DJ Pencil + Kronixx - You Don't Know Me / What About heidegger

May 23, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
Side A "You Don't Know Me" samples Apollo Two - "Atlantis (I Need You) (L.T.J. Bukem Remix)" as well as Brandy ‎– "U Don't Know Me (Like You Used To)".

Plastic Gangsters (3) - Who's The Gangster heidegger

April 5, 2017
There's an additional (loud, really nicely executed) bootleg pressing of this track if you missed out:

Roger Johnson / System X - Crazy Day Dreams / Feel It heidegger

January 30, 2017
any chance of a vinyl release? maybe sublogic or 8205? I'd love to have this stuff on wax....

Doc Scott - N.H.S 2 - The Second Chapter heidegger

February 11, 2013
The track "Dope Wax" samples the new york house track "Petey Wheatstraw" by Total Madness, which appears on Kenny Dope's Dopewax record label.

Jovonn - Slammin' Doors EP heidegger

December 16, 2012
If you love the classic sound of goldtone records from the early '90s, 'move my soul' will be your jam. There are so few house music producers who've maintained such basic integrity over the years. Jovonn is in a separate league with very few peers.

Urban Speech - Let Me Go / Jamaica Funk as reviewed by heidegger

April 1, 2008
This record is one helluva slept on gem of early 90's deep house. Not only does it feature the fine talents of old school New York stalwart Robert Aaron on saxophone, but also keyboards by Josh Milan (of New Jersey's inestimable Blaze), and the production talents of Gordon Williams (from the legendary Touch, one of the last live acts to perform at the Paradise Garage)! That's a lot of street credentials for one record. The underground dub mix is the track to check out. It's upbeat, joyous house production in a slightly Kerri Chandler vein, absolutey essential for collectors of the early New York house sound.

DeepChord & Mike Huckaby - The Detroit Remixes as reviewed by heidegger

March 30, 2008
Both mixes are quite distinguished, but Mike Huckaby really brings some serious heat with this one. Providing a dirty, stripped down, warehouse banger of a track, Huckaby yet again demonstrates that that he is the one to watch in 2008. Within the last two years there has been a tremendous evolution in his production and it is no more evident than on this absolutely first rate twelve inch. His heady brand of dark minimalism has a refreshingly aggressive edge making it the ideal antithesis to the glut of fluffy "dub lite" techno that is designed more for at home listening/sleepwalking. Instead Huckaby's mix provides the type of techno that is all too rare and yet so necessary to keep the minimal techno genre vital. I'm pleasantly reminded of foundational masterpieces like Vainqueur's "Reduce" (CR-06)...Yeah, it's that good!

Fanon Flowers - Trackmodes as reviewed by heidegger

February 5, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
Absolutely essential hard, minimal, detroit-style techno. One of the finest examples of the mid-late 90's minimal sound. Aggressive, spare, funky...much like Robert Hood's seminal masterpiece, Minimal Nation LP. Unlike much of the mindless, meathead bangers of hard techno, this single is tastefully understated. Taking cues from early g-man (and perhaps less directly from Basic Channel) this record doesn't oversaturate with a barrage of hard beats...it holds back and leaves the listener hypnotized and wanting more. This is hard techno that works. It jacks; it throbs; it fills the dance floor. It's smarter than the rest, and it isn't afraid to show its detroit roots. It's everything that the idiom of hard techno should be and rarely was able to achieve. This record is the undelivered promise of the hard, detroit sound and one of the best examples of the Robert Hood/Jeff Mills legacy.

Ulysses - The Remixes as reviewed by heidegger

December 18, 2002
Great early 90's chicago house with a slightly jackin' groove. Very similar to Kerri Chandler's Madhouse releases of the same era. The 4-on-the-Floor dub of "Time for Change" is especially distinguished with its warm, melancholy chords counterpointed with simple & direct, dancefloor-driven percussion.