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I can corroborate the comment about the purple halves being noisy.
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The evolution theme and artwork for this series is very fitting, yet at the same time quite amusingly ironic given the overwhelming sentiment expressed in reggae, as I have gleaned it, is blatant ignorance and denial of this encompassing theory.
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Little known fact - track 2 surprised everyone by charting in the caliphate at number 1 for three weeks running in December 2014, 20 years after its original release. A repress was rumoured but it never really got off the ground.
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I didn't like it at first either but I changed my mind. I really think you are missing something great. There is actually a lot of complexity and psychedelic energy in it, and it is very pleasing to the ear up loud on a good sound system.
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Just to be clear; is this the exact same material previously released on Olompali and Light The Portals? Or are they new versions?
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There’s no such thing as too much Howie B! He is brilliant. He isn’t trying out dub here. He has syncopation in his DNA. This is some of the deepest dub off the planet. Dub so deep it runs rings around the attuned listener. As for Sly and Robbie, it’s ... See full review
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Missed opportunity to call this edition: "Remaster Of Puppets", in my opinion
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Yes, I'd say it has been miscatergorised here. Seems to me that it is actually a compilation by various artists called: "Funkadelic Reworked by Detroiters". But what do I know?
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Maybe it's just my copy but I got a ridiculously thin, floppy piece of vinyl. It's so thin it's almost like a flexi-disc. It's all warped and the tonearm bucks up and down all the way around. Still, it sounds OK, I guess.
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On my copy side A/B sound perfect, but side C is not good; has a lot of noise throughout. Side D is fine until the final track (the untitled bonus live recording) which has a bit of noise.
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I own a copy of the the original pressing and it's not too bad, but it definitely does not sound as good as it could have sounded pressed on regular vinyl. It is a silver picture disc, and in my experience all picture discs have an underlying surface ... See full review
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Incredible. Effervescent with originality. This blew my peanut mind. Wow. More please!
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Regarding the instances of poor quality copies mentioned below; it's definitely not a whole run of bad pressings; my copy (mint coloured vinyl) sounds absolutely pristine and flawless.
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