The No.1 Dealer for rare Hindustani vinyl on Discogs with more than 1000 items. Doo-Wop, Lollywood, Bollywood, Classical Indian, Carnatic, Psych, Jazz... feel free to ask for stuff, many records you are looking for can be arranged!!

I am in contact with many vendors in India and Pakistan. These contacts have been worked out by years of building up friendships and digging in all kinds of rotten holes in India and they are the base of finding those records no one else ever offered on discogs or ebay.

Playable records from these regions (especially from Pakistan) are very rare and another 50% of them seemed to have been used as doormats.
Due to that effect, those that play ok are not cheap.
I myself pay a lot of money for a record "I need" or even a bad looking and used sleeve. My personal reason for selling records on discogs is just, that I need to finance my own vinyladdiction.
All money that comes in goes directly to India or Pakistan.

After thousands of Pakistani EPs, I never found one of the common labels that sounds mint like western records do. Even unplayed records usually have some mistakes or at least some sidenoise or other limitations. That means that I don´t offer an unplayed Pakistani record as mint, but max. as NM. Above all, labels from Pakistan may have the same number, but they might look different. If you see a blue one on discogs, you might get an orange one. EMI Pakistan has always been quiet flexibel concerning this matter. Please be aware of this fact.

I digitalize some (more expensive) records to let you have an impression of the quality.
This should make you aware of the condition of the particular vinyl you are ordering. So please be certain only to buy a record, if you are sure you want to have it in the quality mentioned and fleshed out by the soundfiles!
Usually I also add a youtube-video from my account, to let you have the opportunity that you can hear the whole song and not only samples.

Many of the records I offer, might increase their sound by a professional cleaning. India and Pakistan are dusty regions with an unfriendly climate concerning records.

Please make up your mind, if you are really interested in buying the particular record(s). If you are not sure, ask for informations before ordering! I can send scans, audiofiles etc. There is no reason to order and to complain afterwards. Thanks.

For more trust, check my Ebay-account "hindustanivinyl". I am a 100% positive recorddealer for many years now.

... for more impressions of this great music, check out my youtubeaccount named "hindustanivinyl"

If you´re not satisfied for whatever reason- everything can be worked out.
Please contact me before giving bad feedback!
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