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posted a comment on Cocadictos - Cocadictos. over 5 years ago
Cocadictos sound as urgent today as in 1983. This LP truly stood the test of time. High energy music with female vocals and male chorus similar in style to Ultimo Resorte. The more paced songs remind of VulpeSS. This is excellent driving fist in the air ... See full review
posted a review of Ekolalia - Si Lo Ke Kieren Es Una Guerra - Demo 2013. over 5 years ago
Excellent tape. I can listen to this for hours on repeat. This sounds like the Spanish band Eskorbuto but with additional early US HC influences which increases the energy level and listening pleasure. Some of the guitar riffs and melodies are not unlike ... See full review
posted a review of Sick/Tired vs. Coffee Rage - Mad Blasts Of Chaos Volume II. over 6 years ago
Great little split release platter. Coffee Rage are potent wall of sound galloping thrash with a hint of d-beat. Sick Tired play power violence thrash grind. Both are unpolished DIY in your face recordings. Refreshing and recommended.
posted a review of Column Of Heaven - Mission From God. over 6 years ago
Mission from God is sonically like a colorful bed of flowers ripped apart by a violent thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain and hail. It is like a peaceful suburban town being nudged by a powerful tornado that systematically takes every building and ... See full review
posted a review of Various - A Roar Of Indignation. over 6 years ago
This international compilation is excellent! It is exciting and the songs are urgent. Every single one of them is a roar of indignation. All contemporary. All here and now. Nothing retro or rehashed. All fresh, great and powerful. D-Beat, Crust, Raw Punk ... See full review
posted a review of Negative Approach - Tied Down. over 6 years ago
Excellent metallic HC. Cleaner than Die Kreuzen. Bass, guitar, vocals, drums mix is one of the best for this genre. Produced by Corey from the Necros and engineered by Lloyd Grace. Powerful delivery. Slight reverb is perfect. Song compositions and ... See full review
posted a review of Crucifix (2) - Dehumanization. over 6 years ago
Excellent record. Powerful vocals. Strong delivery. Love it. Some of the best US HC.
posted a review of Desperat - Hardcore Deluxe. over 6 years ago
Masterpiece! The pressure of the Negative Approach Tied Down LP and the lightheartedness of Kauneus + Terveys Pop Songs. Driving like Mob 47's first 7" EP in a contemporary way. Straight up 80's Sweden HC without the party sound of the likes of Asta ... See full review
posted a review of Bitch Prefect - Marilyn Monroe / Holiday In America. over 6 years ago
Awesome Pop sensibilities. Jangly guitars. Me-lo-dic vo-cal-s with a punch. Great rhythm. Excellent effort. Recommended.
posted a review of Glam (5) - Veneno En Sus Flechas. over 6 years ago
Excellent sound quality. Great 12" 45! Lots of reverb especially in the vocals reminiscent of old Finnish HC. All killer, no filler. Fast guitar leads. Galloping drums. Great melodies. Urgent vocals. This entire record is mesmerizing. Straddles 80's Euro ... See full review