What draws most people to electronic music? Drum N Bass has always been the futuristic style of electronic music. Whether you got into this sound in the early 90's, during the new millennium, or recently, you can hear how fast it is constantly changing. It is our responsibility, as artists, to keep moving in that direction. My goal with every piece of music is to create something original. Every moment in the studio should be a learning experience.

It has been a long journey from my humble beginnings with only two records (Glenn Jones - Jumpin Motherfuckers and Switch - Phoenix). Along the way new skills have been developed with every milestone. Going from strictly hardcore, to turntablism, to drum n bass. Then going from strictly vinyl, to DVS, to Controllerism. I have travelled many paths within the art form of Deejaying.
Along the way, production went from being a hobby to the most important part of my musical journey. Realizing that I had the power to create the sounds in my head instead of finding the closest thing in someone else's track was the turning point for me. At that time, the future unveiled itself.
Every single day is spent in front of my DAW practicing the art of electronic music production. While the focus has been Drum N Bass, other genres have come out of the constant experimentation. Only now am I developing a sound that is truly my own.

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