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posted a review of Brandy (2) - The Boy Is Mine. over 12 years ago
The Hunter strikes again! Bobbi Hallstrom, the man on a most determined crusade for the reinsertion of musicality & hedonistic spirituality into soulful house music’s proverbial shaft, has returned. Garbed in the traditional attire of the messiah, we... See full review
posted a review of Michael Jackson - Butterflies. over 12 years ago
Gay Records is heralded here by Hallstrom's latest remix---his fiercest yet---a beautiful rework of Michael Jackson's recent hit "Butterflies," wielding a powerful force below the belt in the form of it's unrelentingly forceful bass, dark and haunting... See full review
posted a review of Jill Scott - Miles & Milez. over 12 years ago
Hallstrom's energetic & aggressive take on Jill Scott's defiant outpouring takes a definite stance in recuperating the hedonistic & euphoric enthusiasms of lost times, placing it squarely in our midsts and demanding notice. "Miles & Milez"'s rejection... See full review