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Yes, it's frankly deplorable; the vocal distorts to the point of being almost unlistenable, not sure how this passed quality control. The track also sounds louder/more aggressive than the other songs on the album (did they use the single mix? That... See full review
submitted Madonna - True Blue. over 3 years ago
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My copy sounds fine, the mastering isn't spectacular; I think it uses the same stampers as the Canadian pressing on black vinyl (I don't have a black copy anymore or I'd do a side-by-side). Overall, it's a warm pressing, not extremely dynamic or... See full review
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To clarify with others who own this pressing: Did your copy come with a download code? I don't see evidence of such listed in the entry, yet my copy (bought from OLI recently) has a download card included. Wondering if perhaps they did another run of... See full review
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