sidestep toward Wishbone Ash territory but like the debut it is consistently excellent and the three bonus tracks indicate this rejuvenated lineup had more great tunes than they knew what to do with. Even in this company though, 'Hey Man'... See full review
The Critters - The Critters
posted a comment on The Critters - The Critters. 4 months ago
Pioneering early Stateside prog which flies 'under the radar' due to this band's reputation as MOR lightweights, based on their more well-known earlier output. Here they somehow managed to pull off a screeching 180-degree artistic U-turn, so much so... See full review
G-Force (19) - G-Force
posted a comment on G-Force (19) - G-Force. 4 months ago
My only guess at why the sides are labelled 7 and 8 is maybe a last ditch attempt to distract from the hopelessly bland, undistinguished, four-four beat, cliche-ridden, "LET'S RAAAAAAWK" nature of the material here?
Ronnie Montrose - Territory
posted a comment on Ronnie Montrose - Territory. 5 months ago
In the 35 years since it's release only one reissue has ever dribbled out, that says it all. Inoffensive, safe, lightweight background music, it is hard to believe this snooze-fest is by the same guy who made the awesome 'Open Fire'.
Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story
posted a comment on Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story. 5 months ago
Bucking the more usual trend, this LP is 'back-loaded' with a great B-side; the A-side puts me to sleep after the very good opening title track.
submitted Kevin Trudeau - Mega Memory. 5 months ago
submitted Various - Unscene Issue 6. 5 months ago
El Guapo - Super/System
posted a comment on El Guapo - Super/System. 6 months ago
A most creative, imaginative & brilliant album. Confusingly there is a British band of very similar name (and genre) to these guys.
Greg Kihn Band - Next Of Kihn
posted a comment on Greg Kihn Band - Next Of Kihn. 6 months ago
You should not always judge an album by it's opening track. Exhibit A right here:- the thoroughly mundane 'Cold Hard Cash' swiftly gives way to a brace of quality tunes highlighted by the ravishing 'Remember', surely one of the band's career peaks.
Hotel (5) - Hotel
posted a comment on Hotel (5) - Hotel. 7 months ago
'Rolls-Royce' AOR/Yacht Rock with superb musicianship and careful arrangement, overlooked at time of release. They do bring Little River Band to mind and the lead vocals can be startlingly reminiscent of Journey's Steve Perry at times.
Jamie J. Morgan - Shotgun
submitted Jamie J. Morgan - Shotgun. 8 months ago
Bankstatement - Bankstatement
posted a comment on Bankstatement - Bankstatement. 8 months ago
A polished and commercial album/band (fronted by a blonde bombshell and a dude with frosted hair highlights to die for) yet vestiges of TB's experimental art rock past on the deeper tracks manage to keep it musically involving. I bought this at time... See full review
Lake (2) - Paradise Island
posted a comment on Lake (2) - Paradise Island. 8 months ago
An underrated band which could be due to something as simple as confusion with Greg Lake / Emerson Lake & Palmer. There was certainly no shortage of talent here. Some liken it to Supertramp, someone else wrote they are like a lovechild of Yes and... See full review
Skill 7 Stamina 12
posted a comment on Skill 7 Stamina 12. 8 months ago
Some of the most irritating vocals ever put on wax, but for all I know the band could take that as a compliment! You never know with these avant-gardeners.
Rush - New World Man
posted a comment on Rush - New World Man. 8 months ago
Arguably the best version of Vital Signs, still not released on CD or indeed anywhere else at all TTBoMK
Caretta Caretta - We Can Not Speak This Language
posted a comment on Caretta Caretta - We Can Not Speak This Language. 8 months ago
Not a band one hears much buzz about, nonetheless this album contains some pretty top-notch instrumental post-rock.
Lumpy And The Dumpers - Huff My Sack
posted a comment on Lumpy And The Dumpers - Huff My Sack. 8 months ago
The most entertaining front cover art I have seen in a while :)
Unknown Artist - World Top 12 (Vol.34)
submitted Unknown Artist - World Top 12 (Vol.34). 8 months ago
Barbara Dickson - Answer Me
posted a comment on Barbara Dickson - Answer Me. 8 months ago
Side One is middle of the road and tediously 'safe', however the self-penned 'Goodbye to the Cries' & 'From the Heart' on the flipside are major redeemers. And damn, what a voice.
submitted Written From Negative - It's All In The Hips. 8 months ago
submitted The Wonder Stuff - Cursed With Insincerity. 8 months ago
Stephen Fry - Moab Is My Washpot
submitted Stephen Fry - Moab Is My Washpot. 8 months ago
Sugarloaf - Sugarloaf
posted a comment on Sugarloaf - Sugarloaf. 8 months ago
FGS Green Eyed Lady is not "lousy".. it is a superb track..
submitted Dive Dive - Potential. 9 months ago
submitted Benjamin Biolay - La Superbe. 9 months ago
submitted Various - Purple Vision. 9 months ago
Will Miles (4) - Out From The Shallow Water
submitted Will Miles (4) - Out From The Shallow Water. 9 months ago
submitted Spencer T - Cross Section Collective Showreel. 9 months ago
submitted Chris Simmonds - DJ Mix. 9 months ago
submitted Magoo - Magoo. 9 months ago
submitted Sulk (11) - Ghost Of A Girl. 9 months ago
Bill Botting And The Two Drink Minimums - Better Friends
posted a comment on Bill Botting And The Two Drink Minimums - Better Friends. 9 months ago
You seem like nice folks and the stuff on the inner sleeve & poster made me laugh but.. I'm sorry the music is just tedious..
Charcoal Owls - Tin Roof
posted a comment on Charcoal Owls - Tin Roof. 9 months ago
My theory is that Charcoal Owls are secretly a pair of absolutely stellar musicians. They are simply *choosing* here to be tuneless, tedious and childish because this will likely result in listeners attempting to claw their own ears off. The prospect... See full review
Cowboy Flying Saucer
posted a comment on Cowboy Flying Saucer. 9 months ago
Music has it's moments, not at all bad if it was improvised live? Unfortunately there seems to be an obnoxious tone-deaf Remoaner ranting over the top. I am sure in his mind he is right up there with Mark E. Smith, Billy Bragg or Stewart Lee.
Franck Basly - Disque Noir
submitted Franck Basly - Disque Noir. 9 months ago