F.I.T.Z. - Step Two & Three henryvilla

February 1, 2019
And me! I honestly thought it would never be identified.

F.I.T.Z. - Step Two & Three henryvilla

November 25, 2018
At last!!!!! After YEARS of searching!!!!! Been my most wanted ID for SO long!!!

Frank De Wulf - The B-Sides Remixed henryvilla

March 2, 2016
Amen that! Delicious Pie, Wetback, Fizzbomb etc! The Shire was the place to be in the South West back then. Peace from Penzance!

Terry Hunter / Louie Vega - Swoon 1994 henryvilla

February 23, 2015
Chunky the second tape in this pack is Louie Vega.

Jenö* - San Francisco henryvilla

May 3, 2012
Hi there, sorry to contact you out of the blue like this. I notice that you added this Cream Tape Pack from 1995 to the Discogs listing:


I have another of these tapes pack which is exactly the same, but featured different mixes. Mine has Graeme Park, Laurent Garnier, Billy Nasty, Norman Jay, Judge Jules and Roger Sanchez.

The reason why I'm getting in touch is to see you you'd like to exchange the mixes? I have ripped all of my to mp3 and have them uploaded to Mediafire for download. Are you able to rip yours and up them?

I've you are interested I have a huge collection of Cream mixes from 1992 - 1996, as well a about 3000 House mixes for all DJs.

Would be great to see what you think. Again, sorry for posting on here, but I could see any other way of getting in touch.

All the best,

Joey Musaphia - Cover Ups Vol 1 henryvilla

March 24, 2012
edited over 7 years ago
Really? That sample is from Juliet Roberts - I Want You (Cooltempo Records), also from 1994.

Yellorange henryvilla

January 12, 2012
Amen that brother! Yellorange is without doubt one of my favourite labels of all time... And Humphries is a legend.